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Lori Diamond & Fred Abatelli

Boston, Massachusetts, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2007 | SELF

Boston, Massachusetts, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2007
Duo Folk Adult Contemporary


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"quote from John Gorka"

" Lori and Fred are a very polished and highly musical outfit that appeal to a wide range of audiences" John Gorka, recording and touring artist - john gorka

"Press quote from David Tamulevich - founder of the Roots Agency"

What struck me, besides the wonderful musicianship, was how present they were: with the audience and with the songs...they were a pleasure to watch and to hear. - The Roots Agency

"Review from Roger Zee"

Music can tame the savage beast. I know it first hand. I got tamed live on television. After Lori Diamond and Fred Abatelli's finished their twenty minute set on my Cable TV show, "Working Musicians," I couldn't speak. I found myself virtually hypnotized and in a trance. It took me almost 30 seconds to regain my voice. Nothing like that has ever happened to me before or since. I felt like a baby in my mother's arms while she gently sang and rocked me to sleep.

Of course, that would prove no stretch for Lori Diamond, self-taught vocalist, pianist, songwriter and mother of three. She even sings about it on her self-penned, sophomore solo album, "Mystery." She works in a beautifully matched pair with Fred Abatelli who provides backup vocals, bass, and guitar on the record and live in concert. When performing, Diamond closes her eyes and gently sways while Abatelli gazes raptly at Diamond's face, responding with the subtlest of nuances to her every move. Naturally, they're both married -- to someone else! Diamond and Abatelli teamed up professionally in 2007. They share an interest in Reiki Healing and run an artist friendly, independent label, 5th Chakra Records.

Diamond's interest in all things spiritual infuses the album with a lush, almost febrile, warmth. She touches on an abundance of topics. In the title cut, "Mystery," she depicts herself as an angelic lover sent to deliver her soul mate. "I sense your good intentions. I can see it in your eyes. Did I forget to mention, you’re going to be surprised when I wrap myself around you? You’re going to feel it in your soul." In "The Way You Look At Me," Diamond describes the effects of her father's love. "Now every time, I look upon his face, it’s exactly what I’ll need to see. Because I can feel all the love he gave so well. And I just love the way he looked at me. Now I have three babies, two daughters and a son. Nothing could prepare me for the way that it would open up my heart." "Cherry Hill" provides a "first person" account of the recent passing of her sister from cancer. "I like to meditate instead of medicate. Sometimes I’m desperate to rejuvenate this tired old gal I used to call 'myself'. So I left my house, and my role as a wife. Left my Town & Country, my suburban life. I left it all behind and it stood still. I went to Cherry Hill. I didn’t know I’d never be the same."

The Beatles said it best, "All You Need Is Love." Lori Diamond provides the fine print.

©2010 Roger-Z





I introduce to you 1-of-A-Kind—Lori Diamond from Boston. This singer/songwriter/pianist has such a pure & genuine quality to her voice. Not to mention, this talented artist throws in stellar piano playing to complete the entire Mystery. It is no surprise that this Bostonian sings & plays from the heart at all times on this record. There is so much feeling & emotion being conveyed here that the music itself truly glistens.

Lori Diamond is the lead singer & pianist on this new album along with being the main songwriter and co-producer. All but two songs on Mystery were written by Diamond and one track titled “The Way You Look At Me” was co-written by Lori and guitarist/bassist, Fred Abatelli. Abatelli is the other crucial half that helped make this recording possible. One other very important piece to this puzzle would be Eric Kilburn who played the role of co-producer & multi-instrumentalist. Kilburn is also responsible for mixing & recording the new record. There are many other talented musicians featured on the new album that help make Lori Diamond shine even brighter.

The overall feel of this album is a very relaxing/soothing tone that really puts the listener at ease. The music is a combination of jazz, pop, folk and blues that makes up an adult contemporary style. The music is extremely soft ‘n’ tender while at the same being very powerful. Her powerfully subtle approach is what makes the Mystery so special. Diamond feeds off of emotions in a major way to where the listener is hanging on to every note & word. Lori’s voice appeals to you in such a dramatic way to where you almost feel mesmerized by her vocal performance. Put together angelic vocals & joyful piano chords and you have in your hands a Mystery that can be solved. What I find out about Lori Diamond in the end is that she is one dedicated & resourceful artist. Her heartfelt songs and passionate spirit will leave you with a feeling of goodness inside.

