Thor and the Lords of Steel

Thor and the Lords of Steel


You will have a fist shaking, head banging, axe grinding, sword fighting, monster battling, fire breathing, heavy metal, warriors of the universe singin', unforgettably fun and fabulously great experience.

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Smog Veil
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Devastation of Musculation CD Smog Veil 2006

Thor Against the World CD Smog Veil 2005

An-THOR-Logy DVD Smog Veil 2006

Beastwomen From the Center of the Earth CD
Chompa-Thortoen 2004

Triumphant CD Scratch-Thortoen 2003

Only the Strong LP/MC Viper/Enigma/Roadrunner/Attic 1985

Keep the Dogs Away LP/MC RCA/MCA 1977

...and many more

Lords of Steel and Devastation of Musculation
(Devastation of Musculation Smog Veil 2006)
both tracks had videos aired on MTV and VH1
in 2006.
This CD also hit number one on Canadian metal charts in fall of 2006

Set List

We can perform anything from a full length concert, to unplugged in-stores.

A good example of our set list would be:

The Coming of Thor
Lords of Steel
The Call of the Triumphant
War Hammer
Let the Blood Run Red
Devastation of Musculation
Thunder on the Tundra
Ride of the Chariots
Keep the Dogs Away
We Live to Rock
Knock 'Em Down
When Gods Collide
Warriors of the Universe