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Los Ciegos Del Barrio

New York City, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 1997 | INDIE

New York City, New York, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 1997
Band Latin World


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"Los Ciegos Del Barrio played during the recent beer fest at the Salisbury Ski Jumps to raise money for the Jane Lloyd Cancer Fund and the Salisbury Winter Sports Association."

Republican - American October 20th 2010
By Ruth Epstein

“Los Ciegos Del Barrio” or “The Blind Guys from the Neighborhood” played during the recent beer fest at the Salisbury ski jumps to raise money for the Jane Lloyd Cancer Fund and the Salisbury Winter Sports Association.

Los Ciegos Del Barrio band (Loosely translated; The Blind guys from the Hood) had those attending the recent beer fest at the Salisbury Ski Jumps moving to its fast-paced rhythms. But along with the praises and compliments from the listeners came surprise to learn the band’s name is not just a catchy choice: Most of the members are legally blind noted musician Eliot Osborn, who along with his wife, Louise Lindenmeir, created Project Troubador, which seeks to send entertainers to countries throughout the world to work with local community leaders in support of a variety of issues.
The couple and George Potts also comprise the “Joint Chiefs”, a popular local band. But back in the late ‘80’s, when songwriter Osborn was trying to support himself, he took a job teaching music at the New York Institute for Special Education, which serves students with disabilities.
Osborn helped then, 15 and 16 year olds establish a band and find places for it to play. “They played the Village Gate for a month and Project Troubador took them to Russia,”he said. “Some of them have played in South America and Africa. I started out as their mentor and ended up as a roadie.”
The band has a special relationship to the Northwest corner because of Osborn and has played in area towns on many occasions.
Osborn talked about the men’s disability, nothing about being blind doesn’t make one musical. “It’s not a help unless there is talent. You’re special if you have both. This band is unique. They listen to each other. After all, you don’t see music, you hear it.”
Band leader Alvin Suarez said Osborn “Taught us to be professional musicians.” The three main band members, including Suarez’s twin brother Derek, are legally blind and while they had enough sight to read music as youngsters, they couldn’t do it fast enough. “So we learned it by ear. We’re always teaching each other.” Suarez said more than their disabilities making them unique, is that they are a multi genre group. “And we’re also bilingual.”
He talked about the wonderful trips they had throughout Project Troubador. The band will be traveling to Cuba in February. “We basically play 2 to 5 free shows a day in such venues as schools and parks. We’re ambassadors of good will for the people.”
While they would love for the music to be their full-time profession, that hasn’t yet happened. They all have other jobs to pay the bills. The New Yorkers enjoy coming up to the Northwest corner, usually playing in the area about 5 times a year.
“This is the real deal,” said Jay Bradley, a drummer and music teacher at Webutuck High School in Amenia, NY., who was listening to the band at the beer fest.
- Republican - American by Ruth Epstein. October 20, 2010

"Día de los Inmigrantes en la ciudad de Pittsfield"

Día de los Inmigrantes en la ciudad de Pittsfield
Posted by
El Pueblo Latino
April 23, 2009 06:10AM

Anita Rivera,
Edición # 338,
Noticias Locales

Foto por Anita Rivera

Por Anita Rivera

El Centro de Inmigrantes de Berkshire celebró el Día de los Inmigrantes el pasado 18 de abril en el salón de actividades de la Primera Iglesia Bautista
en la ciudad de Pittsfield. Es la sexta vez que el evento estilo feria se lleva a cabo con el propósito de proporcionar asesoramiento, información, promoción,
apoyo y remisión a los inmigrantes. Durante la feria, las personas se orientan con relación a varios factores cruciales como lo son el estatus migratorio,
el empleo, la ciudadanía, la vivienda y los servicios sociales.

“El año pasado este evento atrajo alrededor de 400 participantes. La gente viene a este lugar para compartir con las demás culturas ya que es un evento
diverso. Aquí encuentran abogados, especialistas en impuestos y sobre todo queremos que sepan que no están solos y que hay muchos beneficios que pueden
aprovechar,” dijo Brooke Mead, coordinadora del evento.

Hubo comida gratis, entretenimiento multicultural y la música estuvo a cargo del grupo Los Ciegos del Barrio, que vinieron directamente del Bronx, New
El grupo está compuesto de 6 músicos y lo más impactante fue que todos son ciegos e interpretan música para todos los gustos desde salsa, bachata, merengue
y cumbia.

