Loretta Bilieux

Loretta Bilieux


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Loretta Bilieux is back. After a lengthy hiatus from the music biz (3 boys, thank you very much),
the ex Burning Bus singer is out again making music with a new band, new album, and new sense
of purpose.

Burning Bus flared throughout the late 90's playing 600 gigs in 5 years ranging from Nashville to Nantucket.
The band was featured on WXPN's World Cafe radio show and by Fordham University's WFUV in New York City.
BB songs like "Thursday's Girl" and "Boy with a Gun" were in regular rotation on Philly's WXPN and WYEP in Pittsburgh.

A documentary, "People Who Must", was produced about Burning Bus in 1997 and aired on Public Television.

Live with BB, Loretta has opened shows for Sting, Poi Dog Pondering, Jefferson Starship, Dave Matthews Band,
Live, the Boxing Gandhi’s and more. BB was chosen twice to showcase at NYC's Bottom Line as part of their "Talent
Deserving of Greater Recognition" events.

But all good things come to an end and one day Loretta woke up to find herself surrounded by
three little boys. The Bus veered off the road, clunkily, and Ms. Bilieux settled into
domesticity-raising the kids, planting the garden, paving the sidewalk, pawing an old out-of-tune piano
(It came with the house), scratching out lyrics about Backtalking Poison Ivy, Recurrent Bartending Nightmares,
and Vain AADD-Stricken Guitar Players...and biding her time... playing her songs for her pre-schoolers until the
time was right and...

...she began recording her debut solo album on Monday nights in early 2006. Working with ex burning bus
percussionist Pete Barnhart and a small cadre of friends, Loretta made Ghost Cart. A hauntingly ethereal collection
of her most intimate songs yet.

But it took a phone call from out of the blue in summer 2006 from Clair Bros Audio vice president Gene Pelland
to get Loretta out playing live again. Gene had a new club, McCleary's Public House, and wanted to know if Loretta
would come in and test drive the PA system for him before they opened. Since that day performing in front of Gene, Anne, Danny,
and Freddy (the first audience) Loretta has gone on to play McCleary's at least a dozen times and always to a full house.

About the live band...

Bassist Charlie Burnett plays the upright acoustic bass and the Fender electric bass, nimbly switching back and forth
between beautiful bowed string parts on a stirring cover of Led Zeppelin's "Kashmir" to putting the big rock hammer down on
Loretta's "Earth Opus". Charlie spent the 90's touring with the Alterna-folk trio "Modern Icons", often sharing bills with BB.

Drummer Paul Murr brings terrific rock energy to every song doing all things, big and small, to make each tune feel just right.
Paul's exuberant musicality ignites Loretta tunes like "Hands and Money" and his orchestral playing is showcased to great effect on a cover
of Rufus Wainwright's "Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk". Paul splits his time between Loretta and acclaimed singer/songwriter
Jeffery Gaines.

Guitarist Chad Kinsey was with Loretta in Burning Bus for the entire ride. Chad is featured prominently on the Ghost Cart
album and in the live show as well. From fingerstyle virtuosity on stunning renditions of Radiohead's "Let Down" and David Bowie's
"Life on Mars", to bright telecaster rock on Loretta's "Out Again", to enveloping electric Eno-esque guitar on Loretta's "Blur", to a rousing
cover of Led Zep's "Friends", Chad covers a lot of sonic territory with each tune giving the band a depth beyond its power trio dimensions.

But above it all soars Loretta Bilieux, with band, with trio, with duo- all eyes and ears are on Loretta. Her voice is an immediate
attention getter in any room. Powerful, pure tone, usually cosmic in lyric and intent, but with an underlying bluesy quality everyone
can identify with. If Bjork was born in Pennsylvania and married Stevie Winwood....etc. Loretta's rendition of "White Rabbit" on the
music page will give you a hint of what I'm writing about. So take that voice and match it with a wonderful gift for theatricality and an
engaging playful nature and the resulting bruise... will... leave... a... mark.


