Lord T and Eloise

Lord T and Eloise

 Memphis, Tennessee, USA
BandHip HopAvant-garde

The two richest men in the universe have set out to take over the rap game. A cross between the Beastie Boys and Gnarls Barkley, this group has been lauded by Spin, Vh1, E!, and other national media outlets for its bumping beats, witty lyricism, & catchy hooks, with a live show to back it all up.


Having spent the last two years apprenticing under the founders of Crunk music in Memphis,TN such as 8Ball & MJG, Al Kapone, Gangsta Boo, Skinny Pimp, Kia Shine, and others, Lord T & Eloise have emerged brandishing their own new style of rap music, aptly called "Aristocrunk."


Make Dat Monet!

Written By: Lord T and Eloise

My stock is rising up to the top/
Economists eyes are gonna pop/
When I drop, this beat down/
Gonna blow up the dow/
People wanna know how, I run the townwith my sound/ I walk around rose petals on the ground/ But I was down even before my first show/ Warren Buffet was present for my IPO, front row/Bill Gates in tow, cause Im about my dough/ Makin' dat Money is my game if you not a player you dont know/ Im like a sheik - rockin my casbah/ More money than the Fed, Im givin Bernake asthma/Makin money faster than interest rates can amassa, financial disasta/ Damn Beaurocratic bastards!/ I know - you want -to be -me -or Myster E or Eloise/ Cause you see - it's the three, the tirnity of old money, makin that money, makin that damn money!

Chorus: Im gonna - make dat money! Make dat Money! Im gonna Make date Money!


Single: "Million Dollar Boots" - Feat. Al Kapone
LP - "Aristocrunk"

Single: "Untuxedo" feat 8Ball and Kia Shine
LP - "Chairmen of the Bored"

check out music videos for "Million Dollar Boots" and "Palm Beach" on Lord T & Eloise's YOUTUBE Channel, as well as many other videos from fans of the group's live performances.

Set List

Sets range from 45 minutes to a 1.5 hours depending on the gig. DJ serves as an opener and to hold down the evening with music when necessary.
Average Set - 45 minutes-1hour
1)Million Dollar Boots
2)Dance Move
3)Gettin' Richer
4)Goin' Shopping
5)To My Ladies
6)In the Middle East
7)Black Limousine
8)Palm Beach
9)Make Dat Monet
10)The Yacht
12)Back from the Business Trip
-Paul Revere,Children's Story, Relax & Take Note, Poppin' My Collar, Freaks Come Out at Night, Can't Truss It, Posse on Broadway, Humpty Dance