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"The Talent is Definitely There"

Lorenzo Owens garnered a lot of attention when he was a finalist for Oprah Winfrey's PopStar Music Challenge. Picked by many to take the whole thing, Lorenzo's star was shining brighter than ever. Unfortunately for him, the Milwaukee-born singer didn't have enough to come out as the winner of the competition. But exposure is everything, and Lorenzo Owens would eventually find his way to D-Town Records (distributed by WEA). And with the direction of longtime music producer Michael J. Powell, Lorenzo would put out his debut album After The Show in September 2005.

Given his ability to make it to the top three out of the 15,000 people competing to be part of the PopStar Music Challenge, Lorenzo Owens has all the talent in the world. Hearing songs like his debut single "Inseparable" will prove to many that he has no problem belting out a power ballad. But by no means is this one of those cheesy power ballads that you would see on American Idol or something. "Inseparable" is powerful in the way he puts his soul out there for all to see and feel. "Rainbows" and "Love's Not Enough" are more like something you'd hear on the aforementioned TV show, but again Owens gives so much of himself that it doesn't come off as a charade.

"Wanna See You Smile" sounds a lot like another balladeer named Rahsaan Patterson with its delivery and melody, but still comes off as his own in the end. "Close Your Eyes" and "Light 'N Darkness" are two good contenders for a second single if he is lucky enough to get one. "Not So Perfect Love Story" puts you in the mind of an old school R&B Artist like Bobby Womack. But all the songs aren't stellar, for one reason or another. "Burnin'" is a song with a female vocalist singing the chorus at the beginning of the song, the implementing of a rock guitar, and the subtle yet annoying sound of a phone number being dialed as a sound effect. But the most problematic of all the songs is "Gamble," a track that is decent until the chorus starts with some of the most questionable background singing that you will ever hear. Other songs like "Concentrate" and "Stand Tall" are okay, but lack the energy and vigor that are epitomized on the better tracks.

Although not a solid album through and through, After The Storm still proves to be a decent effort from an artist that hasn't reached his fullest potential by any means. But any record exec or true label head shouldn't have any second guesses about signing him to their company and putting out quality material for years to come. He has had an opportunity for the whole world to hear his potential on an international stage, much like the effervescent Latoya London. Lorenzo Owens should definitely keep pushing on and not settle for those 15 minutes of fame that he's already been fortunate enough to have. - Charles L Hubert of UrbanReviews.com


Better Days: The Encore

1. Smile
2. Better Days
3. Gamble
4. Inseparable
5. Stand Tall
6. Light 'N Darkness
7. Not So Perfect Love Story
8. Concentrate
9. Breathe Again
10. Come Around My Way
11. Love's Not Enough
12. Close Your Eyes
13. Some
14. Burnin'
15. Rainbows

After The Show

1. Wanna See You Smile
2. Rainbows
3. Inseparable
4. Stand Tall
5. Burnin
6. Light N' Darkness
7. Not So Perfect Love Story
8. Concentrate
9. Gamble
10. Loves Not Enough
11. Close Your Eyes



Like many of music's success stories. Lorenzo Owens' roots are in the church. He has been singing since he was 3 years old. As a small child he could sing with adult fervor. "I was at my grandma's house when, 'Reasons', by Earth, Wind & Fire came on the radio. I don't completely remember this but from what I'm told, I sang the whole song and floored everybody in the house. I guess that's when all this began." The Milwaukee native, now a Chicagoan, recalls. But it wasn't until he had begun attending college that he realized singing was his life's calling. "Singing was just something I'd always done. But, I never put much stock into it. It just came naturally for me. It was like breathing."

Lorenzo was going to school for business management. But he kept asking himself, what it was that he really wanted to do. "I changed majors so many times l knew I wasn't going in the right direction. I realized that what I truly loved was feeling the energy of the crowd when I sang." Lorenzo eventually hooked up with a manager and began doing showcases and traveling to other cities as a background singer. That move proved to be the right move for the young talent. The new management was Anthony Ferguson of En-Sport, Inc., who immediately put his rising star to work on his first album.

After Lorenzo was selected to compete in the Oprah's Pop Star Challenge his life has changed forever. Lorenzo was a finalist in the Oprah's Pop Star Challenge and as a result is featured on 3 songs on the Oprah's Pop Star Challenge cast album. His rendition of Stevie Wonder's "All In Love is Fair" demonstrates his rare ability to deliver a song. Lorenzo's performance of Donnie Hathaway's "A Song for You" will move you to tears. Lorenzo is poised to set the standard for the new breed of talented singers the likes of Maxwell and Brian McKnight who have crossed the charts from urban to pop. Lorenzo's current album "Better Days - The Encore" has the artistic work that will skyrocket the singer/songwriter into the contemporary music spotlight. Lorenzo's magnificent voice, stunning sensuality and dazzling smile, coupled with the production prowess of Grammy winning Producer, Michael J. Powell (Anita Baker, Tyrese. Aretha Franklin), along with producers Gerey Johnson, Harold Smith, Jerry Dornbush and the Monkey Boyz will establish Lorenzo's fan base in record time.