Lori Amey

Lori Amey


If Norah Jones and Thom Yorke (Radiohead) met in an exotic bar for a drink the result would be Lori Amey. Her songs are undemanding in a way that even the most emotionally splintered charge sounds exquisite and leaves you at ease.


Lori Amey evokes common experiences and emotions, deeming her music approachable and a cavalcade of sincerity and sensibility. Her stage presence is effusive and sprite in the folkful way songs, stories and thoughts are conveyed but with a devious grin. Lori's song material speaks to an audience that has moments of helplessness and hurt, scoffs at modern day events, and yet looks forward with hope. Most impressive is the way in which she is able to weave a wide assortment of influences, ranging from Radiohead to Diana Krall, into a simple and mystical tapestry of sound, which she has appropriately deemed as “Limitless Acoustic Rock.”

More recently Lori has received vast amounts of praise from RI Press for her captivating performances and recent release of THIS LITTLE ILLUSION, her 4th CD release and 3rd LP. Lori's shows have primarily consisted of solely her voice and acoustic guitar; however, fans can now catch her playing along with a group of amazingly talented musicians - Lee Sylvestre (Electric Guitar), Dan Prindle (bass), Tony Parlapiano (Keys/Organ/Bass) and Bryan Kelly (drums). Lori continues to play for and dazzle listeners in prestigious venues throughout RI, CT, NY and MA, but fans from her home state of MI and regionally in the midwest will find that she returns each year - and anxiously await!

Lori has shared bills with National acts such as:

- Sarah McLachlan (Lilith Fair)
-Indigo Girls (Lilith Fair)
-Bonnie Raitt (Lilith Fair)
-Sinead O'Connor (Lilith Fair)
-Natalie Merchant (Lilith Fair)
-Duncan Sheik (Michigan State University show)
-Melissa Ferrick (Common Ground, Michigan State University)
-Pamela Means (Common Ground, Michigan State University)
-Jonatha Brooke (7th House, Pontiac MI)
-Joe Henry (7th House, Pontiac MI)
-Patty Griffin (The Ark, Ann Arbor MI)
-Richard Buckner (The Ark, Ann Arbor MI)
-Alice Peacock (The Ark, Ann Arbor MI)
-Jeffrey Gaines (The Ark, Ann Arbor MI)
-Over The Rhine (Magic Bag, Ferndale MI)


-Won Local Artist Acoustic showcase for 1998 Lilith Fair Tour in Clarkston MI
-Rhode Island's Best Female Vocalist via MOTIF Magazine's 2005 readers' poll
-Nominated for RI's Best Female Vocalist and Singer/Songwriter via MOTIF Magazine's 2006 readers' poll
-Nominated for RI's Best Female Vocalist via PROVIDENCE PHOENIX'S 2006 readers' poll
-Selected as First Alternate Performer for the 2006 NEMO Festival in Boston
-Chosen as 1 of 30 Regional artists (among thousands of submissions) to perform in the NEMO Boston Songwriting Competition
-Chosen as one of 2 regional Northeast finalists (1 of 10 finalists nationally!) in the "Soul City Cafe" talent search to be the opening act for Jewel's 2003 tour


-Michigan State University (E. Lansing MI)
-Olivet College (Olivet MI)
-Columbia College (Chicago IL)
-Salve Regina University (Newport RI)


-Pete's Candy Store (Brooklyn, NY)
-Pianos (New York, NY)
-C-Note (New York, NY)
-Sutra Lounge (New York, NY)
-The Baggot Inn (New York, NY)
-Columbus Theater (Providence, RI)
-Empire Tea & Coffee (Newport, RI)
-The AREA Venue (Newport, RI)
-AS220 (Providence, RI)
-Cafe Tazza (Providence, RI)
-West Side Arts Center (Providence, RI)
-Coffee Depot (Warren, RI)
-Madhouse Cafe (Pawtucket RI)
-Brewed Awakenings (N. Kingston, RI)
-Courthouse Center for the Arts (N Kingston, RI)
-True Brew Cafe (Wakefield RI)
-Perks & Corks (Westerly RI)
-Wickford Gourmet (Wickford RI)
-Pulse (Providence, RI)
-The Space (Hamden CT)
-Rathskellar's Lounge (Southbury, CT)
-Main Pub (Manchester, CT)
-Jimmy's Seaside (Stamford, CT)
-Victoria Station Cafe (Putnam, CT)
-Paradise Lounge (Boston MA)
-Harpers Ferry (Allston, MA)
-Lizard Lounge (Cambridge MA)
-Skybar (Somerville, MA)
-Abbey Lounge (Somerville, MA)
-All Asia (Cambridge, MA)
-Narrow Center for the Arts (Fall River, MA)
-Water Street Cafe (Fall River, MA)


