BandHip Hop

Its something new mix with a West Coast and Dirty South feel to it. Its what the Hip Hop world needs.



Born: Jacksonville Fl and raised in Oakland CA.

Styles: G-Funk, Rap, Hard core Rap
Likes: Oldies but goodies, r&b and rap

Roots: Too Short, 2 Live Crew, N.W.A., 2Pac,
Ice - T

Similar Artists: E 40, JT the bigga figga, 2Pac,
and T.I.

Performed: Club Deep,Top Flight,Sweet
Jimmies, The Moon,Various car shows,etc...

Singles: Go Get It/feat Mouce, Side N, Cut
Fein/Feat Dowdell, & Nutty Shake..

Bio: Los was raised in the rough streets of
Oakland, CA . With an abusive mother, violence
was how He vented His frustration with life. In and
out of prison for various crimes. Knowing he had a
passion and a raw talent for music, He moved to
Florida and pursued His dream of Rapping.

"I consider my self to be a realist, I'm all about
speaking from the heart even if it hurts every
time I hear it. "


"Booty shake", Run That" and "Smile 4 Me" are a few of my hot racks

Set List

I normally would do 3 songs, one of the first 2 and the full version of the last.