Lorinza Howard Jr

Lorinza Howard Jr


His style is a mix between soul and hip hop. He has a little something that everyone can listen to. Simply put.


Lorinza Howard Jr is a 23 year old young man out of Tampa, FL on a mission for the lord. This singer/songwriter/producer has been doing God's work for about 4 years now but has been writing and producing locally for 8 years. Lorinza is on the verge of being a great up and coming gospel artist by bringing a little something different to the game. Being born into the church, he really couldn't see himself doing anything else. His father is a minister, his grandfather is a well respected deacon and he also comes from a family of musicians and singers. What can he say, it's in his blood. Keep a look out for this man of God and look for more hot tracks in the near future.


He's working on his debut album called "The LHJ LP" which will be released late spring. One of the singles off of the album is called "Praise Party" but, the first single is yet to be determined.

Set List

My set list basically consist of about 5 songs. My song titles are "Praise Party", "Save Me", "Get Your Praise On",' All Because Of God", and "Nobody But Jesus." My sets don't usually last no more than 45 min but, can be shortened if needed.