Los Crudos

Los Crudos


We're an eclectic blend of homespun lyrics with a British rock and country blues influence. We take the known tunes and throw our own arrangements and instrumentation for individual flare.


We all come from diffferent backgrounds. Chris Cornish is from coffee houses performing covers from groups like Jethro Tull, The Who, Stone and Zep along with Joe Walsh-esque originals

Marc Pierce has a history playing music in the South in places like Alabama and Nashville. He is a great song writer with catchy phrases and quirksome tales. Although country blues in flavor, Marc is known for his punkish stylings as well.

Chris Naire-Has played locally for many years in classic rock bands and has openned up for headliner acts in the past. Chris provides a matrix for the group with his harmonies, rhythm playing, and can do whatever and wherever needed instrumentation.


See www.myspace.com/loscrudosbrothers.com

Set List

The songs vary from gig to gig depending on the venue. We have gone from playing classic rock to ribald Christmas tunes. Our song list is very limited to about 4-500 tunes. So, we're there as needed from bars to weddings...whatever.