Elizabeth Cardona, Directora de la Oficina del Gobernador en Western Massachusetts, estuvo representando al Gobernador Deval Patrick en el evento. Liliana
Bermúdez, organizadora del Festival Latino de Lee, también estuvo presente con su grupo de baile folclórico. Bermúdez nos informó que este año el festival
se estará llevando a cabo el 26 de septiembre. - El Pueblo Latino - Anita Rivera 4/23/09

"Immigrants Day in Berkshires - Blog entry by Sicilia 3/3/08"

Western MA Coalition for Immigrant & Worker Rights

The Western Massachusetts Coalition for Immigrant and Workers’ Rights is a group of organizations and community members who advocate, educate, organize,
and mobilize to protect the Human, Civil, and Constitutional Rights of all workers and residents in our communities.

Monday, March 3, 2008
Immigrants Day in Berkshires

The 5th annual Immigrants' Day in the Berkshires was a great success! The four hour event included great dancing and poetry by Williams College students,
music by the Cantilena Chamber Choir, performances by Multicultural Dancers and an amazing band, Los Ciegos del Barrio. Guests had a great time dancing
along, especially the little ones.

Senator Benjamin Downing attended the celebration.

In addition to performances, announcements and speeches, the event offered free consultations with immigration attorneys, general practice lawyers and
tax specialists. There were also workshops on Breast Health by Project Heroa, Financial Education by Berkshire Bank, and Higher Education by Berkshire
Community College.

Congratulations to the businesses, volunteers and BIC for making the event a great success.

Posted by Cecilia at
7:19 PM - Western MA. Coalition for Immigrant and Worker Rights.

"NYISE grads tour The Dominican Republic"

NYISE grads tour The Dominican Republic
with Project Troubador
NYISE Alumni graduates performing in the Dominican Republic with their band Los Ciegos Del Barrio.

Between October 8th and October 22nd, 2006 NYISE graduates Arnaldo Vargas, Alvin Suarez and Derek Suarez spent two weeks staging performances in schools,
orphanages, old age homes, AIDS patient facilities, etc., in the Dominican Republic with their band Los Ciegos Del Barrio. The trip was organized and financed
Project Troubador
, a not-for-profit NGO that uses live performance to bridge cultural, racial, and ethnic barriers and to foster a different view of America and Americans
in the developing world.

Over the two week span, Los Ciegos presented twenty two free performances of their merengue, bachata, and salsa stylings, including one in a school for
visually impaired students in Santo Domingo .

Interest in Los Ciegos and their music ran high at every venue and plans to return with assistance from several local NGOs are already in the works. Project
Troubador's founder and Artistic Director is
Eliot Osborn
, at one time a music teacher for Schermerhorn and Van Cleve students at NYISE.
In this photo above, Arnaldo Vargas is playing the  accordion, Alvin Suarez is seated to his right behind a microphone, and Derek Suarez is standing behind
the conga drums.
full sized image
- NYISE Newsletter November 2006

"Review of "Ciegueton" on GarageBand.com by fellow artist "clementeduran" from Bronx NY."

Great Song - Interesting Concept
Love this song. The part that stands out for me the most is the catchy, melodic hook. It does its job as I still have it in my head even after the song
is over. I like the fact that the same hook is done in a variety of ways. The first two are doubled, the next has the commercial-sounding pitch correction
and the last is more natural with the singer singing it his way. It takes away from the repetitiveness and keeps it interesting.

Now let's talk about the singer. He's got an amazing voice! It's very commercial, clean, confident, powerful, original, experienced and well-trained. If
he sings all of the songs for this group, they can go all the way. His tonation is very good and he doesn't particularly sound like anyone. I can't even
say who he reminds me of.

Now for the overall production. I love the concept. It's almost like a watered-down regueton that is family-friendly. It sounds like something you would
hear on a resort. It reminds me of sitting on a beach in the sun, sipping pina coladas, watching kids play and people dance. Regueton was probably not
meant to be that way, but if anyone can change regueton and put it on the world map, it's this group - if they really want to. The rap adds life to it
as well, though I kind of got lost during the first verse. I had no idea what he was talking about. The second verse was more clear - something to the
affect of how the regueton market is. Something tells me that this group doesn't particularly like regueton. To their credit, the lyrics don't seem to
be offensive.

