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Perth, Western Australia, Australia | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | SELF | AFTRA

Perth, Western Australia, Australia | SELF | AFTRA
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Country Adult Contemporary


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Program Manager's Review"

"In my position as Programme Manager at Curtin FM 100.1 I am inundated with CD’s from hopefuls wanting to get air play.

On the odd occasion a refreshing breath of air lands on my desk that has high professional standards of technology and talent.

The first time I heard Lori Greco I knew straightaway that here was a young lady who deserved every encouragement. When I listen to Lori I am transported to a warm summer evening or romance. Lori’s voice is clear, warm and very, very sincere which is a reflection of the lady herself. I am honoured to be able to recommend Lori’s CD 'WAITING' to you for your undoubted listening enjoyment with the promise of more to come."

Programme Manager / Drive Presenter
Curtin FM 100.1
Western Australia

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""Smooth, Soft and Sensuous""

Smooth, soft and sensuous are just three S-words that spring to mind when listening to the voice and music of Lori Greco. It has taken her to Page 3 of our Artist search and she is yet another example of the many, many talented artists from Australia, who haven chosen SellaBand as their preferred platform to conquer the globe...

Who is Lori Greco?
"I am Lori Greco! A classically trained pianist/singer/songwriter born in Italy, living in Perth, Australia. I have two university degrees, one in music, the other in education. I am a piano/vocal tutor 4 days a week and promote and write music the rest of the week. I also perform, mainly at special concert events, theaters and corporate functions. On a personal level, I am a mother of two boys, a wife and I manage to successfully combine family life with music.It can get pretty hectic at times!"

What made you sign up with SellaBand?
"I was mixing and mastering my current album (called "Waiting") in May last year with James Hewgill Music in Perth when he first told me about SellaBand. He was about to hold a meeting with Mandyleigh Storm who was at $30K and suggested I join. Unfortunately there were many holdups for the completion of my album, so I wasn't able to join until early October. My album is currently receiving radio airplay, 2 songs are being streamed on an internet radio station and only today I learned that my album has been selected for digital distribution via modernvoicesdistribution.com

Any regrets so far?
"Only that I should have joined in May....earlier than I did! I am absolutely loving my time here so far."

What are your ambitions?
"To make it to $50K, to keep writing, and get my music out to a world wide audience, and to record a new album. My ambition is to deliver high quality music that speaks to the listener through depth of character, vocal excellence and emotion. Comments left by my believers suggest that I am achieving this. My songs are about my life experiences and many of my listeners have been touched, even reduced to tears about how they can relate to the lyrics. I also want the opportunity to perform on stages all over the world that may not have been available to me before. Through SellaBand, that is possible. I would love an established artist to record one of my songs. That would certainly propel me into the spotlight as a performer/writer, and to get some of my songs into movies. I am dreaming of a SellaBand Diva Tour...I have made friends with a lot of the female artists here. I'd love to share the stage with them one day. I of course would want to meet as many of my Believers as possible too."

Has the success of fellow Aussies Mandyleigh and Vegas Dragons inspired you?
"Of Course! Especially with Mandyleigh coming from my home city and Brian visits my profile page often just to check up on me and say hello, as do my other Aussie colleagues. We keep an eye out for each other. It's great!"

You're a Page 3 girl on SellaBand at the moment. Do you have any special tactics to climb even higher?
"Well...I can't reveal all of them now can I? A girl must keep some sort of mystery! No, all jokes aside, being active on a daily basis, writing personal invitations to come and listen to me, offering incentives (be sure to check them out by the way) and allowing my Believers to get to know me personally as an artist and friend is how I approach SellaBand. The relationship between Artist and Believer = Friend in my book. Without the Believers, Artists are nothing. When people invest their hard earned money in me, I make sure that they know how much I value their support, and that comes from the heart. On a site which is predominantly into Rock music, I am extremely proud of where I am. I have never been mentioned in the chart analysis although I have been in the Top 20 real time charts for the past 5 weeks. For an artist who has never been on the most played artist, most played songs and most visited lists, I believe my rise to page 3 has been a speedy one. I really have to thank my Believers for that. They seem to invest small at first, but as they get to know more about me and my music, they keep coming back and investing more! So thank YOU!"

www.sellaband.com/tribune/edition67/ - The Tribune (Sellaband)

"Lori's lyrics on life in the land of Oz"

Lori Greco spent two weeks in a wardrobe at her Wembley home composing a song for Australia Day. She will perform it at the Supreme Court Gardens.

The wardrobe became a makeshift recording studio to avoid the street sounds picked up by the microphone.

Lori said she and her husband Eric would jump into their work truck in the middle of the night to play the recordings on the truck's sound system.

The music teacher took only two days to write the music but the lyrics remained elusive, taking more than two weeks to hone.

She focused on multiculturalism, larrikinism and the history of Australia to write a song called Australia.

She drew from her experiences of multiculturalism, after migrating from Italy.

"Every year you hear the same songs and I thought it would be nice to hear something new and different," she said.

"I love Australia - the people, the climate, the land, and the natural beauty. There is no other place on earth I'd rather be.

"On Australia Day we need to reflect on the beauty that surrounds us, and be grateful for living here, especially since our lifestyle is the envy of the world.

"I hope my song will join the list of other patriotic songs which are performed at Australian events. It would be a dream for me to sing it at the AFL Grand Final."

Ms Greco is fine-tuning the CD which has tracks with only the backing so that schoolchildren can use it for their own celebrations.

Sheet music for a three-part choir has been written and she has included the music in two keys so everyone can sing it.

She has sent the CD to entrepreneur Dick Smith, who said he loved it and would play it in his helicopter so he could "get motivated".

