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Barcelona’s Los Fulanos have finally delivered their debut album and it’s worth the wait.

It’s entitled “Si Esto Se Acaba Que Siga El Boogaloo” (‘If All This Ends, Keep On With The Boogaloo’) and it's on the Lovemonk label (LMNK46).

Los Fulanos serve up a suitably updated take on that groovy 60s hybrid, boogaloo. Very tasty, with enough foundations in latin soul (a controversial mix itself in its own time!) to be really musically grounded, some added retro-psychedelia, Spanish heat, urban cool and Nuyorican sabor and then all marinated in a rhythm’n’blues salsa.

It might look backwards for inspiration but it all works very well in today’s world. Sweet as a nut!

“bags of energy and credibility … Very infectious album indeed”
There are 10 tracks (and a prelude) and it's sung in a mixture of English and Spanish with bags of energy and credibility and what I can only describe as a very authentic ‘American sound’ - especially the horns. Very infectious album indeed.

Mixed in with the boogaloo and disco, there are also plenty of other genres represented. For instance, there is some skin-slapping rumba and explosive 70s style funk on “El Que No Está Se Lo Pierde” (Parts 1 & 2 respectively), “Sobran Cuero” is a very danceable salsa whilst “Manny” leans more towards rhythm and blues.

There's also a jazzy New Orleans vibe on “Kind of Guy”, groovy proto-rock on the New Order tune “Blue Monday”, the bolero “Hold On (Baby Hold Me)” is underpinned with wonderfully cheesy organ, and we also get a nice jazzy montuno on “The End of the World”, to name but a few.

"great ideas ... well-produced album, all executed with ... clear vision and a big dollop of gusto!"
There are lots of great ideas in this well-produced album, and all executed with slick musicianship, clear vision and a big dollop of gusto! The producer is Miguelito Superstar (from Fundación Tony Manero)

I first came across Los Fulanos a few years back when they recorded an album “King of Latin Soul” on the Vampisoul label) with the Latin Soul legend, Joe Bataan (“Subway Joe”, “Ordinary Guy”, “There’s a Riot Going On”, “Gipsy Woman”, etc) and loved how they’d tastefully updated what I had always considered were anthems so classic that to mess with them would be foolish. So, respect where it’s due!

“Si Esto Se Acaba Que Siga El Boogaloo” by Los Fulanos is released in May 2012 and you can get more info on them here:


http://www.myspace.com/fulanosbugalu - Glyn Phillips - WorldMusic.co.uk

It is celebration time in Spain. And why not. Its national soccer team just made history.

Spain beat Italy 4-0 Sunday to win the Euro 2012 soccer tournament, making it the first nation to repeat as soccer champions of Europe, while holding the World Cup title at the same time.

And keeping the theme of soccer for the Geo Quiz, we would like to know where the next Euro Cup is scheduled to be held.

It is a country that borders both of this year’s finalists, Spain and Italy. And like both Spain and Italy, this country is also a past World Cup winner. In Euro 2012, this team was beaten by Spain.

France is the answer to the Geo Quiz. It will be hosting the Euro 2016 tournament.

Anchor Marco Werman speaks with The World’s William Troop, who followed the tournament from start to finish, to get more details.

And while the Spanish victory at the Euro 2012 tournament has helped the country rejoice for the moment, rising unemployment, falling productivity and a $125 billion bank bailout are all indicative of a gloomy season in Spain.

But in Barcelona one music group has had enough of the pessimism and to counter it, Los Fulanos have revived an upbeat style of music called Boogaloo.

The World’s Gerry Hadden had the band over to play a little. - Gerry Hadden - The World


"Si esto se acaba, que siga el Boogaloo"
Label: Lovemonk



For some time now, seeing Los Fulanos play live has been one of the best things to do in Barcelona, or anywhere else, for that matter. The band brought back that riffraff (dissolute) vibe of pre-Olympics Barcelona, when the great city on the Spanish East Coast wasn’t the safe haven of style, fashion and fine foods it is now, and things were a lot more gritty, sleazy and, to be honest, a whole lot funkier. Their concerts are wild parties, where Afro-Latin rhythms come together with a thousand other things, most of all, Soul, gaining Los Fulanos quite a reputation, whether they play on their own, or backing legends like Spanish rumba king Peret or Latin soul hero Joe Bataan (like they did on his Afro-Filipino tour).

It’s no wonder, either. Los Fulanos cut their teeth on the small but very lively Spanish Latin funk and soul scene, where a surprising amount of bands, most of them veteran stage warriors, battle for the attention of a crowd spoilt with weekly gigs by internationally successful local groups like the classic soul-funkers Sweet Vandals, Speak Low or Pepper Pots, or new school mestizo bands like Fundación Tony Manero and Muchachito Bombo Infierno.

The band’s previous phonographic endeavors have been quite fantastic, releasing several cover versions on 7” vinyl on labels like Vampisoul and Lovemonk, acclaimed by every self-respecting soul dudes and dudettes, and backing aforementioned Joe Bataan on his latest album.