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Lorrie Sarafin

Star Valley, Arizona, United States | INDIE

Star Valley, Arizona, United States | INDIE
Solo World New Age


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Sarafin displays an uncommon ability to traverse a variety of musical soundscapes with amazing ease and virtuosity. From the opening The Last Buffalo which would not be out of place on a Tuu, OYuki Conjugate, or perhaps even Steve Roach album, to the breezy jazz leanings of the closing title track, Sarafin navigates ambient, Native flute, jazz fusion, new age, and ethno-tribal territory as if musical boundaries simply didn't exist for her. As a result, the cross-genre appeal of Many Paths is strong, especially for desert/tribal ambient fans who might ordinarily assume this to be a more straightforward Native flute fusion music. - Binkelman's Corner -ZoneMusicReporter.com

"Ambient Visions Review"

"...through her skillful and imaginative handling of the songs she is able to express more of the emotions that live behind the songs that she composes. While not all of the songs are what I consider contemplative none of them wander too far from that mood to disturb those who might want to put this album (MANY PATHS) on in the background as a way of relaxing at the end of a stressful day. Hats off to Lorrie for allowing her passions to lead her further down her chosen musical path and to share with us through Many Paths the excellent results of what she has discovered. Definitely recommended by AV."
- Michael Foster - Ambient Visions

"Captivating and hauntingly delicious music"

SECOND WIND is captivating and hauntingly delicious music! It's southwestern essence evokes warm days and the stark beauty of the desert nighfall. Obviously, the Native American Flute is an instrument that uses the power of music to entertain as well as to mentally and physically heal. I felt better each time I listened to it. To use radio terminology, 'it's on my playlist!'
- Barry Sheffield - WFDU-FM

"Wonderfully evocative"

Wonderfully evocative...your playing is quite soulful...radio ready...viable for New Age playlists...

"Excellent musical portrait of the desert southwest"

Second Wind
Lizard Dance Productions (2005)

From flutist Lorrie Sarafin comes an album which contains some of the best combinations of desert ambient soundscapes, haunting Native American-influenced flute, and environmental sounds since John Huling’s classic release, Desert Plateaus. Listening to Second Wind is like taking a journey through the southwestern United States, from the majestic landscapes of Monument Valley to ancient Anasazi and Pueblo ruins to shadowy sand and cactus landscapes which are both beautiful and terrifying in the isolation they represent. Employing various instrument sounds and loops (e.g. assorted synths, percussion and keyboards) as well as her excellent flute-playing, Sarafin portrays a day in the life of the desert, starting with “Bobbi (Canyon Sunrise)” and its plaintive echoed piano and washes of ambience with additional hand drums later added to the music, and ending with the eerie textural “Dusk” (featuring some evocative kalimba, i.e. thumb piano, set against the sounds of crickets and synth washes) and the mysterious yet serene “Camelback Shadows” with flute hovering over tribal percussion and waves of synths that evoke images of the lengthening shadows of the song’s title. In between are thirteen more tracks, all of them offering variations of this assortment: ambient-flavored pieces that contain excellently engineered synth/keyboard washes and tones, songs dominated more by the artist’s Native flute, or perfectly balanced blends, such as “Floating” which bounces reverberating bell tones underneath pulsing hand drums, a flute refrain, and fluid synth lines. Some tracks delight with their inventiveness, such as the whimsically titled “It’s a Dry Heat” (swooshing whirling synths set against sampled plucked upright bass which morphs into a quasi-glitchy piece as ping-ponging tones are set off by ebbing and flowing washes before settling into a shimmering collection of electronic textures, suggesting heat rising from the desert floor). “Zen Gardens” has, as one might expect, an Asian sound to it, although the addition of reverbed tones scattered throughout the track juxtapose the bamboo flute and tribal percussion nicely. Environmental sounds add just the right emphasis to “Monsoon” as approaching thunder leads to a torrential downpour before fading into a gentle rainstorm, while a Robert Rich-like flute floats hazily in mid-air and subdued electronic effects impart an otherworldly sensation to the piece. From a technical standpoint, as an independent release, Second Wind is exceedingly well produced and engineered (the artwork is equally professional, especially when compared to some other indie first-time recordings I have seen). Seeing as how this is Lorrie Sarafin’s first solo recording, it’s exciting to speculate where she is headed. This album is one of the best efforts in capturing musical desert ambience I’ve heard in a very long time. I eagerly await future music from this extremely talented woman.

