lori lieberman

lori lieberman


think Tori Amos meets Jewel, or Sarah McLaughlin meets Joni Mitchell


The story-- Grew up in Switzerland, originator of "Killing Me Softly"--- wrote down the poem on a napkin after seeing a concert at The Troubadour in L. A.--- , eleven CDs-Lps.. devoted fan base in Europe and U.S. Newest release, "Gun Metal Sky" and an upcoming tour.


1. Lori Lieberman-------- Capitol Records
2. Becoming
3. A Piece Of Time
4. Straw Colored Girl
5. Letting Go
6. The Best Of Lori Lieberman
7. A Thousand Dreams
8. Gone Is The Girl
9. Home Of Whispers
10. The Stealth Project
11. Monterey
11. Gun Metal Sky ( 2009 release)

Set List

A combination of self-penned and covers