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"Listening to the Moon Review"

Roots with a funky edge

Loren has been performing live for over seven years now and has certainly honed his skills as a singer, songwriter and guitarist. He exists in the ultra-independent sphere of roots musicians and this bare-knuckle approach to art filters through into his songs. On this, his third studio album, Loren has recorded with what may turn out to be a permanent band made up of Ben (sic - it's Beck) Flatt on drums and Mitch McLennan on bass. Tijuana Cartel’s Josh Sinclair also makes a guest appearance. Australia is saturated in roots and folk so it is hard to stand out in this climate, but what is most notable on Listening To The Moon is the persistent energy that balances Loren’s gentle voice. These songs have a strong pop quality to them while also managing to convey genuine emotional expressions. Although the song structures are consistently simple – over-complicated structures, time signatures and flurries of dynamics would be out of place within these songs – Loren cleverly balances enthusiasm with restraint.
KRISSI WEISS - Rave Magazine


Visit Loren's website to read industry quotes, reviews and more. - Various

"Have You Heard?"

Loren was interviewed by Melbourne's Inpress magazine. - Inpress Magazine

"The lunar sounds of Loren"

This article talks about Loren's new album in the leadup to his gigs in Newcastle and Maitland in July 2011. - The Newcastle Post

"Press Record Review — Dan Sultan/Loren live at the Old Museum, Brisbane, July 2011"

"By the end of his set Loren had won me over, he had the perfect balance of masculinity, sensitivity and honesty in his music, which now holds a special little place in my heart. — Cass Love - Press Record Online


1. Listening to the Moon (MGM) 2011:
Loren’s sixth release and third studio album, "Listening to the Moon", was released in 2011 via MGM Distribution.

"Listening to the Moon" is the culmination of three years of songwriting and features guest appearances from respected musicians including Tijuana Cartel’s Josh Sinclair.

2. 80 Ks An Hour (Independent) 2008
3. Slow Burn (MGM/Green) 2007
4. Community (MGM) 2005
5. Live ’N Kicking (Independent) 2004
6. Home Brew (Independent) 2002



“Loren writes the kind of music that when you listen to it you somehow feel like you’re getting a massage ... I’ve watched Loren play a few times and am always inspired by how effortless the music is. ” John Butler

“Fantastic artist. Fantastic songs. Amazing voice ...” Ash Grunwald

“Loren is the best roots songwriter in Oz. Full stop.” Whitley


Loren is the kind of quiet achiever who has often sold more albums at a festival than any other act; it’s the kind of music people want to take home.

Ten years ago Loren hit the road on his first tour. Six independent album releases later with more than 10,000 albums sold, Loren has played almost every festival in Australia, toured Canada, the US and New Zealand and traversed this country countless times.

The reggae tune ‘Good Seed’ from his acclaimed debut album ‘Community’, was written for the Woodford Folk Festival when Loren was asked to perform alongside a workshop about biodynamic farming. The song was well received: not only was it selected for the Sea Shepherd charity compilation album, sending his music across the globe and attracting fans worldwide, it also inspired a new festival in Melbourne to be called the ‘Goodseed Festival’, and the ‘Goodseed’ café in Fremantle – such is the power of a good song with a positive message.

Loren has supported many renowned local and international acts over the years – including Lior, Dave Matthews, Bobby Alu and Dan Sultan. His most recent support was with international jazz reggae sensation Groundation (California/Jamaica) as part of their world tour in 2012.

LIVE SHOWS: Loren’s live performance is always a scenic, sonic journey that is well worth the ride, with his sublime voice and energy and the emotion, passion and complexity of his beautiful music, spanning folk, roots, reggae and pop. Playing either solo, duo or with his band, Loren’s range flows from folk ballads to heart-lifting African and reggae rhythms, happily keeping himself happily out of any definable boxes, and connecting people from all ages and stages in life.

Groundation (USA/Jamaica) 2012
Bobby Alu 2012
Dan Sultan 2011
Dave Matthews
Kate Miller-Heidke
Ash Grunwald

Eclipse Festival (Qld, 2012)
Island Vibe Festival (Oct, 2012)
Wide Open Space (2012)
Nannup Festival (2012)
Fairbridge Festival (2011, 2007, 2006)
Ukitopia Festival (three times including 2011)
Southern Oracle (2011)
World Environment day (five times including 2011)
Splendour (2010)
Woodford Folk Festival (2010, 2004, 2002)
Utribe Festival (2009)
Festival of the Sea (2009)
Peace Festival (2009)
Queenscliff Music Festival (2008, 2006, 2005)
West Coast Blues & Roots (2006 with Carus)
Folk Rhythm & Life (2008, 2006, 2005)
Port Fairy Folk Festival (2008)
Music by the Bay (2008)
Pyramid Rock Festival (2007)
Yungaburra Folk Festival (2007, 2006)
Caloundra Music Festival (2007)
Blues At Bridgetown (2007, 2006)
Apollo Bay Music Festival (2007)
Good Seed Festival (2007)
Mullum Music Festival (twice)
Melbourne Sustainability Festival
Lake Bolac Festival (2010)
Mordialoc Festival
Art and Soul (Church Island festival)
Vintage Blues Festival
Capel Fest
Logan City Eco fest
Wollumbin Festival (twice)