Hands and Money

Written By: Loretta Bilieux

Hands and Money-lyrics by Loretta Bilieux, music by Pete Barnhart

Come on Bumpf! Slick on your pimp suit
Curl your lip and polish that gold tooth
Doesn’t matter what costume’s picked
Once you take a snort off the whiskey stick
You’ll be flying through the city like a jet fueled wrecking ball

Hands and money
And it’s all within the law

Tramp Psychic of the super-natural world
Parts the curtain Oh! she’s a freak show girl
Stuffs herself in the kick drum case
Picks a tarot card for the human race
Ya’ll get a ride when the alien flags unfurl

It’s like I’ve always said
Best to leave the house with all seven senses

Silver tongue uh come sit next to me
Squint and smile until I see crows feet
A staring contest the Fox and me
That blows all the dust off eternity
I’m a slouching diner star before he even sees I’ve left with his...

Hands and money

That Meadow's a Grave

Written By: Loretta Bilieux


A body of water
So wide
Flowers few
Centuries of footprints
Are deep within you

A task without reason
Your life is a risk
You can keep moving forward
The ending is fixed

This path will lose travelers
That meadow’s a grave
Yet, you keep moving forward…

A long and perilous journey
To a brief and violent appointment
Is waiting for you

I watch it all happen
From my front porch swing
I want to be helpful
Can’t do a thing

All the suitors
Waiting by your door
A common assortment…


Written By: Loretta Bilieux

The Leaf-Loretta Bilieux

I’ve seen the forest just go and take a man
And never spit him back.
All this gravity
I’ll let it pull me to earth for a nap
‘Cause I land naturally in a language
Of tongue-twisted speech.
Watch me surface now
Fish bubbles, air and clouds in your
Slow flowing creek.
Go on and brush me back for destiny
Comes easy to small thing like me.
Just bring it all on now.
I’m gonna fall
Oh and how you will fall with me.

We are rushing forward
We are not earth and we are not sea
We are everything
But not everything that triggers us is gravity
So bring it all on now.

Earth Opus vs. Des Lacooda

Written By: Loretta Bilieux

Shall there be one conciousness
You and I the Machine
Let us stroll through our head
We can breath in our dreams
If all on Earth is Art then you are uprooting me
Unhand me

Disenchantment plagues the mist
of your casual gardening
In your crowded dead man's crawl
I am very much thriving
Scratching out my own path,
My growth: a wasted message, unhidden and halting

Unhand me Des Lacooda
Unhand me Des Lacooda
I do not sit head in hands with the angry or extinct
Nor negotiate moral fables with bar room zombies
You must unhand

Tsk tsk...das kranka tier in this
Earth Opus

I've footraced with halfwits and danced with Jewel weed
Yet in the simplest of schemes, pupils prime their masters on all the lessons to be dreamed in Earth's Opus.

pink or yellow

Written By: Loretta Bilieux

Pink or yellow?

It was a day and I didn’t know the days
I was happy in my room
Studying my fingers, studying my toes
Routine business for a two year old
Mama told me:
While your brothers are in school
I’ve found a friend to play with you

My new friend slept in a toy store
She invited me in and shut the door
She was dressed like a princess,
So I was very shocked when the princess said:

If I strap on my brightest patent leather shoes
To kick you,
Pink or yellow?
You choose
The color of your bruise

The mommies were in the den
Drinking wine, unaware of my situation
Things quickly turned to ugly from cute.
I formed a Barbie army
And grabbed a Nerf gun to shoot
The tiara off her head
With a Dr. Seuss book shield
I took refuge in a corner at a tiny kitchen.


I got out and live my dream on the stage
Knowing I may meet a princess at any age
But never again will I
Arrive unarmed or witless for a play date with
A new friend who says…


Loretta Bilieux-ghostcart 2007
burning bus-greener
burning bus-sunny side up

Set List

Loretta Bilieux, Led Zeppelin, Radiohead, Bjork, Tom Waits, Rufus Wainwright and sometimes the surf is up with the Dead Kennedy's.