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Los Môdular

Bogotá, Bogota D.C., Colombia | Established. Jan 01, 2011 | SELF

Bogotá, Bogota D.C., Colombia | SELF
Established on Jan, 2011
Band Electronic Disco


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Sick Gemini - Unison"

Sick Gemini
self-released; 2014
3.9 out of 5

By B Parker
Sick Gemini actually recorded Unison in two parts, with the second half to be released next year. Part one is four tracks of dance music that experiments with a range of styles, primarily funk and disco, and tries to update all genres involved. At its core though Unison would find a home in the speakers of any nightclub.

The beats are usual dance fare, offering little in the way of variation or change-ups on any given track. But the ear is drawn to other pieces of the songs first and foremost. At the top are Anna Patuto's vocals: it's less about what she sings and more about how she sings it. There's something instantly hypnotic to how she draws out phrases, often in contrast to the rapid blips of synth and guitar that underline her voice.

The second biggest hook is the guitar work, which is surprising given how sparse it seems. Sick Gemini avoid the “walls of sound” route by treating guitar like they do synth, focusing more on waves and rushes of single notes to lift and pull the melodies instead of putting all the weight on chords. It's here where their disco influence is most evident, though it doesn't sound old or dated.

The song structures on Unison employ an interesting tactic: complexity is saved for the bridge while the verses are—comparatively—minimal. That isn't to say there are moments where things inexplicably go quiet or that there are lulls in the action—the transitions are seamless. I get the impression that sections for singing and sections for playing were designed to be as distinct from one another as possible. But at no point do the bridges feel out of place or that they are artificially extending the songs somehow. They still maintain the feel and flow of dance songs (thanks largely to the consistent beats), even when dabbling in other genres.

There are two tracks that I feel define the EP and deserve the most attention. The first is the opener, “The Night.” Strobing synths carry the bulk of the load here with a few catchy guitar riffs sprinkled throughout to add some depth to the repetition. But pay close attention to the chorus: behind Patuto's warning that she'll become your obsession are another set of vocals rising up, barely audible but still commanding your attention, adding another hook to the already infectious track.

The second song is “Balance.” Sick Gemini state that their mission is to create a “genuine sonic experience,” and nowhere is that more clear than this song. It's meant to be heard through headphones with great stereo effects used for alternating sounds from side to side with a steady pulse. There's less singing here, allowing for what's happening in the background to take the spotlight. There are long stretches of synths surging around a continuous swirl of pecked-out single notes. There's a great number of tones used as well, ranging from the mechanical to the colorful.

Though we'll have to wait to see how the second part of Unison complements what we already have, this first taste stands strong on its own. With layers of sound to dig into Unison offers plenty of reasons to come back for more beyond the catchy melodies. Though it moves quickly it invites exploration and rewards attentive listeners.For fans of Simian Mobile Disco and Out Hud. - The Equal Ground

"Circuito Bandas Locales Emergentes"

Armando Fuentes ávido de sonidos nuevos y fiel seguidor de propuestas innovadoras y creativas, se puso en la tarea de encontrar las bandas que reunieran dichas características. Después de 15 días de recibir, conocer y escuchar más de 50 proyectos, se decidió por unas cuantas agrupaciones que durante el mes de junio, cada miércoles, deleitaran los oídos de todos.

Así que para estar al tanto del Circuito de Bandas Locales emergentes, les presentamos los que participan en ella:

Sick Gemini

Sick Gemini es una banda independiente que nace en Bogotá en el 2011, con el propósito de crear una nueva experiencia, emulando el estilo sonoro del space disco de los años setenta; fusionándolo con elementos del rock, funk y new wave dando vida a un híbrido dinámico, lleno de energía que de manera inminente invita a bailar a quien lo escucha. En 2013, Sick Gemini tuvo como prioridad mostrar su música en diferentes shows en vivo en Bogotá y otras ciudades del país como Santa Marta y Cartagena, incluyendo presentaciones en Musicapital, el festival el Bogotazo y las Fiestas del Mar, entre otras. - Armando Records


