Lorna Wing

Lorna Wing

 Belgrade, Central Serbia, SRB

The band shares both professional musicians and the musicians enthusiasts who are professionally oriented towards both special education and musical therapy. In fact we share acoustic music with our audience that is in all parts closest to the real organic sound that we are all born with.


The project named Lorna Wing exists since the end of 2008., but the band was completed in May 2010. and is consisted of enthusiasts who preform their music in a different way.
There are seven of us and the diversity is our main advantage, since we unconsciously put all bits of music that was played throughout the history into our songs creating something new and indescribable that is only the sound of Lorna Wing.

We come from a country that has low economy standards, but as we say here what we lack on money we compensate it with soul!


Lazy Summer Afternoon

Written By: Ivanka Simic

woke up, smelling summer sky
watching soft clouds passing by
lazy summer afternoon x2

got all day, don't have a dime
with my pockets filled with time
walking, watching children play x2

tell me, darlin', let me know
when you are ready to go
gonna take off my blue shoes
barefoot walks are what i choose
lazy summer afternoon x2
walking, watching children play x2

wanna come here, come with me
down by the river, lady
here by the river, lady
wanna come here, come with me
down by the river, lady
we'll stay here whole night,
stay with me

step by step, we're almost there
breeze is playin' with my hair
hear the river, watch her dance x2

let's go paint our grey skies red
tonight earth will be your bed
counting heartbeats, drawing stars x2


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