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Lori Harris

Band Christian Singer/Songwriter


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"Praise for A Different Kind"

Lori's new CD A Different Kind radiates pure joy, masterfully blending Lori's rich vocals with skilled instrumentation and compelling lyrics. Each song illuminates the experience of growing and maturing as a disciple of Christ.

Jennifer Murff - CrossCurrents
- CrossCurrents magazine


Life in the Fire (songwriter's version) 2005 release
Lori Harris EP 2007 release
A Different Kind 2008 release



Once in a while, you glimpse someone in a moment when they think no one is watching. It’s beautiful. So real.

Lori Harris taps into the power of being real.

Get ready for unconventional. She’s Bonnie Raitt, Wynonna Judd and Sara Groves rolled up into an extraordinary blonde. This winsome singer/ songwriter from Kansas City crafts irresistible lyrics, enticing listeners along for a ride. Men and women alike identify with her heart . . . then she brings God into it, and the whole thing ends up grand. This is what many call “the kind of Christian music that doesn’t beat you over the head.” Ride along and leave electric. Inspired. Humming.

Provocative lyrics hide inside her fresh, catchy melodies, easy to sing. Lori captures moments everyone knows, and encourages from there. “Songs birth out of times I wake up from my life and meet God,” she says. “I try to harness what He says to me in His Word, mostly so I won’t forget, and hopefully bless others by the overflow.

“Truth can’t help but resonate. Everybody’s been high and then low, and the fact is, God lives in both places. He loves us there, offers new hope there as many times as we need it to meet the demands of reality. I’m here to show that, and encourage people to climb up into His lap wherever they are right now.

“Music can be a Lexus that drives a message home into narrow places nothing else can reach. Maybe if I let people see me doing what a restored run-away does—and do it well—they’ll get hungry and do the same.”

Lori Harris is a real person worshipping the real Jesus. And she’s really good.

In February 2006, Lori began distributing what was intended to be a musician’s demo—featuring her vocals and simple piano. She sold or shared over 1000 within the year. Session players accompanied her shows, packing coffeehouses, local churches and city events. Both believers and non-believers responded because they were able to relate, and left humming.

Momentum built steadily, and she was confident, saying, “With innovative producers behind the wheel, these tunes will make a serious splash in any market they’re thrown into. Pop, Country and Christian genres could all do with some music that appeals to musicians and masses, believers and unbelievers alike, that meets them where they are and makes a difference. I want this music not only to splash big, but to sink deep and leave a nice wake.”

Excellent music generated ripples. In 2007 Lori released a five-song, self-titled EP and in 2008 a full-length production called A Different Kind. These stand to move many, following Lori’s existing trend. Her prolific songwriting talent and radio-friendly songs guarantee Lori’s influence to grow by an increase of one CD release each year, and, with proper promotion and management, have potential to reach widening audiences regionally and nationally within five years.

Lori’s music does indeed cross over usual lines of genre; her songs will certainly extend into several markets. And there’s more to come in future years….

“I want to invest all of what God’s given to me, both nationally and internationally, as a singer/songwriter, a speaker and an author. This is why I was made: to encourage God’s people every step of the way, both those who believe Him now and those who will in times to come. I’m just a vessel; what God pours into me, I pour out. My passion is discipleship, teaching people to meet their deepest needs with Scriptural remedies. I can’t wait to partner with some of the organizations whose mission is to take the Word and meet people at their point of need.”

Enjoying solid relationships with supportive record companies and industry professionals, Lori’s hard-working Midwestern ethic and passionate drive will press her to give full measure and gain much ground for the Kingdom of God.

Yes indeed, Lori Harris taps the power of being real, and worships the real Jesus. Watch and see; she’s a great conductor. Refresh yourself with a listen. Leave humming.