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"Of Tales to Come" EP (2005)
-Can be heard at www.myspace.com/lorenguard


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BIOGRAPHY (2004-2006)

The battlefield that is the American music scene has overpowered and subdued the warriors of true metal as well all those who fight on its side, leaving a younger generation with varied crafts of heavy metal that lack the glory and imagination of its once mighty ancestor. The death of melody, however, demanded to be avenged, and seven battle-ready crusaders have embarked on a dangerous quest to resurrect the withering corpse of American True Metal.

Lorenguard formed in 2004 by aspiring fantasy author and drummer Brady Sadler and his twin brother, co-writer, and bassist Adam Sadler. In their teenage years, the twins were incapable of finding their niche in music, and metal for that matter, until they had discovered the epic power of European melodic metal from the source of such bands as Rhapsody, Freedom Call, Heavenly, Kamelot, Fairyland, ect. After studying the craft of power metal, the twins had decided they were destined to be wielders of the true metal torch. The brothers sent out a call to arms and, with the help of former guitarist and founding member Chris Cruz, they were able to muster veteran metal guitarist TJ Hunt and the keyboard magic of David Russell, both formerly of the Indianapolis band Castlevania. The band sealed their foundation and began work on the songs that would make up their debut EP release "Of Tales to Come". But the band still needed vocals.

After long and grueling searches on metal chat rooms, forums and classifieds, word came from, not one, but two vocalists within the Sadlers' hometown of Lafayette, IN. Raleigh Barrett found a post Brady had left in fellow US power metal act Kamelot's online forum and replied immediately. Raleigh had a voice for narrations and deep operatic singing, but lacked the range needed for a frontman; yet he knew someone who might be able to front such an epic adventure. Enter Rob Stith. Rob auditioned for the band and managed to slay them with his electric presence and majestic voice.

With soaring vocals joining their party, Lorenguard set out on to spread their tales of honor, glory and all that is fantasy to crowd after satisfied crowd. After a year of touring, the band took nearly a year-long hiatus in early 2006 when keyboardist David Russell was diagnosed with leukemia. During the time off, as David determinedly fought off cancer, the remaining members of Lorenguard sought to fill the void left by guitarist Chris Cruz’s departure in 2005. Guitarist Dave Schneider contacted the band and set up an audition. The young musician displayed his ability and the band swore him into their order in short time. Dave brought with him a youthful energy that Lorenguard well needed during such a tragic and trying time. Finally, after a year and a half, the band’s lineup had been established.

After an exhausting first year, and a nearly disastrous second year, Lorenguard is preparing to re-enter the metal world with new material and an insatiable lust for triumph. Throughout their time on the road, the warriors spent their time between shows composing the songs that would later be recorded for their new demo “Ensorcelled in Shadow”, which displays the band’s maturity and diversity. With costumes and composition, the band writes its music to tell the tales of the heroes who they portray, and the story of Lorenguard will inevitably reveal itself as the band continues to live out the adventure in a world all their own.

Raise the steel!