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Loyal Servant

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Loyal Servant's music is uplifting, inspiring and real. Welcome to Godcore Hip Hop.


At this point in Loyal Servant's life he realizes that the only thing that matters is God. Jesus Christ is why he does what he does. You won't hear Loserv bragging about jewlry, money and cars. His main subject is the things of God. He wants to show the world that you can have all things with ease if you seek God and his Kingdom first. Know this about Loyal Servant, he is committed to giving the youth truth through his music.

Loyal Servant has ministerd at several local Churches and events over the past six years in Jacksonville, FL. David's main goal is to continue producing Christian Hip Hop and introduce Hip Hoppers world wide to Christ.

Contact: Loyalservant2001@yahoo.com or 904-591-7089.

David Clemons Jr. is a member of The Church of Jacksonville, Pastors Michael T. & Connie Smith.


First Cd released by Loyal Servant is entitled SUMGONB'LEF (Some gone be left). Cd is available for purchase at www.Cdbaby.com/Loyalservant. The new Cd will be available for purchase soon. The new cd is entitled ENGSUSNAM (In Jesus Name).

Set List

Typically 2 to 4 songs 4 minutes in length per track.

1. Let Pride GO
2. Let's Get It
3. In Jesus Name
4. Wanna Love Ya