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The best kept secret in music




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"Progressive Ears"

OK kidseses...I'm sitting here with a copy of the debut release from Atlanta proggers, Lord Only. I've spun it quite a few times in the last few days and ah reckon it's time to breakk the ice and recommend it to the rest of you lot.

What does it sound like? To me, it sounds like Hemispheres era Rush and Drama era Yes combined with a bit of Sieges Even/Fates Warning style darkness. They have an integrated group sound, though. It's not like you can listen and think, "OK, they get this bit from this album, and this bit from that album." except for the closing instrumental track, "Versatile Residue (A Boy And His Ant Farm)" which does seem like it was designed to be Lord Only's answer to "La Villa Strangiato", but in a humorous "wink nudge" kind of way. There's a twenty minute epic called "Nosferatu" here and some of the other songs segue into each other and give you a feeling of continuity.

Is it any good? Well, yeah...otherwise I wouldn't bother writing this review. The bassist, John Tuner, is quite good and moves beyond the shallow aping of Chris Squre and Geddy Lee that you often find in this particular arena. All the band members seem quite accomplished actually, but they don't rub it in your face in Dream Theater fashion.

There are no shredtastic two handed tapping, whammyific guitar solos or 900 mph double bass drumming, and that's a big plus in my book. The music is quality and I think the lyrics are notably thoughtful and interesting, which has become a little bit of rarity for modern prog.

If there's a glaring weakness it's that I sometimes think the lead vocals lack a bit in the character department. That could just be my preference for quirky, melodramatic (and often English) singers talking, though. I think they sound great on the harmonies and sometimes the lead vocals work quite well, but other times they just don't quite make it for me.

Overall, this is a solid first album and Lord Only have definitely marked themselves as a band to be watched.
- Chris Hosford


Fear And Trembling: LP, rel. August 2003


Feeling a bit camera shy


Lord Only is an Atlanta-based hard rock band with intricate arrangements, intense instrumental passages, memorable melodies and lush harmony vocals-- electric and eclectic. Drawing from diverse influences like The Beatles, Yes, Rush, King's X, Pink Floyd, Tool, U2, and the great rhythm sections of Motown and the 70's and 80's, the members of Lord Only are constantly trying to expand their musical palettes while sticking closely to the basic concepts of melody, harmony and rhythm that remain approachable to the average music listener. Extended range instruments, as well as guitar, bass and voice synthesizers have found a place in the mix, with remarkable results. In a time when originality is looked down upon as patently un-commercial, Lord Only has set out to make a new mold.

It’s been said that Lord Only sounds larger than a quartet has any right to. Part of the reason for this is John’s masterful 7- and 8-string bass-work, a unique and groundbreaking approach that pushes the frontier of electric bass. Hal and Brian contribute a twin guitar attack, weaving together melodic leads, bright harmonies and tantalizing textures of electric, acoustic, classical, synth and steel guitar. Jim brings a jazz-infused combination of traditional and electronic drumming, shifting from delicate to thunderous. Keyboards and pedal synth from Hal and John complete the mood. Of course there are many bands that have great instrumental abilities, but Lord Only builds on this with an exciting vocal style that tempts the listener to sing along. Hal’s voice has a passion that demands attention, augmented by tight harmonies from Brian and John. Add it all together and you get a distinctive, ear-catching style that delivers something new with each listen.

Lord Only’s debut album, Fear And Trembling, was released in August 2003. Mixed by veteran producer/engineer Neil Kernon (Kansas, Queensryche, Hall & Oates) and Chris Griffin (Drivin N Cryin, The Marvelous Three), its powerful sound is beginning to ripple across America and over the Atlantic, eliciting comparisons to everyone from Ozzy Osbourne to Duran Duran to The Cure. It seems there is something different for each listener in this complex sonic brew. A strong, cohesive vision can be heard throughout, with sparkling production and standout performances from each player. Call it thinking man’s rock for the 21st century.

Website: lordonly.net
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