I am impressed with the musicianship and artistry displayed here because you are not just hearing her but you are feeling her too. This Diamond is cut just right and will leave you gleaming in the end. I only wish I could have heard some more upbeat songs because I could tell Lori has the BIG vocals to really belt out a POWER performance. I understand though that the light ‘n’ airy mood was set specifically for this album. Anything else would have been inappropriate I suppose. Lori Diamond & company really nailed the overall tone & feel on this new project. One serious artist here and one serious album here as I highly recommend fully taking in Mystery. For more on Lori Diamond and her new release, SKOPE out www.loridiamond.net.

By Jimmy Rae

"Heather Miller"

"When I got Mystery last week I found out what I’ve been missing - beautiful, lush piano, her crystal clear voice, and lots of beautiful songs about love, family and life’s beauties and mysteries. "

- Heather Miller, Lyrical Venus Radio Hour


"The lyrics are intelligent and artfully written, the arrangements are first class and the musicianship through Mystery is top notch. Mystery is an experience, and Diamond is aptly named. "
- Wildy Haskell, WildysWorld.com

For complete Review, go to..


- WILDYSWORLD.blogspot.com

"Lori Diamond Review by ERIC KILBURN"

" Her voice, lush and sexy one minute, hushed and vulnerable the next, pulls the many moods she's conjuring into sharper focus, and delivers the lyrical goods with style and substance"

- Eric Kilburn, Wellspring Sound - WELLSPRING SOUND

"MYSTERY REVIEW by Doug Sloan"

"Diamond boasts a beautiful voice as she effortlessly flexes her sweet, airy ambience on an original collection of heartfelt songs."

- Doug Sloan, Metronome Magazine

For complete review go to:

http://blogs.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.view&friendId=153607745&blogId=491820115 - METRONOME MAGAZINE

"Lori Diamond's MYSTERY in PULSE!"

By Paul Maher, Jr.

There’s a new vice on the horizon, and it goes by the name of Lori Diamond. One listen to her and her rare talent for bridging sentiment with angst and you’ll be mainlining Sphinxian riddles straight into the joy switch in no time. These songs respectively cut a facet of precision conveying Diamond’s impressionistic, lush piano playing coupled with honey-coated vocal stylings. Heaven must be near; or is it sex on legs, the feminine presence divine fills your living room, or your car, or your headphones . . . it made me go to her web site to see what she looks like, and there she is, too respectable looking to match the voice that offers up knee-weakening soul-ballads that may just be responsible for long afternoons of lovin’.

Let Lori bring it on to house and hearth, her songs are homewreckers ~ torrid, sexy and elegantly subtle, perhaps akin to the seductive charms of the mythical Sirens. She is also an amalgam of the best of female musical talent this century and the last has had to offer ~ Watch her! She’s about to get big and when she does, you’ll be able to proudly say you’ve been listening to her from the start.

Mystery rolls along the span of the keyboard, as Lori swims the chords with her acrobatic vocal skills accompanied by her understated playing. “Sorry” promises safe passage from the affairs of the unmapped, when wrong decisions calls for wrong choices, and forgiveness is the last remaining hope that ties all mankind together. “Alone” conjures Joni Mitchell from her 1970s heyday, fragile as a bird’s wing, gentle as a child, quiet as an ocean storm far out at sea. “Life Provides” is another winner, its ambient textures embellishing Diamond’s lyrical delivery.

Diamond’s newest (and second) release is available on her web site at www.loridiamond.net, where you can also hear samples before purchase.

Stay cool.

"Review from Chris Hardin"

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Current mood: grateful
Category: Music

Hey Lori, This is how your music makes me feel. I hope it is ok?

Lori Diamond

I spoke at some length with Lori, once, on the subject of artists. Talking to her helped me firm up my own thoughts. After the conversation, I felt lifted, as if I saw something in slightly sharper focus.

When I listen to Lori's music, something very similar happens. This wonderful artist seems to have that human touch, the knack of making you almost gasp out loud "my goodness that's exactly how I felt when….."

Just this very evening Lori accompanied me while I laboured…."ironing" as it happens! I rested my weapon of choice for a moment as I listened again to the words.

"I believe there's a time in everybody's life there will be nobody waiting for you."

"Alone" is not simply a song about loneliness or loss, missed opportunities or former lovers. It is a melodic and lyrical unravelling of those thoughts we must all have as we, like this composition, continue our journey to that affirming moment where we realise there can also be peace in that solitude.

