Lorraine Conard

Lorraine Conard

 Waynesville, North Carolina, USA

Conard's lyrics are instantly comfortable yet avoid cliche; her vocals are dusky and hint at bad-girl inclinations. (Her) fiery woman-wronged numbers deserve bad a** boots and line dancers; the darkly driving "Heading Down to New Orleans" confirms that Wings is devilishly good." - Mountain X, NC


Lorraine Conard has been a life-long songwriter. Some of her earliest memories are of songs she made up to sing to herself. Although the details of those tunes are just memories, her love of music and songwriting continued to grow.

Influenced by a vast and varied mix of artists, her songwriting style ranges from toe-tapping, country-fried Americana to earthy, folk-tinged blues. All her songs, regardless of their patchwork roots, are anchored by rich, earthy vocals that are equally capable of soothing and electrifying.

Performing also gives Lorraine a chance to perfect her second-favorite art form: the bad joke. Did you hear the one about the two muffins in an ovenÂ…?


Riding On Your Wings (2009)
Dancing With You (2004)

Set List

Originals with a few rocked up traditional favorites thrown in.