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"boiling-point-rock 'n' flashpoint-roll!"

Now then boys and girls, if yer Gran asks you the name of this band just tell her Los Conios. If she asks you what that means tell her you don't know. If she speaks Spanish - you're in trouble!! Whatever, Los Conios are a real experience - an adrenalin rush - a real hard rockin' experience unlike anything you've ever come across!! Now aint that the truth!!

Anyway, Los Conios is very much a no holds barred kinda rock'n'roll outfit - all straight talkin', street English and no prizes for restraint. Imagine Frank Zappa's Mothers Of Invention on a grumpy day - hold that thought about serious musicians, serious music and 'expletive city'!! That's sort of where Los Conios are comin' from! No, make no mistake these boys sure can play; this is boiling-point-rock 'n' flashpoint-roll, rockin' pop with true spirit and real guts - ballsy, rancid, the whole darn thing up there on a pedestal for you to partake of. If you're at all concerned about straight-talkin' and expletive abuse then perhaps you shouldn't be looking at Los Conios. Open minded, lookin' for a bit of reality and light relief - take a peep in here, have a crack at Los Conios - you might be surprised. I know I was!!

Los Conios are impressively solid in their musical artform. These guys can certainly rock with the best of 'em! Musically, Los Conios have much to offer - lyrically, well it's not for everybody that's for sure. But, believe me when I say that to miss what Los Conios are offering would be a shame, almost criminal coz Los Conios are actually shit-hot and this little three tracker is bloody good! Here we have 'Mr Wolfs', 'Mental Health' and 'Roger' and that just not enough - these are seriously impressive tracks - Los Conios are definitely not short on talent!!

Actually, I knew what to expect regarding the 'content' here. What I wasn't ready for was the quality of musicianship, the innovation, the raw energy, the fantastic vibe, the fun factor, the complete entertainment quotient of Los Conios - superb, really really enjoyable, seriously good musicians, excellent songs - bloody great actually!!

Now I realise that Los Conios aren't gonna fit in with most people's taste - they're sure to upset a promoter or three, they're bound to get the plugs pulled by many a worried venue owner. But, get passed those few minor problems and you've got yourselves a great band that'll entertain you all night long and send you home smiling. Brilliant stuff from a really great band - excellent - I love it!! - www.toxicpete.co.uk

""melodic & gleefully filthy""

"Clue's in the name, really. Measured, introspective acoustica sure ain't the Conios way. No, theirs is a melodic, gleefully filthy take on hardcore punk, with nods to The Cramps, Pixies and Husker Du. Juggernaut bass lines are plentiful, yet, through them, tuneful, textured guitar melodies are allowed to thread their way. Nice, too, how - at odds with the sonic fistfights going on in the background - Adam Rich's vocals remain controlled and melodic, creating the contrast of croon and crash that Dave Vanian managed for The Damned. Lyrically, they're on far surer ground with penny-dreadful humour ("I want to fuck you, I am a man/My name is Roger, I'm in your ceiling fan") than social observation - opener 'Mr Wolfs', which despite being very easy on the ear, is humstrung by some tired bourgeois-bashing ("See the sights, absorb the culture/Exploit the locals, like a fucking vulture"). Stick to what you're best at, you cunts, and don't get serious on us." 3/5
- Steve Wright - Venue magazine - Southwest


Over the years since we came into the world of music, we have put out 4 CDs, each one better and beefier than the last, each one released entirely off our own backs. Except Sounds Of The Night, where the recording time (done at FFG studios) was the prize for a competition we won with the previous EP!

Sounds Of The Night (3 Tracks, 2009)

Captain Puffs Carpet Twat Along (3 Tracks, 2008)

G.B.H. (9 tracks, 2007)

It's Not All About Cats (6 Tracks, 2005)

Apart from recording our own music, we've also enjoyed airplay from a number of radio stations both online and on air. Most recently we have been aired by Organ FM and BBC Bristol Introducing.

Just before Christmas 2009 we recorded a 3 track live acoustic set for BBC Bristol Introducing. Not ones for being pigeon-holed, our drummer played accordion...!

We have a track on iTunes courtesy of Red Square Records "Sounds For A Jilted Generation" compilation

We are also available for free download from Artscare Records as part of their second compilation album, which can be downloaded here: http://bit.ly/ArtscareCD2



‘Los Conios - covering approximately 71% of the Earth’s surface‘

Hailing from Bristol, Los Conios (Adam, Tom, Gary and Owen) are making the kind of original arse-whipping, trouser-soiling rock that recently made Jello Biafra remark how ‘It was great to play with someone weird instead of the same old shit’.
Mixing rock, pop and rockabilly with the heady spirit of punk, Los Conios have been ‘D.I.Y.’ from the beginning. With one album and three EPs self-released to date, the band have recently supported and earned the respect of the Stiff Little Fingers, the Dead Kennedys and Jello Biafra. Having gone down a storm at a punk festival held in the legendary Paris underground venue ‘La Miroiterie’ with Louis Lingg and the Bombs in December 2008, Los Conios have received radio play from Organ FM and the BBC – most recently performing a live session on BBC Radio Bristol in November 2009. They are also feautured on upcoming compliations for Artscare records and Redsquare records.

Musically, Los Conios exist in the empty spaces between Frank Zappa, Pixies and the Cramps - but you’d really have to make up your own mind. When seeing them live, Los Conios won’t just play for you – they’ll give you a show. The last few years spent honing their act, from Cardiff to Camden and back again, Los Conios have crafted a frenzied and idiosyncratic live show that puts most other live acts to shame.

Los Conios will soon be booking up and embarking on an extensive UK tour in early 2010, set to finish in Dublin. The band also plan to record their second full-length studio album for submission to prospective labels and publishers in order to secure a deal for its distribution and general release.

Please take a look, have a peep and open up your eyes and mind to…

Los Conios
…which, by the way, is Spanish for something rude.

Bookings, press requests and general enquiries can be addressed by contacting the band at:

VENI, VIDI, SMASHI - ‘They came, they saw, they smashed into it’