Los Gatos

Los Gatos

 Roanoke, Virginia, USA

Los Gatos is a Latin Jazz Project that fuses traditional jazz with Afro-Cuban rhythms to present a high energy show that is exotic, hypnotic, and primal, yet sophisticated. When you hear them you have to dance.


Los Gatos has been named o the Virginia Commission for the Arts for 2007-2009.
Educational programs are available for groups of all ages.
Music ranges from intricate arrangements of originals, cassics by Thelonius Monk, sounds that are reminiscent of the Buena Vista Social Club.
Vladimir Espinosa (graduate-- Escuela National del Arte-Cuba) plays percussion and sings. Francisco Aranda of Chile (extensive festival performances and school workshops with Solazo) plays percussion and sings. Francisco brings a different flavor of Latin music traditions from Chile. Graham Spice of Lexington, VA, plays piano and guitar. Jeff Hofmann of Roanoke, Virginia, plays upright bass and percussion. Programs may incorporate traditional dance by Sandra Meythaler of Ecuador.

Set List

Sets include traditional favorites, Latin versions of jazz standards making them new and exciting, and also driving originals.