Los Blancos

Los Blancos

 Syracuse, New York, USA

Los Blancos rips through the roots of American Music. Blues, Soul, Funk, & Zydeco, all played with passion and finesse. Los Blancos doesn't just cross the line between styles, they soak it in tequila and TORCH IT!!!


Making music that spans style and time…
They've been compared to Little Feat, The Allman Brothers, The Radiators, Taj Mahal,
The Band, The Grateful Dead, and countless other breeders of the Roots. On any given night Los Blancos rips through Blues, Memphis Soul, Rockin' Zydeco, Latin, Outlaw Country, Funk, Folk, and a dozen other styles. Born from decades of dues in the hands of a band that plays/writes from the heart, Los Blancos doesn’t just cross the line between genres, they soak it in tequila and Torch It!!!
Enter Colin Aberdeen, an honest voice and heartfelt guitars. Whether he’s beltin’ out the blues, or melting the ladies with a little sweet soul music, Aberdeen is an original. His confident, emotion-filled vocals will wrap around you like your mama’s arms and just make you feel good. And we mean Damn good! Colin will bring down the house when he’s slingin’ that slide on the guitar, too! A true-blue artisan of the roots.
Keyboard angles are covered by the inimitable Mark Nanni. His versatility is unmatchable, his passion on the keys, undeniable. From solo gigs, to band leader, to first-call side man, Nanni has done it all. He is equally at home on piano, churnin’ and burnin’ Leslie organ, or any other board including one bad-ass accordion! His jazz sensibility, intense vocals, and improvisational freedom add a heapin’ helping of color and spice to the Los Blancos stew.
Rhythms are injected by drummer Mark Tiffault, & bassist Steven T. Winston. Tiffault spent years touring with John Lee Hooker, The Kingsnakes, and most recently with Handy Award winner Carey Bell. A roots rock master who can dig it up like Zig, or lay it down like Stubbs, Mark's spirited, soulful playing create the back-beat bed.
Filling out the blessed bottom is the big fat bass of Steven T. Winston. Having been a collaborator on countless gigs around the region, he has the experience and taste to know what fits, no matter what the style. Never content to just bomb the bootyshakin’ bass, Steven T. is a great, burly, bear of a singer, too! These two can go chooglin’ on down like a 2 mile freight train, or float through a bubblin’ stone soul GROOVE!
Downhome harmony and meaty material make this perennially award-winning band a gumbo FEAST for your ears. Best known for their intoxicating live shows, Los Blancos is on the move, move, MOVE!!!


"For Sale By Owner" Doctor K Records 1997
"Special Blend" Parvenu Records 1999
"The Thirst Of A Thousand Camels" 2002 Parvenu Records
"Still Thirsty" Parvenu Records 2003
"Cookin' With The Cats" Parvenu Records 2004

A large number of Los Blancos streaming music files are available at: http://www.garageband.com/artist/losblancos

Set List

Once the gear is up, we never want to stop!!! Our shows are mostly original music, but our repertoire is far too huge to list here. Currently percolating at around 150 tunes spanning everything from Robert Johnson, to Parliament, to Johnny Cash, to Gershwin.