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Lord Huron

Los Angeles, California, United States | SELF

Los Angeles, California, United States | SELF
Band Alternative Folk


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Whoa, What's This: Lord Huron"

Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa.

Stop right there, Mr. "Lord Huron"--what gives you the right to come out of virtually nowhere (see, um: 55 MySpace friends) and stop us dead in our tracks so early in the day?

Who do you think you are just showin' up like it ain't no thing with "Into The Sun," one of the lushest, most appropriately-named, most luxuriant slices of pop we've heard all year?

Yeah, sure, you might conjure up some-a those Panda Bear's echo-chamber vocal stylings here and there, but lest we forget, echo-chambers existed long before Panda Bear did--so we forgive.

Word is you recorded this in Michigan but you live in L.A.?

Meh, geography's irrelevant to us--the bottomline is we've been swoonin' to "Into The Sun" all morning:

Is that a gamelan we hear in there? Who taught you how to play that?! Who designed that cover art up above? Did they intend to perfectly marry sound and vision?

When did you post this stellar EP of yours on BandCamp for $3?

Who are you, man?! - Ology

"Band of the Day: (8.2.10) Lord Huron"

BOD: (8.2.10) Lord Huron

The sun is out today in Berkeley. I rifled through some new music and found the perfect track… Lord Huron’s “The Problem With Your Daughter”. I seriously can’t get enough of the song. It’s a great blend of layered self harmonies, a simple guitar track, clapping hands and a frickin’ harp. I listened more intently this time, realizing that this one man show has a lot to say. His subtle changes take you on a journey, with a toe-tappin’ beat, moments of airy sound brought home with some clever songwriting. It’s bubbly underwater sounds, could be the soundtrack for the next Wes Anderson film? It’s perfect submarine music.

Lord Huron is a Los Angeles dude, but that’s all I know, I am intrigued because I’ve only heard three tracks and I’m so so so so dying for a full-length album.

Lord Huron is clearly in a space of his own, his sound is unique and alluring. I’ve listened to his 3 song EP about 10 times and I still can’t get enough. It was recorded on Huron Lake shore, in Presque Isle, Michigan.
- New Band Day

"Pen Friends Forever: Lord Huron"

Lord Huron left a stack of CD’s on the merch table at this weekend’s Woodsist Fest. Yours Truly picked one up and wouldn’t you know, IT”S REALLY GOOD! Go ahead, see for yourself. - Yours Truly

"Artist to Watch // Lord Huron"

Lord Huron
Hometown: Los Angeles, California
Album: Into the Sun EP
Label: Unsigned - Rollo & Grady

"Lord Huron"

It’s exactly what I needed to illustrate my week-end… A luminous and shining artist. So many thanks to Lord Huron for steering me to him. Listening to his songs was like a great dive without breathing apparatus, with the water lapping to caress my body and cool down my soul.

Lord Huron is based in Los Angeles. His first record is a three songs compilation including Into The Sun. These songs were recorded during last spring on Huron Lake shore, in Presque Isle, Michigan.
- Delicious Scopitone

"Lord Huron - Into the Sun"

I love days like today when you stumble across a great new record that you immediately want to run out and tell everyone about… Lord Huron‘s 3-track debut single, the brilliant, Into the sun, falls somewhere nicely between Fleet Foxes, Panda Bear and Vampire Weekend and was by far the best $3 I’ve spent today. Have a listen to the lead track below and grab yourself a copy from Lord Huron’s bandcamp page over here … Sea-shanty folksy goodness – one to watch! - Beachtapes

"Lord Huron"

Lord Huron is the L.A. based recording nom de tune of Benji S. More aligned with the pastoral folk of Heron and Pentangle than the canyon fuzz of Laurel, Huron’s three track EP is a very welcome addition to soundtrack the balmy Angeles nights ahead. Look for live dates soon. - Aquarium Drunkard

"Lord Huron - The Problem With Your Daughter"

This track gives me the feeling of a 80s film montage of underwater scenes in the ocean where a human is dancing with lobsters and associated schools of fish. Lord Huron is based in Los Angeles. His first record is a three songs EP. These songs were recorded during last spring on Huron Lake shore, in Presque Isle, Michigan

My favorite new find of the great blog complication We Get By… With A Little Help Vol 1 by Dead as Digital. Follow him up if you don’t already. This was contributed by Rollo and Grady, another fantastic blog, who describes this as “Lord Huron = Fleet Foxes with a pulse.”
- Head Underwater

"Lord Huron - “The Problem With Your Daughter”"

I can’t claim that I discovered this track, although I really wish I did, because I hope this gets huge. I actually stumbled upon while listening to the wonderful newWe Get By…With a Little Help mixtape, which was compiled by some brilliant mind(s) over at Dead as Digital (Link to the mixtape here). The mix is a simple but awesome idea: ask your favorite blogs to each contribute one of their favorite track from the past few months, resulting in a delicious stew of tasty tunes. The track above might just be my favorite from the whole thing.

I could speak volumes about why this song is so special to me. Could it be the pastoral guitar-lick repeated throughout, lulling you sweetly to sleep? Perhaps it’s the innocent and beautifully melancholic vocals, echoing forever as if it’s being broadcasted through a giant canyon. Or maybe it’s just the vivid imagery the song puts into my head of a young couple dancing through a never-ending field of swaying stalks of golden wheat, as the shimmering guitars and arpeggiating pianos of Lord Huron provide the soundtrack. Whatever the case, this has grabbed my attention and is not letting go anytime soon. Considering how good the rest of his latest release is (which you can snag at their Bandcamp for a mere $3), you should all be crapping your pants in anticipation for a full-length album.
- Whiskey Transfusion

"Tell my family I had to leave, I’m going away"

Things are moving along quickly these days. Sometimes that is how life is and it feels so damn good. Lord Huron have drawn comparisons to Fleet Foxes and Vampire Weekend but who cares about what they sound like, they have a great presence that I believe to be quite original. Expect to hear more from this L.A. band in the future, maybe not soon but at some point - Harmon Drive

"Lord Huron: "Into the Sun""

Los Angeles-based musician Lord Huron is an artist you must hear. Huron recorded his three-song EP, Into the Sun, on Lake Huron in Presque Isle, Michigan, where he blended tropical drums, folk guitars, and dozens of other elements into one excellent debut. Title track "Into the Sun" is available for free download on his bandcamp, where you can purchase the entire EP for $3. There's also a full-length album and U.S. tour planned for winter. - Altered Zones


Into the Sun (EP) 2010
1. "Into the Sun" - 6:27
2. "The Problem With Your Daughter" - 3:35
3. "We Went Wild" - 4:51

The full release is available for listening at Lord Huron's official website: lordhuron.com. You can also download it here: http://lordhuron.com/dwnld.htm

The EP can also be purchased on Bandcamp (lordhuron.bandcamp.com) and a full-length album will be out this winter.

Aquarium Drunkard played Lord Huron’s “The Problem With Your Daughter” recently while hosting Sirius Satellite Radio’s weekly “Blog Radio” program.



Ben Schneider is the Los Angeles-based musician behind Lord Huron. The project began on the shores of Lake Huron (hence the namesake) in Presque Isle, Michigan. Schneider was vacationing at a beach house in his home state and over the course of several days, worked on developing a few melodies. The bedroom recording project resulted in the three tracks that make up the "Into the Sun" EP.

From there, Schneider recruited friends from across the country to form a band. Lord Huron and his (four piece) band will begin playing live shows in August. The shows will feature some diverse instrumentation, electronics and samples, as well as a few new songs.