More on the production. The length of the song is perfect and radio-friendly. I like the changes in rhythms, it gives the song variety without making it
lose its drive. The instrumentation is unique with an accordion, a couple of guitars and synths. I like the tropical feel of the percussion and piano.
The voices are well mixed. The singer's voice sounds very big, helped out by some serious echo, nice effect. The rap sounds very powerful and is well-performed.
The backing vocals are out of the way, but audible - the way they should be.

The ideas are creative and the concept is very clever. It sounds like a fusion of regueton, slow merengue, rap, cumbia and R&B. . Fusion is definitely
in. Most songs that are bilingual tend to lose their audience, but because of the simplicity and effectiveness of the vocal hook, this song can break that
trend. In other words, I think this song can be played on any radio station - Spanish or English - and be enjoyed by everyone, even if not everyone understands
all of the lyrics.

If there is anything I would do differently, it would be the end of the song. After the last hook, where the singer is giving his big finish, it becomes
a little too busy. There are too many voices going on at the same time. I'm not a fan of shout-outs, but I'm sure that the band has a reason for them,
so I wouldn't take them away. Overall, a fantastic song and a chart-topper. Keep up the great work guys!

moreText review

Reviewed by:
from Bronx, New York
- http://www.garageband.com/losciegosdelbarrio

"Latino Band's New CD Honors Late Blind Poet: Proceeds Support Performing Arts Scholarship"

New York, NY (June 29, 2009): "¿Por Que? ¡Porque…!" the latest CD from NYC Latino band Los Ciegos Del Barrio was released Tuesday, June 23. It pays tribute
to the late blind poet/educator/activist Mary Anne Parks. Through August 31, 25% of proceeds from the sales will help support a scholarship set up in her
honor. Visit:
Click on "Buy" and the DigStation link.

"We would like to thank the members of Los Ciegos Del Barrio for this generous and thoughtful gift," said Dennis Holston (31, Manhattan), president of
the non-profit Performing Arts Division of the National Federation of the Blind (PAD, NFB), "This is a fitting tribute to Mary Anne, and I know she would
be excited about this new collection."

Though they never met, Mary Anne's work as Performing Arts Division secretary touched their lives. Los Ciegos Del Barrio is featured on PAD's "Sound in
Sight" CD, a multi-genre compilation of 18 original tracks and covers all donated by blind recording artists. The CD, available at:
Or, from CDBaby at:
celebrates the talents of blind Americans and raises funds which support PAD's work. Mary Anne was instrumental in bringing the project to fruition.

"Although I never had the pleasure of meeting Mary Anne personally," says Los Ciegos Del Barrio group leader Alvin Suarez, "we know she had a significant
hand in including us in "Sound in Sight." I never got a chance to thank her personally. We recognize how dear Mary Anne was to so many people and we understand
how incredibly energetic and sweet she was and it was certainly devastating to us when we learned about her passing."

According to Holston, a talent recruiter for the Manhattan-based Visionary Media Company who is in his second term as PAD's president, copies of the new
Los Ciegos del Barrio CD will be sold at the NFB's upcoming national convention in Detroit (July 2-8); proceeds from these sales will also support  the
Mary Anne Parks Performing Arts Scholarship.

Parks was killed at age 31 when a car broadsided the Hands on Atlanta van in which she was riding. A master's candidate who held several leadership positions
in the National Federation of the Blind, Mary Anne was on her way to do volunteer teaching at the time of her death.

"Los Ciegos Del Barrio" is a multi genre Latin music group. They play Merengue, Bachata, Salsa, Cumbia, Reggaeton, and Rock music in both English and Spanish.
"Los Ciegos Del Barrio" literally translates to "The Blind Boys from the Hood". The name was originally meant to be a joke, but they ended up keeping it
as an ice breaker. Most of the band members, who have been playing together since 1997 and recording since 2000, are legally blind.

Members include: Alvin Suarez - Band director, lead guitar, drum kit, percussion and vocals. Derek Christopher Suarez - Bass, Congas, percussion and vocals.
Jaime Diaz - Rhythm guitar, bass and vocals. Machete - Keyboards, harmonica, accordion, percussion and vocals. Jimmy Fontanez - Tambora, bongos and percussion.
Angel Dueno - Guira and timbales. He's the only member who's actually not visually impaired. Angel and Jimmy both live in upstate New York.

