Los Hispanos U.K.

Los Hispanos U.K.


A good time high energy Rock & Roll band that brings the party! Viva Los Hispanos U.K.


Los Hispanos U.K. was formed in June of 2004 in Austin Texas. Our influences very from the Stooges, Thin Lizzy, Mc 5, Hanoi Rock, Wire, Jane’s Addiction etc. But our sound is very different from our influences.


Borracho at 3 in the morning.We get air play on KAOS radio in Austin as well we are on meny down town Austin Juke boxes: Rose Walker often gets put on pod cast and pink curse gets air play in Germany.

Set List

Our set list is filled with songs that we rotate. We play original songs and we have a Rolling Stones cover "As Tears Go By" (we kick it up a notch or 2) & "Taxi Driver" by Hanoi Rocks. Our set is between 45-60 min. long.