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Rise Of The Phoenix is Lorenzo's first EP. The tracks are:
1. You'll never know
2. Us
3. Private Dancer
4. Spotlight
5. Let it go
6. I know she knows (bonus)




Boston Based R&B Artist Lorenzo is a young, talented R&B rising icon ready to take the music scene by storm. Lorenzo is an artist that can perform acapella and entrance audiences or go in the studio and lay down those tracks that make hit records. Lorenzo is not a studio generated artist, he knows music. Lorenzo also knows pain, frustration, struggle and happiness. He uses all of these emotions to fuel a burning desire to take his passion of creating and performing good music to a higher plateau. Lorenzo experienced pain at a young age when he lost his dad, the man that gave him stability and guidance. Lorenzo feels that this loss brought him to Ground Zero. He lost his motivation and stronghold. He turned to the streets for guidance. Lorenzo quickly learned that this was the wrong way to go because the older cats that he was following led him down the wrong path, a path he knows his dad would not approve of. A path that led him straight to jail. Lorenzo says "The actions and the path you choose in life are what makes you a man not running with a group of boys that claim to be men." He then decided to look inside for his God-Given talents and singing was his choice. This is Lorenzo's time to rebuild and come back stronger!!

Shortly after this loss, Lorenzo spent time in Atlanta working with various talented music professionals. He gained alot of inside knowledge about the music industry from hanging with his uncle Calloway.

"Uncle Calloway used to perform alot...he always had me downstairs in the basement studio. We used to record songs and work on my sound." From that experience he learned that the music business is not all glitz and glamour. He learned about the good and the bad things that come with the business side of the industry. He learned about the work and the effort it takes to be a winner in this game. He has even collaborated on unreleased tracks with Jazz of the R&B group Dru Hill.

Lorenzo is inspired by the classic music, the "old school" as it is affectionately referred to as.
He loves the old school cats because "they got straight to the point. They weren't afraid to sing about love and admit that they were in love" he goes on to say "there's some really good R&B out today but some of the artists are doing way too much" "they are not touching upon the reality of life" In a nutshell Lorenzo is drawing from the old to bring you something new. He's taking real life issues and painting vivid pictures through his music. Lorenzo even credits Barack Obama as an inspiration. He hears people talk all the time about what they can't do but was inspired by Obama's 'Yes We Can' campaign.

Some of his recent work includes a ballad called "Lonely" and a sexy...pulsating track called "Private Dancer". Lorenzo's music has a young, vibrant sound that makes you want to move and dance and his ballads touch your soul because the music and the tones are rich and honest.

His manager Clifford Bonnet is not taking the typical route to manage Lorenzo. He keeps Lorenzo very sheltered to the downside of the journey so he can focus on his music. Cliff has coined the phrase "Handle your BI" which means handle your business which he does very well. Cliff is smart, patient and selective in the way that he manages Lorenzo.

Lorenzo's music can be appreciated by buying his EP or catching one of his many LIVE performances. You will not be disappointed. He shines from the streets to the stage to the studio, singing and creating great music. Keep an eye out for the two most recent videos for Lorenzo's single "Lonely", "sexxin you" and 'Private Dancer' directed by Connor Bear Films
To listen to some of Lorenzo's music you can log on to reverbnation/lorenzoh. He will be releasing his EP titled THE RISE OF THE PHOENIX in December of 2009.