Breaking Point

Breaking Point

 Harrisonburg, Virginia, USA

The songs that I write all have very deep meaning. They are all true stories about things that I have went through myself or witnessed. The purpose of my music is to make the audiance feel something and be able to relate to the song. I want my music to inspire people and also give them hope.


My name is Lorin Lambert, Im 16 years old. I finished school in September of '09, and now work full-time.

I come from a small town in VA where not much ever happens. I dont have the greatest family or friends and my life isn't perfect, but I do have two things that mean alot to me and that I wouldnt trade for the world, and thats my son, Logan Cole, and my music.

I not only write songs, but also sing. I dont really have a set standard of music, I pretty much listen to and sing just about everything. Some of my biggest influences are Miranda Lambert, Shania Twain. Avril Lavigne (the early years), The Wreckers, and Sarah Evans.

I sound alot like Miranda Lambert, but can change my voice up alot and sing a wide range of music.

Im a really active person and love to be definately a country girl at heart. I love going mud bogging or just playing in the mud, i love playing basketball and football, going fishing, swimming, running..nething basically that will get me moving :)


Its You

Written By: Lorin Lambert

Sitting in the dark,
Trying to forget your face,
Seems like no matter what I do,
I just can't get over you
Never knew just what I wanted,
Until the moment I found you
I thought we'd be together forever
Not just one night and we're done
I never got the chance to tell you
How much you meant to me
You never even said goodbye
Just walked away from my life

And now every sound I hear,
Everything that I see.
Every car that goes by
I see the same thing..Its you
Every guy that I meet
and every movie
Everytime the phone rings.
I see the same thing..It's you
'oh 'oh It's you

Now the months have come and gone
And from the outside I seem fine,
But on the inside, Im so lonely, broken and confused
You promised me forever, How was I to know, forever was so short
I don't know how much longer I can take it
Baby, just come back and we'll make it


So next time you see me with a smile on my face, just know that behind these eyes of green is a broken-hearted girl and a river full of tears

When the sun comes out, All I see is rain.
And when the worlds smiling, Ill still be falling apart inside (wishing you were here)


Walked In My Shoes

Written By: Lorin Lambert

You'd never believe the things I've seen and heard
You'd never believe half of what I've done.
I could never count the times that I've lied, missused, abused, and decieved the ones I love.

But until you've walked in my shoes,
until you've lived the life I've led,
until you've dont the things I've done...
Dont act like you know what it's like, to be who I am

I cant say that I'm always proud.
or happy to be who I am today,
but what's done is done, you can't go back, all we can do is learn from our mistakes


So you've been knocked down again,
and you don't know where to go.
Well, I know from the past, if you fall down, just stand up.
Sometimes if might be hard, but in the end, it'll just make you stronger.
Don't just look away, don't give up, It'll be okay.


So when you're not sure where to go. and you feel all alone,
Look up, and he will show the way.
Don't be scared now, you will be okay.
Just know that someday you'll be something great.


She Was An Angel

Written By: Lorin Lambert

She's been through more than you know
Felt more heartaches than anyone should.
Looking at her, you'd never guess, she's so broken inside.
She hides it so well, emotions she wont let anyone see. The truth, the darker side, and how she really feels.

She used to be whole, had a heart of gold.
She used to have hope, sne used to have faith.
Now she just sits and she waits, for things to get better, for things to change.
Deep down inside, she know's they never will.

This world's got her so down, broken and confused of all that surrounds.
She won't let anyone in, so don't even try.
Memories she keeps re-living, the pain that wont let her sleep.
It's like shes stuck in time, she can't move on.

She was sent down here for one reason, one sole purpose.
To show people the light, the gift of life, and what really matters.
How can she preach something she no longer believes in?
Looking at her now you'd never know, she was an angel

Afraid of getting hurt again, she shuts off from the world, letting go of everyone and everything that once meant so much


All she wanted was to find the one.
Someone to love her, someone to care.
The one that would pick up the pieces, because that's all the remains.


I Made You Let Go

Written By: Lorin Lambert

I never really thought that I liked you
I never really thought that I cared.
Till the other night, I saw you with her, didn't know what to do, so I just sat and stared.

And now I think about it every now and then.
I think about how it could have been.
If I would've just given you the chance.
Who knows what might have happened.
It might have fallen apart, but it could've been perfect.
Now we'll never know, 'cause I made you let go

And I know it's not right, because before that night, I never even thought about it.
It was so far out of my mind, I just let you walk on by.
Im not asking you to be mine, all I'm asking for is time.
Time to show you how I feel, I swear to you, this is real.


If you wanna be with her, I wont stand in your way.
I want you to be happy, and I just needed you to know how much you mean to me.
The only thing I regret is I didn't see it sooner...

(Chorus x2)

The Girl

Written By: Lorin Lambert

Hes the kind of guy that walks alone
Does everything on his own
Says he dont need nobody,
and maybe he dont

But in his eyes, theres something missing
Someone that he should be kissing
He had that feeling once,
but then he lost it
Not knowing how to get it back,
he just quit trying

Theres someone that wants to be with him so badly that it hurts
He'll never know how she feels,
and it only makes it worse.
So he goes on believing
that part of him is gone,
that love no longer exists.
She wants to be that girl
The girl to make him believe and the girl to set him free.

Secretly he wishes that one day it will happen,
but until he lets his guard down,
no one can get in.
She fights with all her might, but he's blinded by the light.
He can't see how much she cares,
and she's scared that he never will.

