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Lords of Fish

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1. Ocean Facing Window
2. Ode To Richard



Being brought up around musical instruments her whole life it was not surprising that Eli would find music to be her emotional outlet and method of true communication. Her father would play her the violin to sleep while growing up and her grandmother, Ruth Schindler, was a classical piano player who played at Carnegie at the age of 13, in 1932! Eli began piano at the age of six. She found that at the age of thirteen, for her coming of age ceremony, she also had a voice. She found poetry during high school and now uses the poetic verses as songs. Not only was Eli a great public speaker on stage at a young age, being valedictorian of her sixth grade, but she went on to pursue a degree in Chemistry at university in LA. During her studies she taught herself the guitar and began writing full songs. After graduation she studied at the Berklee college of music and engineered her first album playing all the instruments (see web page-fist album under Music). She then traveled around the country for a year, with money saved from waitressing, writing stories and songs about people and her travels. She even took as job as a cook on a fishing boat at one point and then rode the train from San Francisco to New Orleans to study music. After saving money working as a teacher in Santa Cruz she moved to Los Angeles in 2001 to pursue her passion for making music. She is presently recording her new album with members of The Lords and has entered the Sonicbids contest to perform in Vegas. She currently performs solo in LA. Almost Always at Canters on Fairfax on Sunday Nights. Hobbies: Guitar, Poetry, Song Writing, dancing. She has received training on stage presence, vocal method and guitar theory. Mostly she has educated herself by using her four track. She learned Fashion from her sister, Laura Duncan, who is a top fashion stylist in LA. She currently waitresses, and teaches in Los Angeles and was recently asked to audition for a film called Camino Flamenco, with Monica Cruz, and Patrick Swayze to be filmed in Spain this Summer! Passion: To Provide Education for shelter for women and mothers in need. And to be there for people close to her. In her music, Eli's vibe is edgy but still young. Her message is, as quoted, "Find the brightest oyster and let it be your world, and then you can be the pearl."