Lord Loves a Working Man

Lord Loves a Working Man


SF Weekly's "2008 Award Winning Best Soul/Funk Act." Based out of the Mission District of San Francisco, Lord Loves A Working Man is a 10-piece band inspired by the raw and emotive sound of the Southern Soul shouters and horn-driven Rhythm & Blues of the 1960s.


LORD LOVES A WORKING MAN is made up of ten Bay Area musicians brought together by the sound of late 60's scratched vinyl records with names such as "Stax", "Otis Redding," "Booker T,""Candi Staton," "James Carr," "Muscle Shoals," and "ZZ Hill" embossed on the tattered cardboard sleeves.
The accomplished and tenured members from various other jazz, avant garde, rock, blues, and R&B projects that make up LLAWM formed the group with the mission to revive some of the essential elements of 60's Southern "Memphis Style Deep Soul": the emotive shouts and screams, truth-be-told lyrics, the biting guitar twang, the locomotive steady rhythms, the crackling organ, and manic horn sections that take you from melancholy to uncontrollable fits of revelry as if tomorrow didn't matter. At every show, the band "punches the clock" and doesn't let up until they fully inspire their audiences to hoot,holler, dance. romance, sweat, and swing off the ails of the work week .
Formed in 2003, LLAWM has called the Mission District of San Francisco its home and continues to attract an ever- growing following through their raucous live performances and repertoire that seamlessly mixes original material with obscure and rare covers of a bygone day. They have become a regular headlining and supportive attraction in some of the major clubs in city such as Bottom of the Hill, Cafe Du Nord, and The Great American Music Hall. Recently LLAWM was awarded the 2008 SF WEEKLY Music Award for "Best Local Soul/R&B/Funk Act."
LLAWM looks to bring their unique brand of gritty retro R&B Soul to audiences far and wide. Its a sound rooted and owing to the past but one that evokes a hip-shaking, knuckle pounding, and tear-jerking good time that never goes out of style.


"I Will Arise"

Written By: Freddi Price

You went away and left me cold and broken
So many words passed between us, so many more unspoken
Oh but that was then and this now
I’ll ride it out and survive somehow
You see I got my will, and I’ve got my pride
And the heart of man that beats deep inside me now

And I will arise, I will arise again, and carry on.

My friends are all dying, my father is gone
One lonely summer my brother passed on
I’ve lost all composure, been left out in the rain
Chased love across borders just to loose it again
I’ve been abused by the masses, confused by the few
So many times I thought my life was all through
But I opened my eyes and saw myself standing alone but alive

And I did arise…

Time keeps on passing like the cold winter wind
My body is aching, feels like I’m hungry again
The world is sinking faster the harder we swim
It’s easy to give up and think you can’t win
But I got all that I’m made of and nothing to loose
Between a rock and hard place it’s easy to choose
I leave them all behind, and stand straight and tall
And head straight out into the darkness although I may fall
But I will know

That I will arise…. You can’t keep a good man down… I will arise

(Copywrite 2010, Freddi Price/Working Man Music)


1."Lord Loves A Working Man" 2005 (self-titled, self-released)
*availble for purchase on cdbaby.com

2."Lord Loves A Working Man- 5 Song EP" 2011. Limited edition EP with select tracks from the upcoming full length album (July 2011) along with unreleased live tracks.

3. "Lord Loves A Working Man" 2011 (self-titled, self-produced) Released September 1st, 2011

Set List

The group can play upwards of 3 40 minute sets if need be, though typical shows consist of one 60 minute set.
LLAWM plays original ballads and up tempo R&B shakers created in the style of such artists as Booker T. and the MG's, Otis Redding, and Soloman Burke (to name a few.)
Not to be confused with a "cover" band that plays soley the "hits" of the past, LLAWM instead takes on a revivalist role by arranging and performing obscure covers of lesser know Southern Soul artisits that rarely see the light of day but none the less are classics in their own right . Some of the artists and songs covered include:
"Prisoner of Love" by Candi Staton
"Hard Times" by Baby Huey (written by Curtis Mayfield)
"I'll Make It Up To You" by Clay Hammond
"You Don't Love Me" by ZZ Hill
"65 Bars and A Taste of Soul" Charles Wright and The Watts 103rd Street Band
"Pouring Water on a Drowning Man" by James Carr.
"Way 'Cross Town" by Tiny Watkins
"Blues Get Off My Shoulder" by Dee Clark