Lorena B

Lorena B

 Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, ISR

Lorena B is a 4 piece electronic rock band.
Their musical influences varies between soft icelandic sounds and harsh electronica
The band recently released their debut single called "Swallow My Gum" alongside a brilliant music video
and is planned to release their debut album on april 30.


Lorena B
An electronic post rock band.

Part pop part indie,
but definitely somewhere between the two,
Combines breathtaking vocals, electronic beats and a unique sound.

During its three years of activity, the band has succeeded in creating a unique live show, mixing rock and electronica.

The professional drums and bass work (Ilan Tennenbaum), along with live programming with the best gadgets (Roey Avital, Adi Ulmansky) and a formidable guitar wall (Yoav Sa'ar, Roey Avital), promise an unforgettable experience. Above it all, sits Adi Ulmansky's amazing voice, an artist, Model, and a figure in her own right.

"Lorena B is one of the best Israeli acts I've seen in a long, long time. Possibly ever. Also, the hottest one I've seen. Quite definitely ever."

"Lorena B are just the sort of electro band we like the best. "Swallow My Gum" is a fantastic song - it's post-rock, a little indie, with synthy pulses and jazzy hooks, all tied up with the lush bow that is Adi Ulmansky's incredibly gorgeous voice."

"The bands I fell in love with the most after a gig were the ones who’s' gigs left me a bit puzzled, that brought to the stage something beyond what i can contain, but as a desire for more.

This is what it was like with Faith No More 12 years ago... and yes, also in Lorena B's gig"
-Ido Shacham, "Ha Ma'azin"


Swallow my gum

Written By: Eyal silberman

this is getting really fishy
would you swallow my gum?
would you swallow

undressing every single word

correct me if i'm wrong
would you swallow my tongue?


December 25 2010 - Debut single launch - Swallow my gum
The single got great reception among the local Indie scene.
and was rated in the top 20 chart of 106FM and Reshet
Gimel for 2010.

April 30 2011 - Debut album launch @ Tmuna theater TLV

Set List

Swallow my gum
Limbo lovers
Swallow my gum 2
Little boy with black eyes
Words dont crash me down
Something \ Nothing
Bonus track