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"Secular Ethics Review"

"Loren Scott is a London rocker with soul, panache and cavernous depth. A voice boasting more character than a Cecil B. DeMille Movie, she oozes emotion and reaction through her deep, atmospheric PJ Harvey like absorbed tones. With a splash of Patti Smith, and a twist of Tori Amos distinctiveness.
Her songs balance driving grunge rock with haunting mistiness. Her band layer sounds beyond the traditional assortment of instrumentation and sonic inserts, the eerie sci-fi, Jeff Wayne would love them, electronic wails of 'Collective'. The fuzz ball guitars and treacle thick beats of 'Love Affairs' Smashing Pumpkins vibe. The murkiness of the minor chord heavy riffs and broken soundscape is echoed through a lyrical portrayal riddled with turmoil and disillusionment, "If God is dead save your money, I can't believe there's a next world", "I don't think I should have to live in this hate". Here is a songwriter expressing her innermost soul in a highly personal manner and that takes talent, guts and really reels the listener in.
A thought provoking artist, fabulously well crafted songs that peel back like brooding red rock onions. An album that rewards generously for a solid dig through it's many levels of discovery. Listen to it, listen to it again then listen to it once more and let it marinade like a fine wine or a good book and let it sink in just how good it really is."

Martin Kendrick
- Noize Makes Enemies

"Album Review"

Loren Scott is ace. From the dominatrix hauteur of 'Collective' through bittersweet confessional, electro filth ('Menschen Fresser'), chanteuse, but mostly pure punk, every performance is confident and arresting. Beats and keyboards are trashy and witty - the jaunty bossa nova that frames the Kirsty McCall-alike 'T-Cut' - and support the vocals with elan... Attitude conquers all."

Robin Fahy - Tasty Fanzine


LP: Secular Ethics
recorded at Escapade Studio in Greenwich, London

Track Listing:
Love Affairs
God is Dead
Turn it Off
How Low
Menschen Fresser
You Lie...
Fear of Life



BACK GROUND: I've always played in and fronted bands. I seemed to naturally fall into that role as the only person I knew who actually had some form of voice, and although I never considered myself at the time as accomplished a musician as those I worked with in terms of my guitar skills, I was the one who always had the talent as a tune-smith.
Band line-ups came and went over the years through unheard of names including Salter and Serotone, but the tunes were all penned by me, and when I found myself alone with only a guitar to get the tunes out of my head, settled quickly into a heavily percussive rhythm style, using octave chords and other tricks outside of the regular chord repertoire to create more challenge and impact sonically as a solo performer.

LIVE: At present performances tend to be solo acoustic affairs, with guest percussion from time to time. I tend to prefer the presence of playing solo and passing the tracks on in their intimate state. A full band line up will no doubt be reinstated on the completion of album No.2...

RECORDING: My debut album Secular Ethics was recorded at Escapade Studio in Greenwich, London by producer Gary Brady. I linked up with Gary to initially record a stripped acoustic demo version of the tracks which appear on the final album. The studio chemistry between the two of us saw the process escalate far beyond its initial parameters, and drummer/percussionist Guy Whitby was drafted in to complete the studio line up.

A follow up to Secular Ethics is currently being lovingly pieced together with the same studio team.

INFLUENCES: As a kid, I was lucky enough to be well served with all types of music from my family. My musical influences stretch right across the board, but the roots are set in the music of the 70's encompassing Rock, Soul, Funk & NewWave.

THE ANGLE: My music tends to have a romantic penchant for analyzing the dark side of life in search for a positive or a juxtapose. That's important to me. If we are not creating good social commentary, then I don't think we're really creating a great deal...