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“Habrá más emisiones en Palenque, Comitán, San Cristóbal, con la intención de llevar a los artistas pero también para llevar los servicios que muchas veces por pena no se aprovechan, nosotros se los llevamos y nos interesa que los usen y que los usen bien.”

Previo al arranque del Festival de Música y Grafitti “Vibra Chiapas”, los Esquizitos, grupo iniciador del Surf en México y quienes cerraron con broche de oro este festival, manifestaron la inquietud de que eventos como estos se reproduzcan en diversos estados de la República Mexicana.

Will, integrante de los Esquizitos, manifestó: “Algo que sería increíble es que en toda la República sucedieran este tipo de eventos con una causa, ya para aprovechar y que sean por causas que le ayuden a cada entidad”.

Por su parte jóvenes que asistieron y disfrutaron de este evento opinaron al respecto de la siguiente manera: “Estamos aquí, qué bueno que hacen esos eventos para los jóvenes. Yo creo que el gobierno ha sido muy claro y que tenemos que usar protección y por las enfermedades venéreas“. “Lo veo muy bien, es una forma muy divertida de comunicar a los chavos y la manera que hay para prevenirla, una forma divertida“. “Para mí me gusta la música y eso hace que los chavos no se metan tanto en las adicciones y divertirse sanamente”. “Me parece muy bien, es para nosotros, me parece muy padre“. “Debemos hacer mas eventos así, porque deja una conciencia, un buen aprendizaje, me parece excelente”. “Está muy bien porque dan información para la juventud de ahora”. - Informador Chiapaneco

Güili Damage, Nacho Desorden, Álex y su baterista Brisa se acomodaron en el escenario y comenzaron su set con una canción de su próximo material Tú Quieres Ser Como Yo. En su set que era bastante variado entre canciones viejitas y nuevas, incluyeron covers de The Cramps, Velvet Underground y The Ramones, cosa que fue aplaudida por todo el público. Obviamente no podían olvidarse de sus éxitos Santo y Lunave, Lancha Con Fondo de Cristal y Pum Pum Bang Bang, canción con la cual todo mundo coreó la famosa frase “Adiós tristeza, hola botella de licor”. - MARVIN MAGAZINE


Los Esquizitos - LP (Opción Sonica, 1998)

Hágalo Usted Mismo (Do It Yourself) - EP (Clásicos Atrabancados/Grabaxiones Alicia, 2000)

Tú quieres ser como yo (You want to be like me) - LP (Discos Intolerancia, 2011)



“The contracted debt with Los Esquizitos is initial. Its direct influence can be found in the epidemic they spread without asking for it, by chance. In the quarry of their obsessions, a side b of a scene subdued to the no-longer-charming hit, was carved; because first of all, Los Esquizitos listened and listen to music. In a stupid and insistent way, as if by having it, they could lack everything else. The reasons to form a band are infinite. Theirs was out of urgency, to plug and brake. Back then, nobody needed something similar to Los Esquizitos, but they managed to convince the world about the opposite. They were ignored by some. Many others, they ones who decided to follow them, got the message: rock is that big joke to laugh at, even if you don’t quite get it. This is the story of Los Esquizitos up to now, where the laughter is still echoing. We never knew how the story of the weasel ended; and us, the ones in the debt hope never to find out.” Rodrigo Márquez Tizano

Brisa: The terror of drum skins. A housewife on an antibombs shelter, she cooks lead with a copper grapeshot to feed her little bird. All that Tank Girl is and knows, she learnt from Brisa (even having a kangaroo boyfriend). Speak gently to her because she knows 9 different martial arts and she lights her cigarettes from the sparks of your crashed thightbone.

El Tio Alex (Uncle Alex): Alechemist, bohemian, philosopher, and sybarite. It is so easy for him to turn things into gold that he gets bored and instead he sheds his knowledge over the glowing skins of the adolescents that surround him. When he is late to hit the sun, he plugs his guitar to remind him who rules here.

El Profesor Desorden (Professor Mess): More distinguished than Goebbels and more convincent than the Slimstep infomercials. Doctor Lameme is the only one close to his hipnotic powers. He is capable of originating or stopping cataclysims when he plays the bass. It is never the wrong moment to offer him a beer, but that doesn’t guarantee you that he will forgive your life.

El Uilis: Behind that spastic and festive façade, there is a coarse spirit. He keeps his most sinister talents to change your body chemistry out of a microphone. If you have the temper to start a conversation with him, consider yourself lost when you think he abruptly changes the subject. From that point on, you’ll be possesed.

A band of brothers, almost friends. A band of music lovers, almost musicians. A cult band that planted the seed for the surf-garage movement, so that newer generations would harvest its fruits; shirts with flower prints, wrestlers’ masks, the beach fantasy of Mexico in the 50s, and of course, the magic of black and white cinema with exotic beauties and unusual monsters are part of today’s bands slang; who only ten years ago was a rarity on Mexico City’s popular belief.

This collosal band was formed in the mid ninties. Their first show took place in the venue of the multidisciplinary coffee place BillArt on May 4th , 1994, show to which they were introduced as the “Ultimate Freak Rockers”.

Breeze, the drummer, owned an underground bar called Tuttifrutti; Nacho Desorden (bassist) and Güili Damage (guitar, theremin, and voice) shared occupation at a famous record store called Super Sound, and for many years they hosted and produced several radio shows on the legendary station Rock 101 of Nucleo Radio Mil; Alex Garrido (lead guitar) closes the circle that generates an explosive blend, which led them to record their first LP album Los Esquizitos (Opcion Sonica, 1998), to collaborate on soundtracks of short and long films (Sexo, pudor y lagrimas), to play inside and outside of the country, and to record as guests of well known artists within a time lapse of only three years…

There was a change of lineup in which Brisa left; Carlos Icaza (multi- intrumentalist drummer, presently member of Los Fancy Free) and Monica “the doctor” Molina (theremin, effects, back up voice) joined and led to the launching of the EP Hagalo usted mismo (Do it yourself) (Clásicos Atrabancados/Grabaxiones Alicia, 2000), the unpublished recording of Banda Sonora Original, produced by Ruben Albarran from Café Tacuba, and after seven years of hard work, the band decided to split apart.

On 2006, with the fever for surf, garage, punk, new wave, Ignacio Pineda, producer and manager of the venue Multiforo Cultural Alicia and front row witness of the band’s development, decides to celebrate the 10th year anniversary of the venue with a never seen before event, gathering the original lineup to end all questions about the origin of this euphoria.

Four consecutive sold out shows awoke the interest of the organizers of Vive Latino and invited the band to play again (they had already done so on the first edition), this time for an audience of over 60, 000 people.

In 2009, after a series of sporadic shows, the band celebrated their 15th anniversary by repeating their achievement on the ma