Lorraine Davies

Lorraine Davies


Lorraine Davies - a very talented independent singer and songwriter, that crosses over country, rock, and pop music.


Lorraine Davies is a very talented singer and songwriter. She performs as a solo act, with her band the Too Drunk to Fish Band, or along with her husband in the duet Davies and Wayne.

Lorraine performs originals and covers that cross over the country, rock, pop, and blues, music genres.

Originally from Scarborough, now an Ajax, Ontario resident, this multi-talented singer, songwriter, and performer, has to be heard to be believed. Singing all her life, but professionally in just recent years, this lady is getting recognition and fans wherever she performs.

She has released to radio in Europe and was very well received.

Whether it is a complete performance of one musical style, or a mix of several, Lorraine is sure to please.

With a name like the "Too Drunk to Fish Band," venues are hiring them on that alone. Once they have heard Lorraine's voice though, they were hooked.

Lorraine and the band have been heard, read about, and seen, on TV, radio, newspapers and magazines.

Lorraine and the band have played at such reknowned venues as The Legendary Red Dog Tavern, Scarborough Ribfest, Toronto Ribfest, Pickering Ribfest, Markham Village Music Festival, Cannington Canada Day, Aurora Dance Party, The Horseshoe Tavern, Brantford Canada Day, Bobcaygeon Fall Fair, Healey's, Corral, Stampede Ranch and Corral, and many more!

Besides being headliners themselves, Lorraine and the band have opened for the likes of Aaron Lines, Jamie Warren, Brian McComas, Wednesday, Deric Ruttan, with many more to come...

The kids are grown... the mortgage is paid... and it's time to party! Lorraine Davies, and, the Too Drunk to Fish Band, are the perfect example of living life to the fullest! All they want to do though... is perform and entertain!


My Choice

Written By: Robert and Lorraine MacArthur

My Choice
Written by: Robert & Lorraine MacArthur

My choice, my bar
Now who do you think you are
Trying to make the true north smoke free
My house, my car
This time you’ve gone too far
Now the patio’s in jeopardy

Grandaddy fought in World War II
For the rights of me and you
Gave us all our freedom and rights to choose
They gave him two packs a day
Then sent him on his way
Now they kick his ass outside to have a butt or two

I’ve been a waitress here for years
Slinging wine and beers
I raised the kids on my gratuities
It used to be packed here every night
Now there ain’t a soul in sight
Since when is unemployed & broke healthy for me

We’re running out of places to play,
Cause the bars just can’t pay


The politicians got me seeing red
I want a honky tonk party instead
You ain’t showing much hospitality
Although there’s not much we can do
We wrote this song for you
To show that we just disagree

I said, now the patio’s in jeopardy

Me and My Man

Written By: Lorraine MacArthur

Me & My Man

and here I go to work again, my boss is driving me insane
Too many hours not much pay, I struggle each & every day
My feet are sore & they're aching, feels like my poor ole back is breaking
My head is pounding from the noise, & all the come-ons from the boys

Working in this bar won't get me very far, it's all the same
Cause when my shift is through I'll be coming home to you Where we can play
Saving every dime, waiting for our time to get away
Wlorking on a plan, just me & my man

Leaves for work at 6 a.m., nothing new it's all the same
Trying hard to earn a buck, up till now it's been bad luck
He works the day, I work the night, Yeah, we know it just ain't right
Just trying to make ends meet, sure as hell ain't easy street


May seem like he's never there, in this long distance love affair
Got a love, few share, no one could separate this pair


We're working on a plan, Just Me & My Man


Single - "Once Upon a December" - KX96 Christmas Album (2002) - Lorraine Davies

Single - "Leroy the Redneck Reindeer" - KX96 Christmas Album (2002) - Robert Wayne

Album - "A Time for Me" - Wellcraft Music (2004)
First single "Sandcastles" released in June 2004.

Second Single "Me and My Man" released to Europe in 2006.

Christmas Single - "Christmas Cheer?" - 2005 - The Too Drunk to Fish Band

Single - "My Choice" - 2005 - The Too Drunk to Fish Band

Set List

Joy to the World, Three Dog Night
House is a Rockin, Stevie Ray Vaughn
I'm A Believer, Smashmouth
455 Rocket, Kathy Mattea
Hey Good Lookin, Jimmy Buffet
Something More, Sugarland
Watermelon Crawl, Tracy Byrd
I Walk the Line, Johnny Cash
Folsom Prison Blues, Johnny Cash
Ring of Fire, Johnny Cash
Jackson, Johnny Cash and June Carter
Redneck Woman, Gretchen Wilson
Fly Like You've Got Wings, Original
Proud Mary, CCR
Kansas City, Stevie Ray Vaughn
These Boots Are Made for Walkin, Nancy Sinatra
Keep Your Hands to Your Self, Georgia Satellites
Johnny B. Goode, Chuck Berry
On A Night Like This, Trick Pony
Trashy Women, Kentucky Headhunters
Walkin After Midnight, Patsy Cline
I'm From the Country, Tracy Byrd
Crazy, Patsy Cline
When Will I Be Loved, Linda Ronstadt
Old Time Rock and Roll, Bob Seger
Mustang Sally, The Commitments
Honky Tonk Woman, Rolling Stones
Sweet Home Alabama, Lynrd Skynrd
Play Something Country, Brooks and Dunn
I Try To Think About Elv