-The Ark (Ann Arbor, MI)
-Pine Knob (aka DTE Energy Center, Clarkston MI)
-7th House (Pontiac, MI)
-Magic Bag (Ferndale, MI)
-Common Ground (Michigan State University)
-Uncommon Ground (Chicago, IL)
-Heartland Cafe (Chicago, IL)
-Soma Cofee House (Bloomington, IN)


-Arts, Beats, and Eats (Pontiac, MI)
-Detroit International Music Festival (Detroit, MI)
-East Lansing Folk Festival (East Lansing, MI)
-Apple and Eve Festival (Rochester, MI)
-RI Sustainable Living Festival (Coventry, RI)



Written By: Lori Amey


I’m sorry for the things that I have said
I’m sorry that you feel as you do
But you can’t claim to see what’s in my heart, in my head
As if my soul is glass and somehow you can look through
It’s you who has chosen to ignore
To set aside what you don’t understand
And while your rigidity cuts me to the core
I can no longer bend to your hand
I can no longer bend to your hand

Now that I’m angry and you’re wondering what about
All I’m asking is that you please leave
I chose to let you in and you chose to shut me out
So I need a little time to grieve
Maybe you don’t know me so well
Maybe I am some image you create
Maybe we all have secrets we don’t wanna tell
Wishing our estranged thoughts will abate
We all have moments of regret
Things we’ve done for which some would condemn
I have made decisions I would rather forget
But I will say this is not one of them
I will say this is not one of them

I don’t want this anger, this sadness, or this doubt
All I’m asking is that you please leave
I don’t wanna let you in and I don’t wanna shut you out
So I need a little time
Yes, I need a little time to grieve

We all have our own lives to lead
One chance to sort through this big mess
What I need may not be what you need
But each of us still deserves happiness
Each of us still deserves happiness

No one wants anger or sadness or doubt
And we’re told to try our best to make it leave
But I’m breathing it all in and slowly letting it all out
And I need a little time
Yes, I need a little time to grieve.

More Than Words

Written By: Lori Amey


I cannot seize this cruelty
I often find it falls from me
As sadness turns to tears of bitterness
I’m mad, I’m torn, I will not lie
I fear the dark behind my eyes
The light is often lost I will confess
If I could live the words I’ve sung
If only I could hold my tongue
And let my pen cry words that feed the flame
Or keep this lion in its cage
Before it roars in utter rage
Denying and then hiding truth in shame

Open my ears that I may hear
The voice of forgiveness and not of fear

CHORUS: To speak with more than words
Feel with more than hands
And love across the boundaries I have known
To recognize these eyes, know beyond this soul
And weep for suffering other than my own

This heart, it bears a solemn weight
in walls of fury I create
a shelter of indifference
help me believe just as a child
let all my sins be reconciled
and let me shed tears of innocence
Open my eyes, spirit divine
The face of beauty reflected in mine


As It Should Be

Written By: Lori Amey

I keep you at arms length
close enough to feel your touch
space enough to keep you from seeing much of me
that's as it should be
so you can keep the image in your mind
that delicate flower, the rarest kind and think of me
that's as it should be

CHORUS: In stillness I will rest here
Between my courage and my fear
and let the liquid numbness
fill my head
where thoughts just fall as flakes of snow
and melt into the hazy glow
until I just cannot recall
the words you've said

This pushing and pulling
and constantly mulling on invisible facets of me
just filling up spaces with loving embraces of another in need of company
Is this as it should be?