For further information about Los Ciegos del Barrio, call: (718) 886-8686, or visit the group's MySpace page at:
- Donna W. Hill

"Salisbury Fall Festival"

Noble Horizons, in Salisbury, CT, welcomes chili lovers and music lovers to their Ninth Annual Fall Festival Chili Cook-Off on Sunday, October 11, from
Noon to 2:00 PM on The White Hart Green. In 2008, hundreds of chili tasters enjoyed over 40 amateur and professional chilies while rocking to the salsa
beat of New York City band Los Ciegos del Barrio. New to the cook-off this year are professional food critics from Food and Wine magazine, Ladies Home
Journal, and the Television Food Network who will judge professional chilies prepared by chefs in the tri-state region!
Cook-Off guests are invited to sample the savory professional chilies as well as taste and vote on their favorite amateur chilies. Voting ends at 1:30
and awards will be announced at 2:00pm. Vegetarian and traditional chilies will be available for take out, or to eat in amidst the rollicking revelry of
Los Ciegos. More information and registration are available at 860-435-9851 or www.noblehorizons.

- Elyse's Country Journal 10/9/2009

"High Energy Latin Band LOS CIEGOS to Release album “Por Que? Porque!” at Parkside Lounge"

Los Ciegos Del Barrio will release the “Por Que? Porque!” album on Dec 4th at 9, held at Parkside Lounge on 317 E Houston St. Also joining them is established
Japanese Gypsy rock band Kagero, and the emerging alt ska rock band Dreadbeat Dadz.

– Nov 16, 2009 – Fresh, driving, lively and bold, the formidable and eclectic Los Ciegos Del Barrio commands upbeat yet fun-loving music and silly but
often philosophical lyrics in their new album "¿Por Que? ¡Porque…!"  The album can best be categorized as a multi-genre Latin album including aspects of
merengue, bachata, West African music, salsa, rap,  reggaeton and Latin rock to name a few.  The album name translates to "Why? Because...!" which is meant
to symbolize their pride in incredible musical diversity and spirit.  Los Ciegos Del Barrio, an all blind band as their name implies, has had their music
dubbed "impressive" by El Pueblo Latino and "rocking...rollicking revelry" by Elyse's County Journal of Connecticut.

"¿Por Que? ¡Porque…!" is currently being digitally distributed through CDBaby, iTunes and Amazon among others.  With an increasing influx of Internet and
terrestrial radio play and interview requests, Los Ciegos continues to reaffirm their great artistry in the Tri-State region.  Their signature reggaeton
track, “Ciegueton,” has received much positive feedback, including an accolade of Track of the Week on the Latin Charts of Garageband.com.  The National
Federation for the Blind (NFB) has embraced Los Ciegos del Barrio with open arms, and the band has given proceeds from album sales to the Mary Ann Parks
Scholarship put forth by the Performing Arts Division of the NFB.

The CD Release Show will take place at the pleasantly neon-lit Parkside Lounge in the heart of the bustling Lower East Side.  The venue is acclaimed for
its well-priced drinks, its spaciousness, and various bar-games, and its high-caliber candlelit musical performance room.  Los Ciegos will be joined by
 the gifted and talented Japanese Gypsy rock band Kagero and the up-and-coming, driven alternative ska rock band Dreadbeat Dadz, combining to render a
formidable night in music.

Los Ciegos Del Barrio is available for phone interview and possible live interview and performance in the Mid-Atlantic Tri-State region. Please contact
losciegos@losciegosdelbarrio.com for further arrangements.
Please visit Los Ciegos Del Barrio's website at www.losciegosdelbarrio.comfor media and further information.  Be sure to visit their online press kit at

for a full bio and downloadable photos.  They are also present on social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and Myspace.

We cordially invite members of the press to come out and see for yourself what others are just hearing about!

- Press release 11/16/2009

"The Blind Musician’s Collective is Proud to Present Top Acts at the NYC Shrine Bar, 3-26-2010"

The Blind Musicians Collective of NYC (BEAM NYC) will be presenting acclaimed artists Lachi, Los Ciegos Del Barrio and emerging group Dreadbeat Dadz in
concert on Friday March 26 at 8pm for a premier showcase. The showcase will be held at the popular Shrine bar on 2271 Adam Clayton Powell Jr Blvd, NY,

New York, NY (
) March 10, 2010 -- When thinking of a blind musician, we imagine an African-American male with dark glasses on a piano singing R&B, and though Stevie Wonder
and Ray Charles have had their heyday as noteworthy, superb blind musicians in the past, a new wave of modern, hardworking, extremely talented and diverse
visually impaired musicians have materialized at the commercial level in NYC and around the globe representing everything from Singer-songwriter and Rock
to Latin and Ska. Yes, blind individuals have a certain stigma within society of being dependent, feeble and inane; however, the mission of the Blind Musicians
Collective is not only to empower its musicians through fellowship and networking, but to promote them through performance opportunities, and showcases,
in order to dismiss misconceptions. Unlike the organizations of today who claim to aid blind individuals but are bogged down by politics disorganization
and an inability to truly relate, the Collective is set forth for and complete run and supported by highly educated, hardworking, professional blind musicians
in the music industry at a grassroots, realistic and synergetic level.

On March 26th BEAM will showcase some of NYC’s top talents, including the buzzing Rock Songstress, Lachi (and her all blind band) who’s recently signed
a record deal with Fanatic Records (EMI/Capitol) and is showcasing at the South By South West 2010 Music Conference in Austin TX; well-established, high-energy,
multigenre Latin band Los Ciegos Del Barrio who’ve recently released the successful "Por Que? Porque!" album, and the up-and-coming Ska Punk band Dreadbeat

However, these artists are exceptionally above average; their music and performance chops are impeccable, and their diligence and business savvy are just
as impressive.
Some may wrongly assume that these artists are just as good as any other artists out there, yet the only difference is that they are blind. However, these
artists are exceptionally above average; their music and performance chops are impeccable, and their diligence and business savvy are just as impressive.
Expect a stellar, talent-filled line up at Harlem’s own Shrine Bar, popular for its rich musical showcase experiences, well-priced drinks and great food!
There is no cover at the door; however, donations are highly appreciated.

For information visit:

Los Ciegos Del Barrio:
Dreadbeat Dadz:

# # #
- Press Release 3/10/2010

"SOUNDSCAPES | A Limited Vision Musicians' Collective Takes North America"

Culture  |  Interview with Lachi, and Alvin Suarez of Los Ciegos del Barrio, Mar-Apr 2010

Afro-American alternative rock singer-songwriter
has just returned from the American music festival SxSW (South by Southwest) while Latin-American eclectic band leader Alvin Suarez of
Los Ciegos del Barrio
prepares for shows overseas. They took time to talk to HELO about bringing their music to new audiences, about growing up with music while legally-blind,
and about how they’ve worked together for solidarity among limited-vision musicians.


HELO: Thank you very much for talking with HELO Magazine. You guys are united in, would you call it a collective? BeamNYC?

Lachi, singer-songwriter: We’re several visually impaired bands. We get together, do shows, and hang out. We do jam sessions and empower ourselves through
our music with fellowship and getting the word out to New York City and beyond.

H: What about your roots? How did you get into music in the first place?

Alvin Suarez, band leader of Los Ciegos del Barrio: We [distinct from Lachi’s band] are a Latin American band. Our roots represent Puerto Rico, the Dominican
Republic, Cuba, Guatemala, and of course the United States.

We enjoy music from all over Latin America and we enjoy rock music and hip hop, just about anything and everything. Since we’ve been oversees, we’ve actually
picked up music from Africa, Europe, the Caribbean, places like that. Since we’re very passionate about the music we do, we also feel passionate about
other cultures, so we feel that music is really a universal language of culture.

As individuals, we represent the visually-impaired and blind community. The roots of our music represent Latin America.

H: And the name of your band, Los Ciegos del Barrio, for the non-Spanish speaking audience? Where does the name come from?

