Lori-Anne Clark

Lori-Anne Clark


Passionate uplifting lyrics with catchy and expressive melodies


I first starting teaching myself guitar in May of 2005 and thanks to the large indie atmosphere in St. Catharines, as well as some motivation from writers themselves, I currently have 11 originals. My goal in writing is to avoid the repetitive lyrics of lovey-dovey mushy stuff. The songs are not always about me but reflect my observations and opinions of subjects often too difficult or awkward to bring up in normal conversation. With a variety of styles (motivation, frustration, passion and even comedy), the best way to get a taste of my music is to catch a live set!


Self-titled EP (6 tracks), 2007

Set List

With 11 originals ranging from angst to a push of motivation and comedy as well, I have many themes to choose from. Covers are also quite varied, my favourite being the lesser-known artists I apprectiate most.