Lord Jeff

Lord Jeff

 Northampton, Massachusetts, USA

Lord Jeff is a f*cking awesome power trio that captivates the minds of young listeners and inspires them to search deep within themselves to find the answers to life's mosts burning inquiries.


Lord Jeff is a band from Northampton, MA. Lead singer and guitarist Sean Goggins started the band around fall of 2001. After many configurations and tours, the latest band is Aaron Knapp on bass and Julian Simons on drums. 2011 saw the realease of our first official album, which was self titled.


Lord Jeff - Self titled - Ecstatic Peace! Records 2011
Lord Jeff - Tavistock - Self Released 2007
Lord Jeff - Rabbit - Self Released 2005

New albums out in 2013 and 2014

Set List

We are very flexible about set lengths. We have played 20 minute shows and we have played 3 hour shows. If we are playing for 3+ hours we require a set break.
We do play some covers in our repertoire, but we are by no means a cover band.