- Bill Binkleman, Binkelman's Corner, ZoneMusicReporter.com

"A must have CD"

Hauntingly beautiful, and soothing to the soul. Every time I listen, it takes me on a new journey. Press "play", close your eyes, and let the music take you away. From the uncommon beauty of Lorrie's Native American Flute, to the soundscapes that surround it, this is a must-have CD. - Rob Frankel - ABC Radio Networks

"A Brilliant Debut"


Second Wind

(c) (p) 2005 Lizard Dance Productions


Once having seen the greatness of the desert,

You will enjoy the life as ever stronger,

And wonder at it:

This music captures you from the very first chords. It prompts to forget everything
and plunge into its boundless profundity. The American Indian flute fascinates,
a percussion rhythm leads you gently and covering sounds of a synthesizer create
placatory environment. You can renounce all affaires, get rid of all rot splashed
out on you by surrounding world and be in safety together with this music. It helps
you to relax and turn out to be in private with yourself without thinking what will
happen tomorrow. And which will it be? But you know every day is unique and it's
impossible to foresee what will expect you in future. And is it worth wasting precious
time which is destined for your being on this beautiful planet?..

Lorrie Sarafin's music creates an impression of a desert: severe, silent and
at the same time full of life. You see lifeless stony slopes and erubescent rocks
in the distance. You can feel how sand crunches under your feet and big drops of
a spring rain fall on your head, the rain that, in a matter of minutes, can bring
back to life these lands which seem to be dead. But here it stops raining and again
becomes a time of a drought which seems to be endless. And all this comprises an
indescribable charm of the Earth's nature which is constantly changing and always

On the whole a refined taste inheres in Lorrie Sarafin's music. It shines through
both drawling sounds of an American Indian flute, and bright rolling rhythms, and
through excellent, sharp-cut in details sounding of the album itself. "Second
Wind" is not a simple picture painted with different colours, it is three-dimensional,
it is full of space. And this silent space incoming together with music makes this
album so attractive. It possesses one more important feature, Lorrie Sarafin's
music is very light and delicate, it does not suppress a listener.

The "Second Wind" album is a brilliant debut. An inspired Lorrie Sarafin's
music is ideal for meditation, relaxation and recovery. "Second Wind"
is a waterfall of sincere emotions that soothe a heart and elevates a mood.

Serge Kozlovsky

(Translated by Tatyana L. Permyakova.) - Serge Kozlovsky


SECOND WIND is superb! - Karen Larsen, WERU-FM

"A Win-Win CD!"

"SECOND WIND" is a WIN-WIN CD! Combining all the best of New Age elements in one wonderful package. What's not to like in Lorrie Sarafin's first solo effort!
- Captain Christopher, WTUL-FM

"A Masterpiece"

I've Purchased Over A Hundred Relaxation Compilations. Some Were Good, Some OK, Some, Merely The Same, Production And Mixing Studio Formulas. This Artist Has The Amazing Ability To Share Her Deepest Soul...It's REAL. It's Captivating. It's A Masterpiece.
- Dick O'Brien

"Medicine for the soul and mind"

Your flute captures the spirits of the land and its healing properties (medicine for the soul and mind). The shamen I imagine would use your compositions to bless their sacred spaces. You are truly talented. - Monique Lightner, M&M Events

"A sensory experience not to be missed"

Every track is a precious jewel and a sensory experience not to be missed. - Long Island University Magazine


MANY PATHS (2011 Zone Music Reporter Winner - Best Native American Album)
(released Nov 2010)

(released October 2005)

Has received airplay on:

AstreauxWorld on Live365
AudioSyncracy Podcast
BLU FM - Australia
Galaxie CBC The Spa/NewAge Channel - Canada
Hawke Chill Out Sessions - HFM 102.3 - United Kingdom
Lounging Sound Radio
Montana Public Radio - Oasis
Music Choice Souundscapes on Cable TV
One World Radio - United Kingdom
Women of Substance Radio on Live365
"Women In Music" - a nationally syndicated public radio program heard on 90+ USA public radio stations.
La Otra Orilla (Radio Despi) - Barcelona, Spain
RFI Romania - an international radio outlet in Romania.
CKUW - Shades of Classics
KCUR - Night Tides
KFAI-FM, Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN (Wind & Wire)
KKHI - Music Beyond Words
KRCB - The Night Traveler
KTEP - AudioSyncracy
KUAC - NightLight
WAWL - Ancestral Rhythms
WERU-FM, Bangor, ME (Earthtones)
WFCF - Wings
WESS - Alternating Currents
WFDU-FM, Teaneck, NJ (Music America)
WKNH - Planetary Prismatic
WMHB - Stroke the Goddess
WNMC - Inner Visions
WRBC - Athan's Journey
WSKG Radio, Binghamton, NY (Soundscape)
WTUL-FM, New Orleans, LA (Cheezmuzik)
WUSM-FM, Hattiesburg, MS (Soundwaves)
WUTC - Weekend Sunrise
WVKR-FM, Poughkeepsie, NY (Secret Music)
WXDU, Durham, NC (New Frontiers)
WWSP, Stevens Point, Wisconsin (Acoustic Resonance/Fantasy Realm)

Interview on Ambient Visions at http://www.ambientvisions.com/lorriesarafin.htm



In 1993, Lorrie Sarafin heard her first Native American Flute at the Scottsdale Center for the Arts played by R. Carlos Nakai. In 1996, she bought her first Native American Flute and took it out into the Sonoran Desert to learn how to play. She is fond of saying it is the desert that taught her how to play the flute.

Her latest CD, MANY PATHS, is a 2011 Zone Music Reporter Winner for Best Native American Album.

Musical influences range from Opera to Big Band; from country to oldies - music of all sorts has contributed to Sarafin's growth. However, the desire to create washes of ambience using synthesizer and world percussion caught Lorrie's attention in early 2003 - and thus began her journey to create music which would relax, soothe and heal.


Sarafin is currently (March - April) performing Thursdays from 6-8 PM as part of the Old Town Scottsdale Artwalk. You can find her on the corner of 5th Ave. and Stetson in front of the 5th Avenue Trading Post.

Sarafin has performed throughout the Phoenix, Arizona metro area, including:

Grief Counseling Sessions for Banner Hospice at Saguaro Lake Ranch Resort (2005-2006)
Doubletree Paradise Valley Resort, and various outdoor weddings (South Mountain Park, Sedona’s Red Rock Crossing, and the Buttes in Tempe).
Sarafin has also volunteered her time to play for patients at Scottsdale Healthcare’s Osborn campus in an effort to promote healing.
Hidden in the Hills Art Tour at Beth Zink's Cave Creek Studio (2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010)

KERR Cultural Center - Two Grand I'm Yours USA Tour
Steinway Recital Hall - Two Grand I'm Yours USA Tour
Boyce Thompson Arboretum - Paul Landau Photography Exhibit
Old Town Scottsdale Artwalk ( Thursdays March - April)
2nd Annual Cave Creek Indian Market - Stagecoach Village, Cave Creek, AZ
Scottsdale Artwalk - Old Town Scottsdale, Scottsdale, AZ
The Market on High Street Farmer's Market, Phoenix, AZ
40th Annual Litchfield Park Art Festival, Litchfield Park Arizona USA
Stagecoach Village Fine Wine and Art Festival, Cave Creek, AZ  
Stagecoach Village 2nd Annual Holiday Festival
2007 Farmer's Markets at the Borgata in Scottsdale and at Estrella Mountain Ranch Yacht Club
Pima Plaza in Old Town Scottsdale (2007)
2008 Farmer's Markets at the Borgata and Desert Canyon Center in Scottsdale, AZ
Out West Art Fest in Cave Creek, AZ (2008, 2009)

Arizona Mills Mall at Virgin Records (1999)
Chandler Center for the Arts (as part of the Intel 2000 and 2001 Benefit Talent Shows)
Camelback Inn (as part of the 47th Annual NCCJ Humanitarian Awards Dinner - 2001)
2001 Great Human Race (an event to raise money for Valley non-profits)
South Mountain Park (Annual Holiday Hikes for the years 2000 through 2003)
Barnes and Noble Cafe (Chandler 2002)
2003 National Public Lands Day at South Mountain Park
2003 Old Town Scottsdale Artwalk
2003 Scottsdale Arts Festival (where she appeared on three different stages during the course of the three day festival)

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