(Chorus x2)

That Kind Of Girl

Written By: Lorin Lambert

Shes the kind of girl.
never did things on her own.
always did just what she's told
She never could be happy,
had to listen to everyone else,
never could follow her own heart.
Smiled with lying eyes, and it tore her life apart.

She walked alone in this miserable life,
nothing to stand for, no one to lean on,
nobody to help her, she almost gave up.
As she neared close to the end, she looked up and then looked down.
She knew she had a choice, knew it
was time for change.

She's the kind of girl to keep on moving on, to fight till the end.
She's the kind of girl that wont give up, her heart just needed time to mend.
She's the kind of girl strong and brave, never lost faith,
and though she almost lost hope, she got it back again.
As the world gets tougher, she only gets stronger.
yeah, shes that kind of girl.

Though shes putting her life back together,
she knows theres gotta be something more.
Someone to love her and adore.
Love her for who she is and not what she was.
Says she dont wanna be alone, but she don't need nobodys help.
She'll keep on pushing on 'cause..

(Chorus x2)

Someone Like You

Written By: Lorin Lambert

Ive been waiting all my life
for someone like you
Never thought Id find a love so true
All the shit I've been through
All the baggage in my past
could drive a person insane,
make you lose your mind

But, you saw something there.
something deep down inside.
You loved me for me, never asked me to change.
You stayed strong when I was weak.
You stood up when I backed down.
You faught hard when I gave up.
You pulled it together while I was falling apart.

Maybe you're crazy for loving someone like me,
but what you are is exactly what I need.
Before you, I had nothing to live for, no idea where I was headed.
Being with you has turned my life around, and loving you has made me stronger.

You saw something there.
something deep down inside.
you loved me for me, never asked me to change.
You stayed strong when I was weak.
You stood up when I backed down.
You faught hard when I gave up.
You pulled it together while I was falling apart.

Never understood why someone like you wanted someone like me.
Been hurt so many times, at first I refused to let you in.
My trust had been broken one too many times and so had my heart.


Need You

Written By: Lorin Lambert

I did everything you wanted me to.
but you didnt appreciate it.
I changed even though I didnt want to.
and it still wasnt good enough for you.

You stuck around just long enough.
to change who i was and then you were gone.
Without you, you thought that I'd break down.
You couldn't understand how I stood back up.
When you saw that I was stronger once you were gone, you realized you wanted me back.
I almost fell for you again, but then..

I thought about all the times that you hurt me and made me cry.
Oh, how I thought I would die without you.
And looking back now, I'm glad for that pain, because it only made me stronger.
Each look in your eyes made me realize that you don't love me and I no longer need you.

They say people want what they cant have, and I guess that's true.
You wanted me, you had me, tossed me to the side, and then wanted me back.
I've heard one mans trash is another mans treasure.
I wanna thank you for helping me find that guy, the one who treats me right.
You say that you didn't know what you had until it was gone, but theres something I want you to do.

Think about all the times that you hurt me and made me cry.
Oh, how I thought I would die without you.
Looking back now, Im glad for that pain, because it only made me stronger.
Each look in your eyes made me realize that you don't love me and I no longer need you.

All that time I was blaming myself, but now I see the truth.
It wasnt me, it was you!


You Said You'd Be Okay

Written By: Lorin Lambert

To this day, I still can't believe your gone.
I look at your pictures everyday
and it seems like just yesterday
you were here by my side
telling me everything was going to be alright

I cant understand why you had to leave
even after all the promises you made me
you told me you'd never leave my side
said we'd be friends till the day we died.
Your the only one I trusted, the only one I let in
and without you in my life, it just doesnt feel right

You swore you wouldnt do it,
you said you'd be okay
you told me not to worry
to go to bed that night
I thought you really loved me, I thought you really cared.
I never dreamed Id wake up to a world without you here.


The truth is that you're gone
and I dont wanna move on
but theres nothing I can do,
cause I made a promise to you
Said I'd live life to the fullest, and make my dreams come true
Ill never let you go, your memories will never fade
you're in a better place, and I know Ill see you again some day.

But I still cant understand why you had to leave
even after all the promises you made me
you told me you'd never leave my side.
said we'd be friends till the day we died.
youre the only one I trusted,the only one I let in
and without you in my life, it'll never feel right.


Written By: Lorin Lambert

I dont like feeling weak
but right now thats all I can be
I've been strong for so long
and it's gotten me nowhere but alone

You've broken me down in so many ways
I no longer know where to go
I dont know what Im searching for
Nobodys allowed in, no one can get out
We're stuck in time, frozen emotions
memories are all that surrounds
we no longer feel, we've numbed the pain
If this is where being strong takes you, I think Im better off being weak

Ill never understand why you did what you did
maybe in your own sick way, you throught that it was okay
My whole worlds changed and not in a good way
I've gotten to the point, I can no longer feel
words come in and words go out,
only theres no thinking, just our doubt.


You know I cared and you know I tried
but in the end you still lied
you broke that trust, I tried to forgive
but fear that you would do it again, left me in the dark
you left me in the cold, once again I was on my own



I havnt currently released any of my music, but am hoping to get the chance to do that very soon.

Set List

Ive written many songs, most of which are about 3-4 minutes long. I've provided the lyrics for some of these on the site, others of which will be coming soon! :)