Los Angeles Tango Ensemble

Los Angeles Tango Ensemble


Argentinian Tango musicians along with some of Los Angeles top musicians and from the most traditional style of tango to more modern music (such as Piazzolla's) to original compositions,The Los Angeles Tango Ensemble provides a wide range of Tango music for concerts, dances and private events.


The Los Angeles Tango Ensemble (LATE) is a chameleon-like group. It functions as a trio, quartet, quintet or even a full tango orchestra. Members include native Argentinians and Americans alike and all are young, vibrant musicians. The core of this ensemble is made up of guitarrist Marcelo Caceres and doublebassist Pablo Motta and to them, a 3rd musician is added which could include violin, viola, cello, piano and saxophone. Bandoneon players often join the group and adds a more traditional flavor. The ensemble features mostly traditional tangos but also showcases Pablo's and Marcelo's writing abilities. Pablo is in charge of arranging and leading the group. The LATE hosts a milonga (a tango social dance) and performs every Wednesday at Club "EL Baron" in Culver City, Los Angeles, CA. 8641 W. Washington Blvd, Cluver City, CA 90232 from 8:30pm 'till 12:30 am.

Set List

Our repertoire includes Tangos for all the eras. From the Beginning of the 20th century, to Piazzolla, to our original material. Please ask!