Is this part of what Lori has come to terms with, as an artist? In order to share her thoughts, must she endure moments of separation from those that she loves? It seems necessary for many, who struggle to communicate their experience of the trials and tribulations of human existence, to spend enormous amounts of their life reflecting, examining and reliving their greatest challenges.

That this marvellous musician is living and learning is in no doubt. The honesty reflected in her songs is tangible. The open admission of youthful mistakes, the validation that with maturity comes knowledge and hopefully the wisdom to be a better person.

And still the craft is clear. Lori controls the lyrical content beautifully in "Walking on Water" and "For Life" True, deep and sincere love combines with spiritual motifs allowing for a wonderful exploration of a series of relationships. I feel, as I listen, that I am witness to the gentle and forgiving touch of a father's hand, the unalterable love felt by a daughter and the deep exhalation in the discovery of a soul mate. A wonderful and moving experience indeed.

My first introduction to Lori's songs was "Bound". I was immediately seduced by the lyrics. The apparent simplicity is its greatest secret. With not one word wasted. The deft use of rhyme and sprung rhyme in each verse is exquisite. This wonderful trick allows us to contemplate all of the "ifs" in our own life.

"Now if my hair were longer,
Then maybe I'd be strong enough
To walk a little prouder,
Or laugh a little louder at
The boys who once made fun of me
I'm glad there's only one of me
To make me feel so bad about myself."

This device draws you in to the heart of the song and dares you to unlock and explore the multiple layers of meaning in such a simple title. And then the realisation that Lori has offered you what she will time and again, just enough glimpses and passing shadows to allow you to finish the story for yourself.

Lori sings effortlessly, and plays the piano with such eloquence. These combined skills may suggest comparisons with other artists. I found myself doing this on occasion, until I realised that the people I was thinking of had just one thing truly in common. They all had the sweet, slightly bruised hearts of a poet. I wonder.

Sometimes, late at night, with a glass of deep red wine, I listen to Lori and when I do, I often pick up my guitar and play along. A guilty pleasure I know. I hope she doesn't mind.

Chris Hardin.

- Songwriter from Wales, UK

"Featured in Boston Music Spotlight!!!"

Featured in Boston Music Spotlight - June 2009 issue!

http://www.bostonmusicspotlight.com/article.php?id=2221 - BostonMusicSpotlight.com


"This singer's voice lands somewhere between the soulful emotional impact of Sarah Maclachlan and the chops and range of Joni Mitchell. Great pitch and feel. VERY RARE! "

- Jonathan Richards, Singer/Songwriter on Garageband! - Jonathan Richards


"Lori is able to weave through each song with strength and vulnerability while captivating listeners with her heartfelt vocals and her mastery of the piano keys. "

- John Campbell, Independents Uncovered WGMURADIO.com - John Campbell

"Lori Diamond & Fred Abatelli at Sholan Farms Live Review"

Lori Diamond & Fred Abatelli
Sholan Farms, Leominster, MA
October 8, 2016
The Backstory

Two or three years ago, I found Lori & Fred’s music online. If I’m not mistaken, they were playing as part of the summer concert series in my town, and I checked out the various performers’ music when the schedule was released to decide who I might enjoy seeing. Though I wasn’t able to attend the show, I was impressed by their music. Notably, I thought the song “Mystery” was something quite special, so I downloaded it and played it regularly; it remains a song I keep on the rather limited playlist on my phone.

My first attempt to see them perform live was a concert for which I had purchased tickets weeks in advance before it was cancelled due to a snowstorm in the winter of 2014/15. Schedules haven’t matched up again until yesterday, when they played an afternoon set during Sholan Farms’ Harvest Celebration Weekend.

Lori Diamond & Fred Abatelli
photo by Geoff Wilbur

The Concert

It was a beautiful day for a concert. The rain held off until a few minutes into my drive home after the show. Lori and Fred played a mix of covers and originals, all suiting their style, which is relatively unique among widely-performing, popular local artists. I’d call it soft adult contemporary. You might label it easy listening, though I’d beg to differ, as the vocal dynamics and interesting guitar-picking place it in the more broadly-appealing AC category, with the potential for the occasional breakout, crossover pop hit. For those of us whose musical tastes defy category, though, they’re simply a pair of outstanding singers, songwriters, and musicians.

