Lorenzo's Music

Lorenzo's Music


A cross between Tom waits, Morpine & Firewater.


Lorenzo's Music is Tom Ray (vocals), Mark Whitcomb (guitar), Scott Beardsley (drums), Bryan Elliott (saxophone), and Cliff Hammer (bass). Their sound is not unlike a band of swaggering lotharios caught between yesteryear and today. The three time Madison Area Music Award winner's sound combines the sax-powered crunch of Morphine with the crazed-circus gypsy-swing genius of Firewater. Tom Ray's addictive voice rasps and growls over grimy guitar, saxaphone, and all kinds of slinky rythms. Mark Whitcomb's off-the-cuff brilliance as a guitar player is extremely engaging.. --sometimes a little swing, sometimes a little Balkan, but always elusive and infectious.

Though Lorenzo's Music could easily give into a niche and a formula, it's restless and eclectic, pulling in so many different sounds with such natural flair that the only thing it all sounds like is, well, Lorenzo's Music.


Lorenzo's Music EP
Solamente Tres Palabras