This little illusion
a river of confusion meandering in my brain
your clouded opinion has made its dominion
a torrential downpour of pain in me
This is not as it should be.



Written By: Lori Amey

Feels like I’m 8 again
In a world of not happy, well then, just pretend
Slip inside of your tough skin so nothing can hurt you
Just give them your best grin so they will embrace you
Well, you’d think that by now I’d know
That in order to move on I have to let go
Still, I’m clutching my anger tightly in my fist
Evading the answers so easily missed

CHORUS: So I hold onto nothing
with all of my might
To prepare the next
stage of this internal
But I want to surrender
and fall to my knees
Who is it I’m really trying
to please?

There is a fine line between
What should not be denied and what’s best left unseen
But you empty your pain into my cup of fears
And wait it out until every last drop disappears.


Tell me what did you really expect?
That I’d follow your footsteps and never object?
Well, elation is not something you can contrive
Revelation doesn’t come from just being alive


Now I’m banging on the door saying please let me in
It says you’re not fit to live here beneath your own skin
And no one is keeping me out except me
I’ve put up all the doors and I’ve swallowed the key

Here I Am

Written By: Lori Amey

Here I am in circles
Round and round again
Cannot stop this spinning in my head
How is it my face is grinning
While my soul is dead?
The evidence, blood on my hands,
And no one truly understands
Who I am, I have not been
What I want I have forgotten

CHORUS: Beneath the sea I hide
my face
Beneath deep blue
there’s no disgrace
Where all is equal, all is
Existence is divine allure

Gray swirls inside of me
ascending from the dust
It fills my lungs I cannot breathe
suffocated by this lust
My heart is sore
a thousand tiny knives pierce the core
Where’s the reciprocity for passion waiting here in me?


Finding myself lost among the ebb and flow
Drifting among fears and dreams
that I have yet to know
Waves of passion lie within
as mad storms brew beneath my skin
A journey of the unexplored
A vital piece that’s well ignored


Into You

Written By: Lori Amey

Please don’t look at me that way
With such a captivating smile
With eyes just begging me to stay
And lips that tease and beguile
It’s just the touch of your hand
Or a whisper in my ear
That sends a shiver down my spine
And makes the world disappear

CHORUS: Only you can set me on
With one smoldering
And send my thoughts on
a whirl of desire
On a mystical trance
Oh, if only you knew
How I’m so into you

And when I look at you this way
With adoring eyes and a foolish grin
Don’t meet my gaze and then look away
It really gets under my skin
And if my words should seem askew
When your beauty has me tongue-tied
Feel free to laugh at my expense
Desire is greater than pride


You got me feelin’ like a fool
You got me crawlin’ on all fours
If you want me, baby, let me know
So I can unlock all of the doors
For now my silence is my veil
But I’ll admit my patience is running thin
I am yours alone if you want to explore
No need to ask just come on in



Nothing to Say (LP) 1998 LEEMA Records
Resignation (LP) 1999 LEEMA Records
Always (EP) 2001 LEEMA Records
NEWLY RELEASED: This Little Illusion (LP) 2005 LEEMA Records

Set List

Original Material:
1. Heal
2. Don't Wait
3. What You Want
4. Calm
5. Inside
6. I Know
7. Live Fast Die Young
8. Nothing to Say
9. Ridiculous
10. In the Gloaming
11. Cross the Line
12. Shattered
13. Better Day
14. Let You Go
15. Resignation
16. Here I Am
17. Not Now
18. What It Means
19. More Than Words
20. Start Again
21. As It Should Be
22. Into You
23. Grieve
24. 8
25. What's Done is Done
26. No One Is To Blame
27. Concede
28. Always
29. What Would They Say?
30. Big & Bold
31. A Little More Than Perfect
32. Enough of You
34. Obstructions
35. Season of You
36. Barefoot
37. 00
38. Drink It Down
39. So Estranged

Covers by the following artists may be performed at select shows:

Ani Difranco
Duran Duran
Tom Waits
Patty Griffin
Sesame Street (Rubber Duckie)
Snow Patrol