Party music for people who think too much.


Champaign, Illinois' own Lorenzo Goetz combine bouncy rhythms and clever wordplay to create infectious, head-nod music.  Their energetic live shows and vintage style have garnered praise from around the globe.  In 2005, the band traveled outside of their home state to Missouri, Kansas, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Indiana, Ohio, Iowa, Massachusetts and New York.

In February, the band released its newest effort, The Heavy EP and once again hit the road.  The six song disc showcases the production talents of some of Champaign and Chicago’s finest with tracks by Andy Lund (Temple Of Low Men, Kate Hathaway, Megan Johns), Brett Sanderson (Headlights), Anthony Gravino (Goran Ivanovic) and Adam Schmitt (The Living Blue). The band also self-produced two tracks in their budding home studio.

Relentless touring has allowed LG to share the stage with a wide range of artists, including; Chuck Berry, G. Love & Special Sauce, Local H, The Redwalls (Capitol), American Minor (Jive), The Living Blue (Minty Fresh), Poster Children (spinART), Centaur (x-Hum), Aveo (Barsuk), Heiruspecs (Razor & Tie), The Reputation (Lookout!), Motion City Soundtrack (Epitaph), Drums & Tuba (Righteous Babe), Bobby Bare Jr. (Bloodshot) and many more.

With several honors (C-U Music Awards Best Male Performer 2006 {Larry Gates}, Best Rock Band 2005 & 2006, Best Band Overall 2005 and The Hub Weekly’s “Best Band of 2005”) and a growing fan base, this band has a lot to look forward to. People, get ready.


EP - The Heavy EP (2/14/06)
LP - Jesus Elephant (IWR-008)
EP - Allure (IWR-005)

Small, My Table IW vol. 1 - "Serenade"
Openingbands.com vol. 1 - "The Breathing Room"
A Warm Breath..IW vol. 2 - "Fist Above My Wrist"
More Ways Than Three IW vol. 3 - "Slumber Jaw"
What You're Looking For - "Muy Macho" & "Alright"

"Jesus Elephant" (from Jesus Elephant)
"Never Look Directly into a Disco Ball" (from Allure)
"Heavy" (from The Heavy EP)

"Heavy" (WVRV - St. Louis, MO)
"Heavy" (iChannel - St. Louis, MO)
"Wake Up" (iChannel - St. Louis, MO)
"Heavy" (WXTW - Fort Wayne, IN)
"Heavy" (Breakthruradio.com - New York, NY)
"Heavy" (Insomniac Radio)
"Let It Out" (BreakThruRadio - New York, NY)
"Jesus Elephant" (WPGU - Champaign, IL)
"Heavy" (WPGU - Champaign, IL)
"Jesus Elephant" (WOXY - Cincinnati, OH)
"Alright" (BreakThruRadio.com - New York)
"Muy Macho" (BreakThruRadio.com - New York)
"Jesus Elephant" (DailySonic.com)
"American Love Story" (Extrano Revoltijo - Chile)
"Allure" (Pulse Radio - London)
"The Breathing Room" (BeyondRadio.com)
"Allure" (KIIS - San Franscisco, CA)
"Jesus Elephant" (Sprawl Zone - Greece)
"Jesus Elephant" (WEIU - Charleston, IL)

Parasol (www.parasol.com)
Bomba Records (JAPAN)
iTunes (www.itunes.com)

Set List

Anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours.