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""Little bit of this and that""

Cincinnati-based rock group Losanti uses various genres to create unique sound

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Published: Monday, July 28, 2008

Updated: Monday, February 2, 2009

Not many artists can combine the smooth sound of reggae with the head banging, bass-heavy sound of rock and make it sound good. Despite this seemingly impossible blend of genres, one band has dared to be different. Cincinnati-based rock band,Losanti has managed to separate themselves from other rock bands by combining various styles of music together to create one ear-pleasing groove.

Formed in 2006, the band is comprised of longtime high school friends; guitarist Colin Finch, bassist Mitch Jones, drummer John Bertke and lead singer Jack Novak.

The band's name, Losanti, is an ode to their hometown of Cincinnati, and is short for Losantiville, the original name of Cincinnati when it was first established in the late 1700s.

"We wanted a name that tied us all together. We're all from different parts of Cincinnati and have been playing together since high school so we wanted a name that represented everyone," Bertke said.

Although Losanti consider themselves a rock band, they describe their music as an eclectic sound that can appeal to all people. "Hey Baby," a laid-back track with Novak singing about his obsession for a girl, has a heavy reggae vibe, while the song "Real Eyes," which addresses current events, has a more jazzy feel.

"We all like different styles of music and we wanted to try to mix a whole bunch of different styles together," Bertke said. "I listen to everything from James Brown and Bob Marley to [John] Coltrane. I like to play everything, but rock is what makes our music mainstream."

When describing their sound, the band, who pride themselves on not taking themselves too seriously, admitted although their music is original it is not groundbreaking or earth-shattering.

"We like to have fun and make good music but we try not to think too much," Finch said.

"Our style isn't crazy innovative, but it is creative," Bertke said. "I think the innovation lies in the mixing. We mix Latin with jazz and reggae with rock; we even have a track that has an Arabic beat laid over a hip-hop beat."

Like many great rock bands, Losanti said they are inspired by the bass-filled sounds of hip-hip music. Bertke said he especially has an appreciation for the art form.

"I like hip-hop because you can just sit back, groove and bob your head to the music," he said.

Although the band is currently an unsigned act, Losanti said they wouldn't necessarily consider themselves underground.

Since 2006, the band has toured around the country and has opened for several national recording artists including hip-hop group the Nappy Rootz and popular rap-rock group the Flobots.

Losanti already has a large following and has sold over 500 pieces of merchandise to date.

Going mainstream and gaining national recognition is the band's main goal, Finch said.

"Eventually we want to get signed by a major record label, be famous, make tons of money and share our music with the world," he said.

When it comes to entering the ever-changing scene of the music industry, Losanti said they are sure their unique sound will set them apart from today's artists.

"Everybody right now is pretty much doing the same thing," Bertke said. "For bands [today], it's 'emo.' If you're not playing 'emo' music, it's not on the radio. For hip-hop, a song won't play [on the radio] unless it has that Southern, snappy beat."

Currently, Losanti has a four-track EP which is available for fans. In late August, they hope to release their first, full-length album titled "Four Left Turns."

Despite the guys not wanting to "think too much" or take themselves seriously, they did put a lot of thought into the title of the album.

"Jack [Novak] came up with the title and it's basically saying that four left turns equals a right," Finch said. "If you make four left turns you will always end up right back where you started and that's what we want. At the end of the day, we want to still be the same peopl - Independent Collegian (U of Toledo)

""Losanti comes to TUC doorstep""

Losanti comes to TUC doorstep

Sean Peters

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Published: Sunday, May 11, 2008

Updated: Sunday, October 5, 2008

Losanti has been playing its eclectic brand of college rock since early 2006, playing a wide array of shows throughout Cincinnati. Reminiscent of 311, Incubus and Sublime, its sound is testament to the power of variety.

Losanti is set to play outside of Tangeman University Center as part of the UC Outdoor Music Series on May 14 at noon and is set to go for two hours.

Its name, Losanti, was the original title of the territory that has since been renamed Cincinnati. Jack Novak, the band's front man and self-proclaimed art director is responsible for the name, being an obvious history buff. This is something the band prides themselves on: their proficiency.

"We're not all f#@%ed up on drugs, which is unlike a lot of other bands," Novak said.

Drugs would only slow Losanti down as they strive to "put the frosting on the cake" of their debut album, 4 Left Turns. On top of crafting their recordings, the boys in Losanti have taken it upon themselves to play as many shows as they can.

"I'll play music wherever they'll let me, even a hospital cafeteria," said John Bertke, the band's drummer, promoter and logistics manager. "Hey, that's not a bad idea … do you think they'll let us do that?" When asked what exactly a logistics manager does, he smiled and shrugged.

With tons of performances already under its belt, Losanti has its live show down to a tee. Colin Finch, the band's sole guitarist, has taken it upon himself to play both rhythm and lead parts throughout the act, somewhat of a challenge he has gladly set for himself.

"I like to react to the crowd when I play," Finch said of his penchant for spontaneity on stage. This speaks true for the entire band, having played its repertoire of songs enough to improvise and take the music to places they sometimes don't even understand.

"As a band, we want to appeal to fans of all different genres," said Mitch Jones, the bass player. "We get metal-heads that like us for one song, reggae fans for others, even rap fans get with it."

Check out losanti.com for more information on its upcoming shows and radio spots. - The News Record (U of Cincinnati)

"Spicy and Original: Losanti Release First Album"

When vocalist Jack Novak joined guitarist Colin Finch and drummer John Bertke three years ago, he brought change with him — a change in philosophy and musical direction away from the straight Hip Hop/ Funk that defined their initial group, Raze.

“Me and Colin started way back,” Bertke says. “We were the first people we ever played with that ever did anything. It finally settled into what we wanted to do.”

Novak suggested rechristening the band as Losanti, the original Losanti Native American designation for the Cincinnati area. Given the band’s unique hybridization of everything from 311 and Red Hot Chili Peppers to Sublime and Barenaked Ladies and the quartet’s deep local roots, christening the reconfigured band with the name of the original territory makes perfect sense. So what kind of message was Novak trying to send?

“Spiciness,” he says over a pitcher of beer on the Mad Frog’s outdoor patio to his bandmates’ collective glee. “I love Cincinnati history, and we’re proud to be doing this here. The name just came from the eclectic-ness of our beginnings. So it was like, ‘Let’s kick it back with the original.’ We are Cincinnati.”

Losanti most assuredly achieves both spiciness and originality with its long-awaited debut album, 4 Left Turns. The band has been working on the album for more than two years, enduring numerous delays including the loss of a guitarist and the installation of new bassist Justin Segbers, replacing original bassist Mike Jones, who departed for college.

“We didn’t lose our bass player for any bad reasons,” Segbers says. “He moved on and he’s in for four years of hell.” “Bands have lots of drama and emotion but we’ve stuck tight,” Novak says. “We’ve lost these people but it’s like, ‘Let’s keep the ball rolling, we’ve got this momentum.’ ”

Losanti’s head-twisting diversity is cranked up to 10 on 4 Left Turns, essentially a seven-song EP clocking in at just under 30 minutes. Novak says the disc represents the band’s frame of mind over the long span of time it took to complete the album.

“We cut a lot of music,” Novak says. “We decided to keep it simple to show people what we could do. The whole album itself is a clusterfuck of ideas and visions. It’s short — these are our best songs, and it’s all different. The album encompasses Cincinnati and deep thought — if you think of four left turns, you get to a stop, you head around the corner, you make four turns and you’re right back where you were, which is heading forward. Which is the direction we’re going.”

“I always thought you had a NASCAR theme going on,” Finch says, jokingly.

Losanti has already enjoyed some plum opening slots around town (including Flobots and Nappy Roots) and they’re looking forward to a summer of festival bookings and perhaps playing out of town before heading back into the studio in August to begi n work on their sophomore album. And although Losanti is having a blast and sharing that good feeling with a rapidly growing fan base, they also understand that business is music’s last name.

“It’s our hard work and determination,” Novak says. “We’re showing up on time, we’re good people and we’re rockin’ out. It’s karma. We like to have a good time and we all invest a lot of energy and effort. It’s the real deal. We’re not doing it because it’s a hobby; we’re doing it because we love it. And we’re never going to sell out. You’re never going to see Bertke wearing eyeliner.”

Last Wednesday’s quick set at the Mad Frog was a tune-up for Losanti’s CD release party this Friday at the Mad Hatter and was an astonishing example of their power and diversity, from the full-throttle power of their brand new songs to their Funk/Hip Pop spin on Jimi Hendrix’s “Wait ’Til Tomorrow.”

The quartet’s marvelously paced hour-long set is proof of Novak’s declaration just minutes before they take the stage.

“We’re trying to get out there and expand our music,” he says. “We get to celebrate tonight because this is our kick-off. We got to make this album and put everything we like into it. We’re uber-excited about it. I say uber for all the Germans in Cincinnati.”

- City Beat by Brian Baker

"Losanti wins X exposure music live!!!"

On March 25, 2007 LOSANTI participated in the 'EXPOSURE Music Live' competition at Madison Theater in Covington, KY and placed 2nd amongst over 30 bands! Thanks to all who came to the show and supported us and 'Concerts First' for having us! - X Exposure Music Live

"Losanti at The Melody Inn (Concert Review)"

August 19, 2009

Torrential rain and phenomenal wind prove time and time again to serve as no deterrent for the live music enthusiasts of Indianapolis. The Melody Inn, unsuspectingly thriving just north of the 38th and Illinois intersection, was their destination on this stormy August Wednesday. The Cincinnati talent known as Losanti was the affair that persuaded them to leave the comfort and protection of their home and come out to support original touring musical acts.

Cincinnati’s gamut of accomplished bands runs as wide as the river it sits upon, boasting everything from funk pioneer Bootsy Collins to world renowned guitarist and talk-boxer Peter Frampton (although born in England, he now resides in Cincinnati). This rich, eclectic musical background comes to light when up-and-coming bands like Losanti treat a crowd to their unique sounds. Obviously inspired by weed-smoking, rasta-tinged Sublime, this band put the “oouu” in groove, complete with repeated rap singing from lead vocalist Jack “J Rhyme” Novak. Surprisingly though, they never stayed there long, frequently upping the tempo and channeling something harder, often in the same song. Spacey guitar solos leading into intense moments of punk-like rock parallel the works of Chicago jam banders Umphreys McGee.

The boys covered Jimi Hendrix with a rendition of “Fire”, allowing guitarist Colin Finch to prove his talent. But even when they returned to their own distinctive style, Finch continued to keep the delicate balance between straightforwardly heavy rock and mellower, reggae-esque tunes. The closing song for the set brought bassist Justin Segbers, and his right thumb, into the spotlight. As he stepped forward, utilizing the slap bass technique with conviction, Segbers and Losanti performed the funkiest song of the evening before saying good-bye to Indiana.

The only disappointment of the night was the length of the show, clocking in at just over a half hour. The audience would have easily been happy to listen for 30 more.

The Melody Inn has built a reputation for good taste in music. Whether it be their award winning jukebox or the fabulous assortment of original and independent artists they book, you can always count on outstanding entertainment at this venue… and Losanti was certainly no exception.
- By: Danielle Look; ZAP TOWN


2008: "4 Left Turns" - debut album 7 Track EP

2006-08: "The Finch Sessions" demo recordings,
"Real Eyes" single EP,
"Hey Baby" single EP,
"Never Coming Back" single EP,
and various rarities.

(www.losanti.com) (www.myspace.com/losanti)



An eclectic colletion of poppy-jazzy, poetry slammin', guitar shreddin, beat bangin', groovy jams from the Soul of the Queen City (Cincinnati).
Losanti is currenty touring the MidWest promoting the release of their first, long anticipated album, "4 Left Turns". They reached out to various newspapers and local radio/TV stations across the Mid West trying to spread the fusion wave. Their determination to share their art led them to opening up and playing with a Number of National Acts including, The Flobots, State Radio, The Nappy Roots, The VilleBillies, The New Amsterdams, The Great Depression, Rumpke Mountain Boys, and many others; proving that their in-your-face, do-it-all attitude and Jaw Dropping stage presence will soon bring them to a show near you!

Throughout their musical adventure, Losanti has played many gigs touring Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Indiana, and Illinois.

Formed in the fall of 2006, Losanti's smooth soulful vocals (Jack Novak), mind shredding guitar (Colin Finch), funkalistic bass grooves (Justin Segbers) and machine-like, crazy precision drums (John Bertke);
bring together a unique eclectic sound, the likes of which, hit home in unique ways.

"Well...I'll bet you're feeling famished for a 311 sandwich, the kind with a Subliminal spread and Red Hot Chili Peppers for a spicy edge. You guessed it, Losanti delivers, and at no extra charge."

Festivals, Club, Private parties, showcases...
Losanti delivers their Artistry like no other!