Unison EP - Release date October 2014

  1. The Night
  2. Love is War
  3. Balance
  4. Egoless



Los Môdular (formerly Sick Gemini) - the concept - was born in 2010. After 10 years of producing electronic music and performing as a DJ in Colombia’s underground EDM scene, Camilo Quintero a.k.a. W. Vasta began experimenting with different sounds out of his home studio in Bogotá. The objective – to create a sound which brought his love of electronic music together with musical influences from his teenage years, namely metal. Trying to steer clear of the industrial sound that had been popular during the few years prior, Quintero chose to work with niches within the electronic and metal music genres; Italo disco and New Wave of British Heavy Metal, in order to create a style of music that was unique and dance floor oriented.

After spending a year composing synth lines using Propellerhead software, Reason, jamming over the top of them with his guitar, and adding lyrics which reflected some of Quintero´s angst toward society, Quintero recorded a number of demos which he then used to entice original band members Simon Vallejo (lead guitar) and Luis Mendez (bass) to form the band – Sick Gemini in early 2011.  Shortly thereafter, Angela Riveros jumped on board as lead vocalist and in the following months Damian Rubio (drums) completed the ensemble. Together they finished composing what was to become Sick Gemini's inaugural set of songs, which they went on to perform in local venues around Bogotá, but never recorded due to the departure of Mendez, Riveros and Rubio in late 2012.

Despite the departure of the three original members, Quintero moved forward with the project with the support of Vallejo, a self-taught guitarist whose musical escapades ranged from post-punk garage to performing alongside his father, well-known Andean musician Chucho Vallejo, in his band of folkloric, tropical music, Trigo Negro.

Come April 2013 Sick Gemini had once again secured a full line-up with the arrival of Sebastian Valderrama, a classically trained drummer from Ibagué, Colombia and Australian vocalist, Anna Patuto, who had worked with Vallejo previously during her first stint in Colombia and briefly with Quintero. Adelaide born Patuto had spent many years playing covers on the Adelaide pub scene but it was being in a foreign country that gave her the motivation to explore her own songwriting abilities alongside various Colombian musicians.

Picking up where the original line-up left off, the new line-up, began performing the original set list around Bogotá and other major capital cities of Colombia, with appearances at notable festivals; Fiestas del Mar in Santa Marta and El Bogotazo alongside world renowned psych-cumbia extraordinaires the Meridian Brothers.  The new formation also provided a new source of inspiration for Quintero which was to shape the band, now Los Môdular, and its music that exists today.

As he had done previously, and staying true to the band’s roots, Quintero began with the composition of Italo disco inspired synth bass lines and layered over the top drum sequences to act as support to the acoustic drums accompaniment; a key element of Los Môdular’s music which helps to distinguish it from other electronic bands. Add to this Vallejo’s softer and funkier guitar riffs and Patuto’s 80’s influenced contribution to the lyrics and the result are three collaboratively produced, dance-worthy tunes, The Night, Balance and Egoless, which have since been recorded alongside original favorite Love Is War, and can be found on the band's debut EP Unison, launched in October 2014.

Shortly after the release Valderrama exited the band to return to his hometown of Ibaguè, which made way for the arrival of current band member "Bongie" Andrés Giraldo.

Unison is available digitally on streaming services such as Spotify and Deezer and available for download on iTunes and Amazon. Physical copies can also be purchased on Bandcamp or in boutique music retailers around Bogotá, Colombia. 

Songs from Unison have been performed locally in the festival Bogotronica and venues A Seis Manos and Casa 9-69. In June of 2015 the band was also chosen to perform in Armando Music Hall as one of the bands in the 'Circuito de Bandas Locales Emergentes'. More recently the band was the opening act for local band The Mills as part of the private launch of Miller Lite Tributes

Currently Los Môdular is in the studio creating new music imminent for release.

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