Austin, Texas, USA

The encounter of a brazillian singer/songwriter and an american producer/guitarrist makes an interesting mix of sounds and ranges from the innocence of a child-like sound, going through bossa nova and brazillian funk, to some songs that could be played in the busiest dance clubs of New York.


Lorena Sa is from Brazil and grew up around a very musical family. She has played keyboards and backing vocals with a local Blues band in the south of Brazil, but now she comes back to the music industry as a singer/songwriter. Her music is very eclectic, filled with influence from the brazillian sounds, ranging from Bossa Nova to the more modern funk movement. Lorena lives in Austin, where she met Billy Masters, who brought all his musical talent and experience with all kinds of music to the table. Billy adds a very modern, progressive spice to the sounds. He is a legendary producer and guitar player who has played with a multitude of well-know artists such as Suzane Veiga, Allison Krauss and others.
Fabio Carvalho is the third band player, he is a brazillian artist with a multitude of talents. Mostly, Fabio the drums and percussion, but he also co-writes some of the songs.


Forgive me my friend

Written By: Lorena Sa

There are times when blinds around your eyes are shut
And you miss a hundred things surrounding you
You hurt the friends that mean the most to you

THere are days when a hundred different things just blind you
And listening to a song reminds you
Those days when you had a real friend for you to trust

Forgive me my friend if I hurt you
not prioritizing something so special
Forgive me my friend if I hurt someone so special like you

Memories can be vague and forgettable not mines
You were there during break ups, I took you for granted
don't know why

Free my Senses

Written By: Lorena Sa

Free my Senses to realize the world
It's all around so look around and you'll see
what it's doing to me

I've been feeling all my life
there's a passion here inside
and a hope that dreams come true

I remember all the sores
in my hands and feet and heart
When the No melts you away

Giving up is not an option when you know there's something else to it

Free my Senses to realize the world
it's all around so look around and you'll see
what it's doing to me

And some people try so hard
to belong denying their hearts
That is when society rules

There's a model we must follow
and accept and be so shallow
Till our souls break this away


Lorena and Billy just finished recording their first album. It contains two versions of existing songs and two of Lorena's originals.

Set List

Enough inputs for three microphones, drum set, guitar, keyboards, computer. Enough outlets for amps. Enough channels for electronic drums.