Loretta is an indie rock band from Indianapolis with great songwriting and harmonies.


Consisting of brothers Jason, Damon, and Jeremy Weidner and their best friend Stan Muller, Loretta is a friendship first and a band second. Originally formed as an excuse to make music they loved with people they loved, one can safely assume the simple goal has been met.

While studying classical music at Indiana State University, Jason met Muller. A year later, Damon and Jeremy also began their studies at Indiana State. The four found an apartment together with the express intent of forming a band. They did and rehearsed every day. While they didn’t play shows in this period, to this day, they credit their years at university as the reason they are the band they are today. Once finished with their schooling, the Weidners and Muller pursued Loretta full-time.

Their debut release, The Translation, was critically acclaimed as a record epic in scope and a precursor of great things to come. In an unprecedented coup, the album, released on tiny independent Benchmark Records, charted #1 on Commercial Specialty Radio with the single “The Fire” climbing to #5. The record spent seven weeks in the CMJ top 100 and was the 7th most added record in the nation upon its release.

Loretta manages to combine the sounds of American indie rock sensibility with Brit rock artistry. Their new material is at once more progressive and more accessible. The band is currently hard at work recording the highly anticipated new material.

Over the past three years, Loretta has been defined by the layered progressions of their songs and by their incendiary live performances. Their shows possess an engaging depth and volatility, leaving an indelible mark on bystanders.

Hailing from Indianapolis, the band’s Midwestern, hard-working ethos has produced three nation-wide tours spanning coast-to-coast and north-to-south. Headlining dates at prestigious clubs across the country, the band believes in making converts one show at a time.


The Translation 2003 (Benchmark Records)
-Peaked at #67 CMJ top 200 Radio; #1 FMQB Commercial Specialty Radio.

Set List

Typically, we play for about 45 minutes, all originals.
We can play up to three 45 minute sets.