Alvin: It means “The Blind Boys from the Neighborhood”, but I guess we cut it short and modernized it to “Blind Boys from the Hood.” All of us are legally-blind.
For those who don’t know what legally-blind means, it does mean that we are not totally blind. We do have limited vision, but there’s a certain legal classification
that serves as a border between seeing enough to do activities like drive. The agreed border is 20/200; anything worse than 20/200 but there are other

I have a twin brother. My name is Alvin. My brother’s name is Derek. We don’t see very well at night. We only have maybe five to eight feet of vision, practically
blind at night. But our sight improves when there’s lighting. One of the other guys in the band has cataracts better than we do, but has to hold papers
up to his face to read it. The other three guys are the opposite as my brother and I. They don’t see when it’s light; they see better when it’s dark.

We initially called ourselves Los Ciegos del Barrio as a joke, but the name kind of stuck. It’s an ice breaker. There are some people in our community that
might be concerned with the stigma [potentially related] to the name of the band, but the way we feel is it’s not a weakness for us.

Lachi: For my band, we and Los Ciegos del Barrio share two members. However, I am personally from West Africa and my guitar player is from Trinidad. The
other two members are from the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. All of our musical elements, especially the newer stuff we’re trying to write together
combines it all. What we do is rock, but our roots from other cultures come together to make something more unique than just alternative, straight ahead
rock. There are elements of West Indian styles, as well.

We all have our different histories. I can speak for myself on the origins of my music, and it does tie into my vision. When I was a baby, I didn’t learn
how to speak until about the age of three. One of those things that helped me learn how to speak other than people just trying to teach me was when my
mother bought me one of those little keyboards that have like eight notes.

The more I tried to bang on it, the more I was able to speak. I graduated to a bigger keyboard and then several keyboards and then a grand piano, things
like that. As I grew musically, I was able to grow intellectually.

Because I’m visually-impaired, I had issues in school, so I would sort of block myself off and write stories or music. Performing really allowed me to have
an outlet and be myself. When I wasn’t performing, I was just sitting in the corner studying or being really quiet. But when I got up on stage and started
playing piano I was able to show people who I was. That’s when I knew I had to do music. It really did hold my hand and help me grow.

[Continued below...]
Slow Down Music Video

Lachi |
MySpace Music Videos 

H: With the experience of West Africa, was there a stark difference between there and here for you, or not?

Lachi: I wasn’t born in West Africa. My parents and older sisters are from there. - Helo Magazine 3/04/2010

"Downtown Sounds extends summer run"

Downtown Sounds Extends Summer Run

Glen Cove's weekly music concert series scheduled for July 2 through Aug. 27. 

Tony Tedeschi
Email the author
| June 9, 2010


  The City of Glen Cove and the Downtown Business Improvement District (BID) have joined forces to offer an enhanced version of the traditional Downtown
Sounds this summer. The concert series is slated to run every Friday from July 2 to Aug. 27. From left are Councilman Tony Jimenez, Deputy Mayor Maureen
Basdavanos, Downtown BID Executive Director Francine Koehler, Mayor Ralph Suozzi, Councilman Nick DiLeo, Downtown Sounds Chairperson Susan Challender,
radio personality Joseph Manfredi and Councilwoman Delia DeRiggi-Whitton. new  

Photos (2)

The City of Glen Cove and the Downtown Business Improvement District (BID) have joined forces to offer an enhanced version of the traditional Downtown Sounds
this summer. The concert series is slated to run every Friday from July 2 to Aug. 27. From left are Councilman Tony Jimenez, Deputy Mayor Maureen Basdavanos,
Downtown BID Executive Director Francine Koehler, Mayor Ralph Suozzi, Councilman Nick DiLeo, Downtown Sounds Chairperson Susan Challender, radio personality
Joseph Manfredi and Councilwoman Delia DeRiggi-Whitton.

Kicking off the schedule will be Los Ciegos del Barrio, a multi-genre Latin music group from New York City.

Your photos, videos & PDFs:

The City of Glen Cove and the
Downtown Business Improvement District (BID)
have joined forces to offer an enhanced version of the traditional Downtown Sounds this summer. The series will start on July 2 and run every Friday until
Aug. 27.

Two Saturday concerts have also been placed on the schedule this year for July 31 and Aug. 21.   

The concerts, which will take place in Village Square at the intersection of Glen and Bridge streets, are free.  

"Bringing together the resources and experience of the city and the BID has created the next evolutionary step in our drive to make Glen Cove the music
capital of Long Island," said Mayor Ralph Suozzi.

