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2008 Album Release:
"La Fuga" © 2007

"Tranquilo" © 2007
"La Rueda" © 2007




So how did two brothers from working class parents, raised in Patillas, Puerto Rico, come to cross not only waters but barriers, and manage to slam open doors in the MIA? Raw talent! Los Fugitivos are a versatile music group with an emphasis on Latin roots and rhythm. Together they combine the soulfulness and purity of our original Latin foundations like salsa, cumbia, tropical, samba and unite it with its new urban environment, breathing new life into mainstream sound. Their new album (yet to be named or released) features musical talents such as Hanzel, Bones, Roberto Avellane, Gamy, and Bimbo. They currently have held on to the 1 spot in Puerto Rico, with their song “Aver”, and quickly climbing is “Puerto Rico” from 10 spot to 7 within one week. Let me introduce the eldest of the dynamic duo, Francisco Rodriguez, better known to friends and family by his artistic name Kaplan Sicario. This singer/songwriter/producer born in Bridgeport, Connecticut, was quickly sent to his native Puerto Rico, to be raised with the support of his extended family. A soon to be recognized wise decision made by his mother, Juanita, knowing early on that the “chancleta” would be a necessary means of discipline for this rambunctious young boy. He immediately adapted and sought out the riches of his culture- food, sights, smell, and sound-which today still influence his lifestyle and career. As a teen, he demonstrated his gift wherever possible, school, private ceremonies, and abuelita’s house. By senior year in high school, with little familiarity towards reggaetton, he understood words unspoken in its rhythm and sound. More importantly, he recognized his ability to write songs, and engage a crowd. By 2003, things seemed to be coming full circle. He began his professional career with the group Boricuas Don’t Play (BDP), releasing an album “The Knockout”. Despite his success with the group and album, Sicario parted ways with them and ventured out to make a name for himself independently. He sang backup for the salsero, Johnny Rivera, and collaborated with Huey Dunbar on a separate project. Still unfulfilled, and determined to complete his quest, he decided to get back to his passion of reggaetton. Joining forces with his brother, Juny El Bambalan, proved to be his best move yet. Juny El Bambalan, born Hector Sanchez, is as complex, talented and multifaceted as they come. Juny not only exposes to us his life as an urban Latino but also reveals his many personal and emotional dimensions (he gets that from his Mama). Early on with the encouragement of his big brother (Sicario), and his father, Hector Sanchez, Sr. (R.I.P-to whom he attributes his motivation and whom he dedicates each and every accomplishment to) he began to rap, write, and sing. Like his brother, in 2003 he followed suit and joined Boricuas Don’t Play (BDP). As a group, they were extremely successful, releasing videos as well, but he also felt something was amiss. He turned his thoughts back to the musical icons that influenced him most--Hector Lavoe, Ismael Rivera-- and he began to refocus. Having established himself as a lyrical genius among his peers, he went back to the basics and devoted his talents to writing. With over 50 songs between the two, it’s safe to say mission accomplished. Despite being the younger of the two, Juny, is an invaluable asset and has become a force to be reckoned with. Combined, Juny and Sicario, are unstoppable and their family ties bind them together much more than just musically. With song topping charts, an album on the way, scheduled events such as the Calle Ocho Festival, The International Festival, Fiestas Patronales de Puerto Rico and the Rap Summer Concert, Los Fugitivos are soon to be as infamous and wanted as their name implies.