Lori’s sweet, powerful, versatile high voice harmonizes perfectly with Fred’s vocals. And when Fred sings vocal lead, he showcases his crisp. mid-range voice with an occasional vocal growl dropped in for good measure. Musically, Lori’s engaging piano-keyboardwork is augmented ably by Fred’s crisp riffs, often subtle, always adding texture to the songs. Often, Fred spices up slow-tempo songs with intricate, dancing soft guitarwork. Of course, I intentionally went to see this gig because I was impressed with what I had heard online, so I was hardly surprised when Lori and Fred delivered.

Lori Diamond & Fred Abatelli
photo by Geoff Wilbur

The duo mixed covers with originally during their performance. Lori’s vocals on “Crazy Love,” a standout cover, contained a soulful, almost gospelly sound, while there was maybe a hint of blues-gospel in Fred’s guitarwork.

I do, of course, love a good original. On “All Comes Round,” Lori and Fred swap lead vocal responsibility back and forth, as Lori’s sweet power pairs well with Fred’s vocal richness (and a well-placed growl). “Good Harbor”, meanwhile, is a sweet, hopeful, relaxing song about love.

Lori and Fred closed with “True,” a lush piano sound on the keys in this smooth song that recalls ’70s-style adult contemporary-edged pop; it showcases the particular phrasing style from that era’s singer-songwriter hits.

In the end, the concert was well worth the drive. Lori and Fred put on an entertaining, laid-back show. They mingled with the crowd during their break and at the end of their gig. And Sholan Farms was a friendly host for the day, with a food trailer providing lunch and a chance to snag a little cider at the farm store. I look forward to catching Lori Diamond & Fred Abatelli again in the future; and I love an afternoon, outdoor performance, so I’ll keep an eye out for future live music at this particular orchard in coming years, as well.

Sholan Farms
photo by Geoff Wilbur

Looking Ahead

Lori & Fred’s next date, per the tour page of their website, is 3 PM on Saturday, October 29th at Tower Hill Botanic Garden in Boylston, MA. Then they have a gig the evening of November 27th at Parish Center For the Arts in Westford, MA. See the duo’s website for more gigs scheduled in December and beyond, in addition to any new shows they add in the meantime. - GeoffWilburMusic.com

"Lori Diamond & Fred Abatelli share the love on Lifted album"

Browse: Home / 2015 / January / Lori Diamond & Fred Abatelli share the love on Lifted album
Lori Diamond & Fred Abatelli share the love on Lifted album
By Bill Copeland on January 19, 2015

Lori&FredCDCoverArtLori Diamond & Fred Abatelli have come up with another album of lovely, accessible singer-songwriter material. Lifted is an expression of the love the two share with one another, and they use their sophisticated musical and vocal abilities to share that love with the world through moving, uplifting soundscapes. Though this album clearly falls within the singer-songwriter genre, it offers sweeps of sound and lush harmonies that make it something larger than a pair of players with their acoustic instruments. There is a grander artistic vision than on their previous recordings.

Opening track “Always There” is a love song about reaffirming love. From the perspective of looking back at the beginning of a relationship, the duo deliver wonderful images of two people who have grown as a couple. Diamond’s soft, whispery vocal pleases the ear while it reveals a strong romantic yearning. Her piano is brilliantly and tastefully understated. She taps the notes out of her keys with easeful authority, creating a tapestry of soft, emotive notes that carry her message well. Abatelli too makes the most of an emotive vocal, lead and harmony, to build another layer of romantic warmth around this lovely song.

Diamond’s sweet tender piano notes politely usher us into “Way Back Home,” a mid-tempo joy ride into large emotions. This song picks the right moments to expand its sound, increase its dynamics. Diamond sings it with her rising vocal aplomb, increasing the emotional impact from the revelations in her verses. Including these ever so right touches makes this floating song feel empowered. Diamond and Abatelli create a bright, wide sound to make each chorus feel a bit like heaven.

“Dreaming” finds Diamond tapping out a jazzy, breezy piano melody. Its hip, jaunty rhythms makes this song as classy and disciplined as a tap dancer. One can feel the impact of each rhythmic up tick as the number progresses. Diamond also offers a lot of jazzy swing in her vocal approach. She makes it sound easy to spread her lovely voice over these ever so tasteful rhythms.

