Los Einstein

Los Einstein

 Hollywood, California, USA

Picture F18's ripping over head shaking the ground. Now cruising with the radio on under a calm starry sky. This is the diverse energy coming off the stage at a Los E Concert. Listening to the record is one side. Matt Einstein and band live is a Rock n' Roll experience.




Los Einstein blends the swagger of raw rock-n-roll with classy jazz melodies and the smooth grooved drive of funk and soul to create a renewed sound for today’s air waves.

When a charismatic front man from New York, Matt Einstein, met writing partner/ guitarist, Chris Vazquez, they both agreed “there is, sadly, a growing acceptance of mediocrity in American culture”. Building on this belief they decided Los Einstein would be an uncompromising mix of talented musician ship and innovative, original song writing.

With the addition of Bolivian Drummer- Enrique Lara, Californian Bass Player- Justin Smolian and Alaskan Saxophonist - Kyle O'Donnell, the Los Einstein sound was born and continually evolves.

“Everything is done organically; we play what we feel while keeping an ear to all of our individual influences and styles. There’s no definite structure or sound that we hold our selves to, there’s no pop formula being catered to.” – Christopher Vazquez -Guitar.

“We’re not about over production. We play music that is natural, can be performed any time anywhere with basic instruments and sound great” – Justin Smolian – Bass

Los Einstein aims to keep their music honest and tasteful, but most importantly they strive to be innovative in their approach. Having recently released their debut effort "Can't Let The Dream Die” a live record, Los Einstein is making a bold and positive statement hoping that like minded musicians and fans will join them in the cause.


One More Time

Written By: Matt Einstein

Your baby's giving me the fever
Little mamma's giving me the chills
When your lady's not around me
Know I'll be feasting on pills (a steady diet)
When the storm cloud around you:
(You) Saw your lady with another man
I said little man, get out of my face
I ain't scared to end up in the c an

I ain't gonna tell you one more time
I ain't gonna go on like this
She keeps on givin' you the runaround
When 're you ever gonna get this? (scream)

Me and your lady have some history
like when I came from behind
I said now there's no other pill to take
'Cause I'll take hers then I'll take mine (all the time)


Come on babe
You know you better
watch me sing, come on now
Move that thing, you're always on top
come on babe
You know you better
watch me sing
Come on and
Move that thing
and make me feel alright

Oh when the storm cloud came around you
lightning was blowin' up your house
I am a lion in the jungle
and boy, you're just a field mouse


See You Again

Written By: Matt Einstein

I don't know
Oh, where I'm goin'
but I really want to see you again
You're confused about
where you're goin'
and I really want to see you again

I've been going down
I've been spinning round
I've been lookin' out
but I hit the ground
It's just been too damn long
Praise the interval
Climb the terminal
It's delusional and illogical
you just can't make it two feet down

Feelin' a little something
about the
things you can't hide
I'm reminiscent about the holdings
of our great ol' mind x2


Said they tried to warn
When they tried to swarm
Blame the inner folks
with the local hoax
They're just outspoken and abused
You said you're going down?
You've been above the cloud?
Said you're spinning round
not just two feet down
you just can't weather through the storm

Catch My Breath

Written By: Matt Einstein

Dynamite blowing all around me
You know it never seemed so hard to stand
and it seems so destructive
all around me
c'mon give me a helping hand
All the pressure brewin' deep inside of me
You know its throwing me against the wood grain
I've got all this depression deep inside of me
Goin' the wrong path down the wrong way

'Cause I've been so tired
of holding on
I don't know how much
I've got left
'Cause I've been made so tired
of lovin' you
I can barely catch my breath

Baby don't you know what you been doin' yeah
You've been messin' around inside of my mind
Babe you know my mind been miscontruin' yeah
longing for you all the time


Bridge (VII lyrics) – solo -

I can barely catch my breath x3


Can't Let the Dream Die

Written By: Matt Einstein

You can't let the dream Die!
Why don't you just let the dream die, yeah?
Ohh, You can't let the dream die!