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"Lori Greco to sing National Anthem"

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Lori Greco to sing national anthem at Cicerello’s Fremantle Cracker Night
22 Jan 2007

AUSTRALIA Day just gets better down Freo way with local WA singer Lori Greco now confirmed as part of Cicerello’s Fremantle Cracker Night.

The Newman College teacher will sing four songs, including the national anthem Advance Australia Fair, just before the fireworks get underway at Fishing Boat Harbour from 8.45pm.

Ms Greco has released her own rendition of the national anthem, along with a self-penned number, simply titled Australia, focusing on multiculturalism, Australia’s history and our love of larrikinism, and has received airplay on 6PR.

“It’s a patriotic song, written from an Italian-born but Australian-raised perspective and one I feel all Australians would embrace,” she said.

Ms Greco will perform her song Australia, along with another self-penned composition, Sail Away, and the classic I Still Call Australia Home, before leading into the national anthem.

She previously performed Advance Australia Fair and Australia at the opening of the WA Tourism Awards in November and will also open the Oz Concert on January 25 in the grounds of Government House.

She was eager to get involved in Cicerello’s Fremantle Cracker Night, believing it to be the start of a long-standing tradition for years to come.

“It’s going to be such a powerful show of West Aussie pride to have thousands hear me sing the national anthem just before the crackers go off, right in the beautiful City of Fremantle,” Ms Greco said.

Fremantle Mayor Peter Tagliaferri said Ms Greco’s addition to the line-up and her abundance of enthusiasm was just another example of how many people were ready to embrace this alternative Australia Day event.

“It’s fantastic that we’ll actually have someone singing Advance Australia Fair live on the night, rather than just a recorded version, along with lots of other greats songs about Australia,” he said. “It highlights the community feel for this family-friendly evening.”

For all the latest information and tips on how to best enjoy Cicerello’s Fremantle Cracker Night, click here.

Cicerello’s is the major sponsor of this event, supported by media partner 96FM and 6PR, along with Fremantle Ports, Fremantle First, Fremantle Sailing Club and the City of Fremantle.

Local WA singer Lori Greco will sing the national anthem on Australia Day, as part of Cicerello’s Fremantle Cracker Night

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Australia (Single)
Waiting (Debut Album)
Western Australia



Lori Greco is an Independent Artist, a singer and songwriter who was born in Vico Equense, a little
town just out of Naples in Italy. At the age of 3, Lori moved to Australia with her
family and now resides in Perth, on the West Coast of Australia.

Lori was introduced to the piano at the young age of seven and took piano lessons
in classical music while her parents often played orchestral music and Neapolitan
songs in the background. She also loved listening to music on the radio and idolized
the women with huge voices like Barbra Streisand, Whitney Houston, Oleta Adams
and Celine Dion, adored the harmonies of The Eagles and The Carpenters, and
was highly influenced by the piano playing and songs of Sir Elton John.

With all these incredible influences, her music has sometimes been defined as
complex but Artichix Magazine has described Lori as "One of The Best Kept Secret in Music"
Her Music is an adult contemporary blend of piano based songs of pop, country,
orchestral and jazz. Her voice is smooth, soft and sensuous but at the same time
she can deliver a powerful and emotive lyric.

With a major in piano studies, Lori studied at University and gained two Degrees,
in Music and Education. To supplement her studies, she began performing in
piano bars and restaurants where she developed a regular fan base supporting
her gigs.  She also was appointed as the Musical Director for many musicals, all
by the age of 21, for which she received glowing reviews.

From that point forward, Lori's passion for performing grew and as did her
ambition. She appeared on several television variety and talent shows, was a
guest performer on morning TV chat shows and a finalist in "The Australian
Singing Competition." She was also a regular performer at the Crown Casino
and The Sheraton Hotel and joined a Motown Showband, which continually
sold out to Perth audiences.

In 2006 she recorded her first song "Australia." A patriotic song, highlighting
the love for her home country. “Australia” was immediately embraced by
the local radio stations and this led to many performances at Tourism Award
Ceremonies and Australia Day concerts. Lori has made guest appearances on
radio and television, culminating in live performances of the song on ABC
Radio and to an audience of over 30,000 people in the port city of Fremantle in
Perth, on Australia Day, January 26 in 2007 and 2008.

The success of "Australia" led to her writing a full length album in 2007 called
WAITING” which showcases her powerful and emotive voice.

The personal success of "WAITING" led to Lori wanting to record a new album. In
August 2009, through a crowd funding campaign at www.sellaband.com, 412 music
loving fans invested in her music to help realise her next goal. Lori became the 34th
artist to raise $50,000 towards the recording of her next album.

In September of 2009, Lori was invited
to Sardinia, Italy as a guest of 3J Production to perform and promote
her album and in 2010, Lori returned to Italy for a Sardinian Tour.

In September 2012, was honoured by being the first and
only contestant from Australia to compete in the "Festival of Italian
" in New York. Singing an original in Italian, Lori came 3rd and in September of 2013 Lori was invited to sing in The Festival in New York to perform
another new song called "SOLITUDINE."

The highly anticipated release of Lori's new album called "NO ORDINARY GIRL" was released in 2013. This
album displays Lori's fresh approach to musical arrangements and a
blossoming of songwriting skills. The album of 13 new tracks is
available from this website or via iTunes at https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/run-away/id698958371?i=698959211.
Heralding a return to where melody is king, the album contains elements
of pop, jazz, blues, country, dance, disco and funk. With world famous
session musicians such as Steve Gadd (drums), Abe Laboriel Snr (bass) and special guests Andy Snitzer (saxophone), Jamey Haddad (percussion), Romeo Scaccia (piano) and two-time Grammy award winner Lucky Oceans (Pedal string guitar) plus the cream of Western Australian talent.

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