Title track “Lifted” benefits from a tender masculine vocal from Abatelli. He carries the emotional fiber of this song well. His vocal strikes a careful balance against an effective cello line from Kristen Miller. It’s a joy to hear him spread his natural timbre over the serious tone from the carefully bowed cello strings. Abatelli plays an especially tender guitar line in the backdrop, his notes finding a good home in the gentle heft of emotions being played out honestly, tenderly, and effectively through their voices, piano, and cello.

Abatelli offers more of his guitar magic on “The Outside.” While Diamond finesses the song well vocally, with vocal lines that skip coolly over the melody, Abatelli pushes it along with his assertive, well-accented note picking style. Together, the pair put across a life affirming message in this song about times when the cover is being more attractive than the text. Their chorus jumps out at the listener with its sudden wideness, and the verses and melodies leading up to it are filled with their own special imagery and lyrical offerings.

Lori&FredCDReleasePartyFlier“Good Harbor” combines Diamond’s gentlest, most whispery vocal line with Abatelli’s tender guitar melody. Layering it with her twists of piano notes, the songs lulls one in with its emotional undertow. This song will make fans want to visit the “good harbor.” Diamond and Abatelli wrap this one in a special warmth, musically, lyrically, and emotionally. Orange sunsets and salt air are only reminders of what this locale does for the head, heart, and soul as their song about that place do a similar service for their listeners.

“Castle” is Diamond’s piano ballad about one of her children. She builds a fine tapestry of piano notes as she moves her melodic line forward. One can picture her fingers hitting the keys as she plays this tasteful run of notes. Her voice shines, too, sustaining notes that express the motherly joy within this song. Abatelli applies his carefully picked guitar notes, and he braces the number with the subtle presence of his smooth, bass guitar underpinnings.

Abatelli rocks things up a bit on “Wayfaring Stranger.” His guitar picking is jazzier, speedier, and more fluid than anywhere else on this album. His accented notes make one feel he means business this time around. Those smoky guitar notes get even better when they’re danced with by Diamonds organ work. Diamond sounds her sultry best on vocals and her classiest on piano. This travel themed song makes one feel like he’s on a journey because there is a persistent motion within. Diamond reflects on her global destinations, and that too makes this one feel like the theme of travel.

Closing out with “OM,” Diamond and Abatelli conjuring a pleasantly cooed chorus, with Patty Barkas adding more vocal lift, and percussionist Fabio Pirozzolo peppering the backdrop with something exotic. This number has a way of sounding momentous and gentle at once, carrying itself through with grand likeability. A piano line continuously circles back on itself to indicate that it’s growing within itself rather than spreading itself out. The duo, with a little help from their friends, close out their album with something meaningful in its appreciation for its key theme, that the best things in life come from within and from others.

Diamond and Abatelli have done well with this latest offering from their duo recording sessions. Lifted is truly an uplifting experience. One can feel the love that lead to its creation while loving the voices, the music, and the lyrics that keep bringing it home beautifully to the listener.

Their CD Release Party for Lifted will take place Saturday, February 21, 2015, at 8:00 p.m. at Amazing Things Art Center in Framingham, Massachusetts.

https://www.facebook.com/loriandfred?fref=ts - BillCopelandMusicNews.com

"Lori Diamond and Fred Abatelli - "Lifted""

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Lori Diamond and Fred Abatelli - "Lifted"

Every once in a while, you come upon that album that hits all the right descriptive words that you are looking for in an excellent release. Stunning, stellar, beautiful, graceful, peaceful, exciting... you get the picture. Lori's voice and piano are so smooth and natural as is Fred's guitar playing. But what is amazing about this musical couple, is how well their voices play off of each other. Truly a gift. Music is always an interpretation of the artist and the listener. Sometimes the listener hears different things than the artist. I like to dig into the music and the lyrics here and what I offer is my interpretation of the song's message as I hear it.

First a little background on this musical couple, coming from their website at LDFAmusic.com. "Lori & Fred met on MySpace in 2007. Their songs explore the many facets of the human condition with hope and an esoteric sensibility. Fans of Norah Jones, Sarah MacLachlan and Joni Mitchell, quickly become fans of Lori and Fred as they explore Jazz, Acoustic, Folk, Pop, Gospel and Blues influences and gently infuse them into their own fresh and original style."

This third release for Lori & Fred, "Lifted", is an album that can not only be heard through the ear, but through the heart and soul. It really is a special album. Since it came into my hands last week, I have listened to this album 15 times. I just could not get this out of my CD player. I recently made a playlist for my phone, so I could listen on the driver to work and at my desk. I have a lot of music come across my desk in the last few months and "Lifted" stands out above crowd as one of the best releases I have heard in the last year.

