Lord Huron

Lord Huron

 Los Angeles, California, USA

Lord Huron's music evokes a place (or rather, places) in a strange, colorful world. The travel log sound draws on the melodic and rhythmic traditions of Calypso, the storytelling of the American Frontier and the imagination of Southeast Asia, brought together with an experimental spirit.


Ben Schneider is the Los Angeles-based musician behind Lord Huron. The project began on the shores of Lake Huron (hence the namesake) in Presque Isle, Michigan. Schneider was vacationing at a beach house in his home state and over the course of several days, worked on developing a few melodies. The bedroom recording project resulted in the three tracks that make up the "Into the Sun" EP.

From there, Schneider recruited friends from across the country to form a band. Lord Huron and his (four piece) band will begin playing live shows in August. The shows will feature some diverse instrumentation, electronics and samples, as well as a few new songs.


Into the Sun (EP) 2010
1. "Into the Sun" - 6:27
2. "The Problem With Your Daughter" - 3:35
3. "We Went Wild" - 4:51

The full release is available for listening at Lord Huron's official website: lordhuron.com. You can also download it here: http://lordhuron.com/dwnld.htm

The EP can also be purchased on Bandcamp (lordhuron.bandcamp.com) and a full-length album will be out this winter.

Aquarium Drunkard played Lord Huron’s “The Problem With Your Daughter” recently while hosting Sirius Satellite Radio’s weekly “Blog Radio” program.