Let Her Go

Written By: Matt Einstein

Very well, where do I begin
On the back-roads smoking joints my friend?
Or in the lost piano room that we were in?
It felt like it was meant to be- when we wrote a symphony
Who knew you would take your life so talented
and throw it down the drain
But I thought surviving ain't the point
We will never be the same

You just couldn't find a way to tell her now

Chorus x2
Ooh, oh I just don't know
Oh, I know you loved her so
but some times you gotta let her go

We went creepin' in the back woods just for fun
You know we weren't hurting anyone
then pulled out Roger Dodger with his '44' gun
We backed up, hauled ass and- left in one piece and said it

You just couldn't find a way to tell her yeah

Chorus x2

When you ignore the voice of reason
You'd end up with Johnny's fate
He put himself in constant places all the time
My boy Johnny , He could never wait
Now I find myself not listening 'very much'
Heard you saying it was all for sport
You could do anything you wanted
If you ignore the punches

You couldn't find a way to tell her yeah.

Chorus x7

My Demons

Written By: Matt Einstein

Well I, I won't go in peace (soft)
Yeah my demon's been released x2

Well, I've been here
standing there
lying here for hours
I was left here thinkin' that you have
been empowered
Goin' out the window, I see now oh that you
Take my hand slowly
looking round – only to find
the things you've done for me

Chorus (hard)

If you whisper, you'll find truth
listen to what I am tellin' you x2

Chorus (hard)

You can set me free oh yeah
You can set me free oh yeah
You can set me free oh yeah

Chorus x2 (hard-soft)

Can't Go On

Written By: Matt Einstein

I've been feeling somethin' real tonight
feelin' something strong I can't deny

I can't go on without you anymore
feelin lonely, now I feel

Girl you've got me asking all these questions
Things I never thought that I would ask
Do you think our love will last forever?
Or when will I just be part of your

I've been feeling broken and alive
feelin' something strong I can't deny


Chorus x2

Pre-Chorus x2

The Highway

Written By: Matt Einstein

Kickin' up the curb ridin' under the bus
Praying to the lord now what's the fuss
Only you know I'm never gonna bust
while I'm on my own
Lookin' out the back door into the wind
Buddy knows that I'm at it again
and you know that I'm bound to win when I'm on my own.

Chorus x2
You know I've seen the Highway
but I'm bound now to do it my way
On my own. On my own.

Sittin' in the back waitin' for this moment.
Sittin' on the porch cocked ready to shoot it
Oh you know I'm about to boot it – while I'm on my won
Bleedin' out the ass waitin' for that Sunday
Sittin' in a rockin' chair waitin on Monday
and you know that I've got the hunch while I'm on my own

Chorus x1

VII x1

Chorus x2

Oh you know I've seen the Highway baby

The Truth

Written By: Matt Einstein

Did you ever notice – oh have you been there
or are you just goin' home
Did you ever notice babe
Did you ever find?
Did you ever notice
You said you'd been there
Or are you just goin' to Rome
Did you ever notice baby
Did you ever see?

Now I'm gonna tell you a little story
Something you ought to know
Oh when I tell you oh this story
Come see me right after the show

Can you feel this something yeah
Come-on babe tell me the truth
Ohh I feel that something – yeah
(The feeling when I look at you)
The feeling when I look at you

Can you be so mindful on your journey
or did you ever look back
Can you be so mindful yeah
Did you ever think of me?
Can you be mindful on your journey
for giving me such slack
Can you be mindful, yeah
Can you even see?



Instrumental Breakdown (drum solo)

Can you feel this something
Come on ….......... tell me the truth

World's Collide

Written By: Matt Einstein

Whoa – you gotta feel it in you soul
Come on mamma, come and grab a little hold of me
Whoa, oh you gotta feel it in your soul
Come on and grab a little hold of me

I said you sit down right in front of me
feeling tenderly
Sit down right next to me
Your and my worlds collide

Whoa gotta feel it in your heart
Come on babe, Come on and grab a little part of me
I sold you oh oh
You gotta feel it in your heart
Come on babe, come on put your little hands on me


I've been rollin' down this highway
But for what? I've been so wrong
Someone come and tell me where I'm going
I've been wandering on the 101

Solo (guitar)

Whoa – you gotta feel it in your mind – come on baby
Come on apply your little binds on me


Bridge (louder on drums – tribal)

Alt Bridge
Down the Mexican Valley
Oh up the highest canyon
Down the Malibu. shoreline
Yeah, I'm wandering on – yeah – on the 101


Can't Let the Dream Die- July, 2010

Set List

Can't Let the Dream Die
Let Her Go
The Highway
Catch My Breath
One More Time