“Headrain”, featuring Lorna, is currently looking to book shows. We are an original band with additional covers, and have a rock/blues type sound with a female vocalist. If you are looking for a band that is tight, professional, has great sound and high energy, then you have found us!



Headrain is an original South Jersey band, developing a strong local following. While the music defies easy categorization, it includes elements of ballsy modern rock, blues, folk-rock and country. As reviewed on cdbaby.com:

Lorna's lyrics and vocals, reminiscent of the best of 80's rockers will keep these songs on your play list for a long time. With deep roots in rock and a touch of country the songs are both emotionally powerful, yet extremely playable. Finding a balance between pop, rock and country is not easy, yet these songs bridge all three genres with ease.... No one that purchases this CD will be disappointed. Personally, I think Lorna should have named the CD "Fly"...a song that speaks to the potential and possibility of dreams...she can be anything she wants...she can have anything she needs...spread your wings and Fly! An artist worth watching!

Lorna is a vocal powerhouse. Her expansive vocal styling is reminiscent of Ann Wilson from Heart at its most sonorous, to Bonnie Raitt, on the bluesy/sultry end of the spectrum. She has trained with many of the top vocal coaches and recently released a CD of her original songs entitled “Headrain”, which the band is currently performing live.

Guitarist/background vocalist Jeff Waldman has played in several South Jersey bands; most recently, The Works and Kids Night Out, a children's music band, whose music has been featured on WXPN. Jeff's guitar influences range from Richard Thompson to Jeff Beck, and he incorporates a varied palette of sounds, both acoustic and electric, into his playing.

With his gunmetal grey Fender bass guitar, Kenny Chann is not afraid to experiment with his style. Inspired by legendary bassists John Paul Jones and Noel Redding, he constantly strives to create something new, which always gives his playing a sense of spontaneity.

Joe Lerch is a professional drummer/percussionist by trade, and his talents provide an incredible heartbeat for our band. In the past he has performed in many rock and jazz bands, musical show pits, and a professional orchestra.

In a live setting, Headrain thrills the audience, and always leaves them asking for more.


The Beast

Written By: Lorna


Walking through these darkened woods
Nowhere I can hide
There before me stands the Beast
He looks and me and smiles
And says, “I’ve got you now little girl!”


Rescue me,
Everything I am and all I have, is eaten by the Beast
And he is hungry
Can’t you see
I have no joy and all I have is pain, in the belly of the Beast
And he’s feeding on me, on me; he’s feeding on me

I am lying here in filth
Surrounded by the dark
The Beast is all that I can hear
And he’s torn my world apart, oh no
“I’ve got you now, little girl!”



He’s hungry, he’s hungry, he’s hungry
And feeding on me

Again and Again

Written By: Lorna


There’s something that I’ve got to say but it won’t take me long
Give me what I need tonight
And you won’t go wrong
I don’t want your flowers, no need to wine or dine
Bring your body over here
And that will do just fine, just fine


Baby I need lovin’ so don’t you turn away
You know how I like it; I’m begging you to stay
Baby I’m on fire but this has got to end
Cause you make me want to do it
Again and again

I might sound aggressive, or may intimidate
But there’s this urge inside of me
And it just can’t wait
I can give you heaven or make it feel like hell
You know just what to do to me
And I know you do it well, so well


Baby I need you tonight there’s no one else like you
Darling you’re the only one I bring home
Baby I need you tonight to do those things you do
Cause there’s only so much I can do alone
You’ll make me wait I fear
But tonight’s the night my dear
You’ve really turned me on


Need your lovin, give me something
Lovin, lovin
Just for you, come make it true
Just for you…..

Empty House

Written By: Lorna


I walk into our empty house; I don’t turn on any lights
Been three days since you breathed your last,
And two of my most lonely nights
I put my head into my hands, but there are no more tears to weep
I try to make it day by day
But in the night I just can’t sleep


And I see that now I’ll always be
Without you, love
Without you, all my hope is gone
Without you, how do I go on
Without you
I can’t take it
My heart’s breaking
I can’t face life without you

I thought our future was so clear, we had everything worked out
Now you’re gone and I’m all alone
All I have is empty doubt
Who am I, what will I do; questions circle ‘round my head
I see memories everywhere
But I am here and you are dead


The rain keeps pouring down
As you lie underground
Nothing will ever be the same
Everything I know has changed!

I’m all alone, and I’m without you
I’m all alone, and I’m without you
I’m all alone, no
I can’t take it
My heart’s breaking
I can’t live, life without you
Without you
Without you

Lost in Darkness

Written By: Lorna


I’m lost in darkness, my life is always this
I believe that there could be a guiding light to find, somewhere
But I know, I can’t see
Cause my eyes are blind
From all this never ending darkness that’s inside
Must I always stay here alone
And lost in darkness

I’m lost in darkness; sadness is all there is
Happiness may come and go but I know, I know it’s a lie
Because it won’t stay with me
Although I do try
The light I feel it there but I can’t hold it, why
Must I fall back down alone
And lost in darkness

No, no
Must find, a way, to stop this pain
Must find a way to stop this
I believe that there can be a light to find
But I cannot see, because my eyes are blind
I am lost, in darkness
I am lost, in darkness


Written By: Lorna


Here we go again we’ve been through this before
You say you’re leaving and you’re walking out the door
You do this every time we don’t see eye to eye
Oh baby don’t say goodbye, come to me

You can’t give up, don’t give in, don’t go away
Let’s work this out babe, here and now, tonight, today
It doesn’t matter who is wrong and who is right
Can’t we just end this fight?

Come to me darling
Lets finish what we started
You love me I can see it in your eyes
I know you need me
And you’ll never leave me
So baby won’t you come, come
Won’t you come, come, come to me?

We’ve got a lot of making up here left to do
The good part’s coming up, I want you back here soon
I can’t believe that you’d leave all of this behind,
Mm baby don’t be unkind, come to me

You’re everything I ever wanted in a man
I’ll hold you down, and lock you in, do all I can
There can be nobody else; you’re all I need
So baby don’t be so mean


I know that you don’t want to leave me here all alone
So shut the door, turn around, I want you baby to
Come to me now
I won’t let you down
Just come to me now, and you’ll see

Come to me
Mm baby you will see
It’s the only way that we can save this day
So come to me, oh baby come



Written By: Lorna


A child awakes, sunlight streaming in her eyes
A new day has come, she stretches and she sighs
Then she smiles, ‘cause she knows

She can be anything she wants
She can have anything she needs
Her momma told her
Spread your wings and fly
Way up high
Into the sky
Spread your wings and fly

The years go by and she’s a child no more at last
A successful woman who has risen up the ranks so fast
All she needs is to share her dreams
And she knows


She met a man, but he wasn’t the good kind
He held her down, said “You’ll always be mine
There’s nothing you can do, you’ll never leave me”
She knew there was a way, a way she could be free


A child awakes, sunlight streaming in her eyes


Headrain - 11 song original CD

Set List

Typical set list includes most of the originals on the CD, especially:
Again and Again
Walk With Me
Empty House
Feel You
The Beast
Covers we may include:
Several from blues type such as Black Velvet from Alanah Myles to Led Zeplin's rock and even Evenessence.