For the past 13 years, the concerts and festivities have become a highly anticipated part of summertime in the city's downtown, according to Francine Koehler,
the executive director of the BID.  

"As co-producers of Downtown Sounds with the City of Glen Cove, the Downtown BID is able to open new opportunities to the entire Glen Cove business community,"
Koehler said. 

The BID created its first free concert downtown in 1997 with Jazz on the Square. Over the years, the concept has evolved to accommodate a variety of musical
styles, with this year's program including jazz, rhythm and blues, rock, folk and Latin music.  

Additionally, the 2010 program is partnering with Old Westbury WEB Radio and Old Westbury Television at SUNY College at Old Westbury, to webcast live from
the Plaza. Joseph Manfredi, the radio station's manager and the "Velvet Voice of Downtown Sounds," will emcee each event.  

Kicking off the schedule will be Los Ciegos del Barrio, a multi-genre Latin music group from New York City that plays merengue, bachata, salsa, cumbia,
reggaeton and rock in both English and Spanish. The band's name translates to The Blind Boys from the Hood, appropriate since most of the members are legally
blind. They have been playing together since 1997 and have been recording albums since 2000. 

"We've selected the various acts via our own research, inquiries from performers, word of mouth from other performers and recommendations from our sound
man, Pat McLaughlin, who works venues throughout the area," Koehler explained.   

"We find more and more people want to do things closer to home," added Deputy Mayor Maureen Basdavanos. "Also, since the city has joined forces with BID,
we've expanded the reach of the
Music Box Dinners
by offering participation to all our restaurants."  

Participating restaurants will develop a menu including an appetizer/salad, entrée, dessert and beverage for a set price — most likely $15 — while the BID
will provide the packaging. Info will be posted on a display downtown and on the BID's Web site. Customers can order one of the meals from a participating
restaurant, pick it up, then take it downtown to enjoy the music.    

Much of the support for Downtown Sounds is via various North Shore businesses. This year, American Community Bank is serving as title sponsor for the second

"Sponsorship of this concert series is a great way to highlight our support for Glen Cove and at the same time connect with potential and existing customers,"
said Janet Knipfing, the bank's president. 

The shows, which are slated to begin at 7:30 p.m., are rain or shine events. "We will have a tent over the stage," Basdavanos said, "and in really bad weather,
we will move the show to City Hall."  

For more information, visit the BID's
Web site.  


July 2– Los Ciegos d - The Glen Cove Patch


1998 - Self titled demo. (Out of print.) 
2000 - "No Lo Dude" 
2003 - "Dominando"

2007 - "brown Eyed girl". (single)  
2009 - "¿Por Que? ¡Porque…! "  

2012 - Live In Havana Cuba.

2016 - el Futuro.



Fresh, driving, lively and bold, the formidable and eclectic Los Ciegos Del Barrio commands upbeat yet fun-loving music and silly but often philosophical
and thought provoking lyrics in their new album "El Futuro." Their music can best be described as multi-genre, bilingual Latin music including aspects of merengue, bachata,
Cumbia, West African music, salsa, reggaeton and Latin rock to name a few. The album name translates to "The Future." which is meant to symbolize their
outlook in an ever changing world within them and around them.  Los Ciegos Del Barrio, an all blind band as their name implies, has had their music dubbed "fun, fun and more fun..."
by Jamsphere Magazine and "changing challenged communities one song at a time" by People Magazine.

With an increasing influx of Internet and terrestrial radio play and interview requests, Los Ciegos has enjoyed a plethora of underground exposure and has even enjoyed some mainstream success with features on Univision TV, Fox News Latino and People Magazine.  They were recently awarded by City Access in New York City, for their contributions to the Latin and challenged communities throughout their career.

Los Ciegos Del Barrio continue to reaffirm their great artistry in the United States, as well as overseas in Cuba, Russia and the Dominican Republic, as they have played all kinds of shows from festivals, to school functions to college
parties to corporate functions. Their signature Salsa track, their version of the classic dance hit “Mama Used To Say,” has received much positive feedback, including hitting number one on the independent artist site, ReverbNation.

Los Ciegos Del Barrio is truly the most professional, hard working, yet fun loving band you'll ever come across.  they play both originals and covers. 
They do not disappoint.

Band Members