I feel that the genre that these two artists would be lumped into would probably be Adult Contemporary. I'd like to reclassify this release as Jazz or even New Age. I have only come upon an uplifting musical album once, in the last 10 years outside of the Religious Music genre. The artist was Jana Stanfield, who writes inspirational songs that make you feel good and look inside to see the beauty in you. With Lori & Fred I feel that I have come upon another gift of this very thing that I love; inspirational music about love, life and the goodness in everything.

This album is loaded with powerful stories, messages and an uplifting spirit. A true gem in the jungle of the music industry. Really, this is an album which I feel needs to be heard and played over and over till the messages sink in and are enjoyed by everyone who hears it. So without further ado, I will walk you through the album track by track.

"Lifted" by Lori Diamond & Fred Abatelli

Always There - Opening tracks for me, are key to the pace of the album This track sets the tone for the whole release. Exquisite harmonies and a beautiful melody throughout. A love song for two people finding their way in life. I could see this song being used as a wedding, anniversary or memorial song. When you listen to the lyrics, you'll see who this song reminds you of and then I guarantee, you'll have a tear in your eye.

Way Back Home - We have a great uplifting song here about finding your way through any of life's challenges and ending up back home. The metaphors here are positive and beautifully laid out in the lyrics. It's almost like a meditation mantra for positive affirmation and self talk. A wonderful way of saying "you can do this!" Love the melody of this track and the chorus is so catchy and memorable. I have had this chorus running through my mind the last several days and it takes a lot for a song to get that space in my brain to do so. Trust me; it does.

Dreaming - I find myself on the beach in this song. It has a very tropical Bahamian feel to it. Almost like a Bossa Nova. I get lost in Lori's voice and piano playing. Something about this is very reminiscent of Sade and I hear some Astrud Gilberto and Stan Getz falling gracefully into the feel of "The Girl From Ipanema".

Lifted - We start here with Fred singing with Lori coming in on the harmonies. Again, a wonderful and uplifting song. A powerful message about being together and lifting each other up in love. It's about being a rock for each other and allowing each other to soar like an eagle in the relationship. "I know I'll go higher with you." is how it ends. A truly happy ending.

The Outside - Lori sings a story from her youth to a lady that she has met along the road. The lesson of "it's never worth the price you pay when the beauty is on the outside." Strong message. Beautifully told in another hook-laden chorus, with a killer acoustic lead from Fred in the middle of the tune. Love this tune. Powerful lesson.

Good Harbor - Fred's guitar in the beginning builds with Lori singing lead and Fred coming in on another beautiful harmony. A song about renewing and rejuvenating a relationship and living a renewed life. The water will carry this couple's troubles far away. A peaceful lyric.

Castle - Starts with a beautiful piano and then the smooth beautiful voice of Lori. I'm focused on listening to the lyrics of this song while I'm writing this and I just had to pause and get lost in this song again. Seriously, it's hauntingly beautiful. Powerful message again about looking for the good things in life. I still think there can never be enough daydreaming in our daily lives, but sometimes we have to come down to Earth. Why would you want to come down from that castle in the air anyway? I'd probably stay there if I could too. You'll get what I mean when you hear this song.

Wayfaring Stranger - Back to the Bahamas again. This song paints a picture of going back to home. At least that's what I'm pulling in from the lyrics. I'm lost in Fred's lead guitar and Lori's piano playing. Stellar! The organ that comes in after the lead guitar part is a nice addition and takes the song into a Gospel feel with a full harmony of backup singers. This song just keeps building and taking me away from my daily grind. I find myself swaying back and forth in my chair as I get lost in Fred's second lead guitar part. This is SO good. Santana, Joe Walsh; eat your hearts out, this is excellent guitar work!

OM - Lori singing a wonderful mantra. "Peace is in my heart." If we all sang this on a daily basis, I think the world would be a better place. In fact, this may now become a beautiful daily meditation for me. It's a nice reminder to be fully engaged in the moment of life. What a better way, than to sing this out loud every chance you get. When they break into "Joy is in my soul" I get shivers. Big shivers. And finally, the last message I'll let you ponder. It's the teaching of many Eastern traditions, "God is Who I Am". Again, powerful messages throughout.

