Lori Cunningham

Lori Cunningham

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Lori Cunningham is known for her prolific writing and terrific exquisite vocals. Listeners are enthralled and entranced from the first phrase. She weaves an ethereal vibe into hip and current music, leaving you feeling calm yet invigorated.


Lori Cunningham is a classically trained vocalist wanting to break free from the classical mold, to explore her world unseen. Unbound by genre, Lori appeals to all listeners with her ethereal vocals mixed with an eclectic array of downtempo instrumentations. Her music begs you to listen, to feel every note and every word. Her debut album, "Unseen," ranges from chill to trance, all the while keeping the focus on the voice.

Pioneering the popularity of Electronica music, Lori Cunningham joins other Electronica greats such as Delerium, Enigma, Kristy Thirsk, Shelley Harland, Blue Stone, and Sleepthief. Unseen's listeners move deep into Lori's soul. Each unique track provokes the same emotions that inspired its creation. With ethereal vocals and enigma-tic instrumentation, Lori guides you through her self discovery - finding the music that has always been inside, but was previously unseen.

Lori's music is often described as Enya meets Paul Oakenfold with very versatile and prolific writing. As stated on a review on newagemusic.nu, "Her music can be described as ethereal vocals mixed delicate electronica and a rhythmic focus. Lori's voice fits perfectly with the ambient melodies, creating an unforgettable listening experience... It is interesting to notice the influence from genres like eurodance and trance. But still the atmosphere is definitely new age: embedded in the tracks is something mystical and unseen."


"Unseen" - full length CD - 11/2008
Featured on:
"The Lullaby Album" by Jennifer Thomas/Carolyn Southworth - full length CD - 07/2009