So there you have it. Track by track and I really can't paint the picture enough. The album is worth of listening too over and over again. Absorb the messages and feel the positive energy that this album exudes.

A portion of proceeds from Lori & Fred's CD sales goes directly to www.NEADS.org. NEADS is a great organization that supplies dogs for deaf and disabled Americans. What a great organization to give too, and what a better way to give to this organization by buying this album. Support Independent Artists like Lori & Fred. Keep this positive music alive!

In conclusion. I'm not sure what else to say to get you all to go order a copy of this gem. I will say that if I had read a review like this and heard song samples of each track, I would buy this in a heartbeat. This is the kind of music and songwriting that I live for. - Musical Notes by David Bruce Davis - blogger



Bound - 2000

Mystery - 2009
True - 2012
Lifted - 2015



Bostonian Lori Diamond and New Yorker Fred Abatelli, have been creating and performing music together since their "destined" meeting on Myspace in 2007. These two seasoned players have put the time in, supporting other successful musical acts, but have now emerged to the forefront - and not a moment too soon!

Lori, an award winning songwriter (finalist, Great American Songwriting Contest 2010, Best Female Vocalist, Pulse Magazine 2011, 2012), combines alluring, soulful vocals and seasoned piano playing with Fred's solid finger work and clever phrasing on both bass and guitar. Their songs explore the many facets of the human condition with hope and an esoteric sensibility. Fans of Norah Jones, Sarah MacLachlan and Joni Mitchell, quickly become fans of Lori & Fred as they explore Jazz, Acoustic, Folk, Pop, Gospel and blues influences and gently infuse them into their own fresh and original style.

With two highly acclaimed CDs under their belts, "LIFTED" is the title of the third, newest collection of their complex, heartfelt songs. The duo has crafted exquisite melodies that employ everything from retro jazz stylings to hypnotic meditations. Songs of eternal love, self-acceptance, and powerful life lessons will soothe, excite and uplift simultaneously!

Lori & Fred have been showcased on the main stage of the legendary, Falcon Ridge Folk Festival and have also headlined at many prominent music festivals. Sometimes as openers and other times as accompanists, Lori & Fred have performed alongside John Gorka, Peter Yarrow, Joan Osborne, Amy Ray, David Wilcox, Michael Johnson, Susan Werner, Vance Gilbert, Ellis Paul, Tracy Grammer, Brother Sun, Brooks Williams, Jimmy Lafave, Mary Gauthier and more!

LDFA continues to offer transcendent performances throughout Northeast while joyously connecting with new friends and fans. Their "Lifted" tour is happening right now throughout the North East and you can find ever - evolving news as well as music samples at www.LDFAmusic.com.

A portion of proceeds from Lori & Fred's CD sales goes directly to www.NEADS.org.

MASSACHUSETTS: Hanover Theatre, Worcester * Hynes Convention Center, Boston * Tower Hill Botanical Garden, Boylston * Iron Horse Music Hall, Northampton * The Java Room, Chelmsford * Wachusett Music Series, Lancaster * Acton Jazz Cafe, Acton * Tom's Gourmet Marketplace, Northboro * Amazing Things Arts Center, Framingham * The Bull Run, Shirley * Mocha Maya's, Shelburne Falls * Savoury Lane, Acton * Perks Coffeehouse, Norwood * Parish Center for the Arts, Westford * Stagecoach Inn, Groton * Cafe Ziba, Acton * Seaward Inn, Rockport * Sweet Bites, Acton * Cafe Arpeggio, New Bedford * Johnny D's Uptown, Somerville * All Asia, Cambridge * TT & the Bears, Cambridge * Club Passim, Cambridge * New Vienna Coffeehouse, Westboro * John Harvard's, Cambridge * HardRock Cafe, Boston * Fruitlands Museum, Harvard * The Ratt, Boston * Common Ground, Allston * Sally OBrien's, Somerville * Circle of Friends Coffeehouse, Franklin * New Moon Coffeehouse, Haverhill      and many, many others...

NEW HAMPSHIRE: Starbucks, Manchester * Tupelo Music Hall, Londonderry * Blue Dolphin, Portsmouth

MAINE: Blue, Portland * RHODE ISLAND: Evelyn's Drive In, Tiverton

CT: Katharine Hepburn Cultural Center, Old Saybrook

NEW YORK: Arlene's Grocery, NYC * Bowery Poetry Club, NYC

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