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Thursday, March 3, 2011Losing Scarlet at Durty Nellies (1-29-10)
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You may recall my review of Losing Scarlet when they won the reader's poll for unsigned bands on myspace.com back in '09. Well, shortly after they won that poll, I had the pleasure of seeing one of their live shows, as they played a small venue in my area along with 4 or 5 other local bands. It was an excellent show!

The venue was Durty Nellie's in Palatine, IL. I made sure to arrive early so as not to miss Losing Scarlet, as they were scheduled as the opening act. While waiting for the show to start, I wandered around the floor and looked over some of the merchandise for sale. Besides Losing Scarlet, a few other bands had music for sale. I picked up a free sample from one of the bands (Inn Cinema). Then I got a drink and waited for the show to start...

Losing Scarlet came out and got the night rolling with 'On Display', one of my favorite tracks from their independent debut album. Scott Haith led out of the gates with the thrashy riff, then the band joined in, followed soon by Jodi Kell's emotional vocals. Having listened to their CD several times, I was pleased that I recognized most of the songs. They delivered near-flawless renditions of their recorded songs. As I have mentioned before, they're like a blend of Disturbed's heaviness, and vocals similar to Evanescence or Lacuna Coil.

They played a good long set of their self-described 'pretty metal'. Scott jamming out killer riffs on guitar, Petra Sith providing melodic bass-lines and backing vocals, Conor McCann drumming intensely, and Jodi singing lines that were sometimes sexy, and other times cathartic. Most of the songs were from their self-titled debut, but they had some surprises in store for me and the rest of the audience, as they played a number of new songs, presumably to be included on their upcoming second album 'Learning to Bleed'. One particular treat was their cover of Blondie's 'Call Me'. It turned out to be a real crowd-pleaser, and got more people active in the crowd.

They closed their set with 2 of their new songs, including one that has become the title track for their upcoming 2nd CD, 'Learning to Bleed'. I was a bit sad that their set was over already, but a great night of music was still in store. Next up was Inn Cinema, who played a bit more aggressive style of music, but still with catchy melodies. Other bands I recall were The Crossing, and Beyond the Red. A great night of music through and through.

1-29-10 Durty Nellie's Losing Scarlet setlist:
-On Display
-All I Am
-Left to Burn
-Shameless Prayer
-Call Me (Blondie cover)
-With This We Fight
-Shade of Hate
-Learning to Bleed
-Inclusions - Heavy Metal 107

"Losing Scarlet - Learning To Bleed"

.by Sugar and Spikes Music on Sunday, April 17, 2011 at 3:23pm.

There seems to be a lot of great talent coming from the Chicago area lately. But then again, maybe that’s nothing new! Losing Scarlet definitely turned a lot of heads with their raucous debut album “Left to Burn”, and now they are back to rock us even harder with their new album “Learning to Bleed”. Fronted by the highly energetic and exceptional vocalist Jodi Kell, Losing Scarlet are a tight four piece outfit that has managed to deliver two great CDs while being together for only a few years. That’s quite an accomplishment. Combine that with their hunger for playing live gigs, and you have a pretty dedicated, hard working band.

This new release falls somewhere between an EP and a full album, as it has eight tracks on it, and in this case it’s a great example of quality over quantity. This is a compact album that is bursting at the seams with high energy, super quality hard rock. “Learning to Bleed” offers some improvements over the band’s previous album, such as better recording and production and a more cohesive sound over all, and it definitely rocks much harder. Also I find Jodi’s vocals seem much stronger, and I think she really brought her singing abilities to a new level. This album is really well mixed, with all of the instruments coming across very clearly. Even with all the high powered guitar riffage going on, you can hear Jodi’s vocals punching through no problem at all, and the overall sound is well balanced.

I must say I’m glad I was strapped in when I started up my player to listen to this album, because the first track (also the title track) hit me with quite a blast. Starting with some tasty riffs from guitarist Scott Haith and then a good wail from Jodi, the song breaks into a solid hard rock number typical of the entire album. The second song “Halo of Stone” has a great flowing energy that carries you along for a thrilling ride and “Shameless Prayer” is just a superb metal tune with hammering guitars and a deceiving softer vocal intro. “Dick Whiskey” is another great rocker and Jodi really pulls out all the stops with her powerful, soulful voice on this one. Scott has an uncanny ability to come up with really fabulous guitar riffs, and Petra (bass) and Shawn (drums) keep everything super tight.

The metal mayhem continues on for the rest of the album, and the track ”With This We Fight” is a standout song for me, with it’s choppy rhythms and very melodic vocal melodies. The closing track “The Afterglow” is possibly the most sophisticated song on the album, with a slower pace at first, allowing Jodi to use a smoother vocal style for a while, before the song gets into more of a metal groove later on.

Basically, this is a killer hard rock album, and I have to congratulate the band for a really fabulous job on this one. It was an absolute joy to listen to these eight awesome tracks, and the band obviously put a great effort into making them the best they possibly could. I’m going to be playing the heck out of this album for the next while.

© 2011 John Davies

- Sugar and Spikes

"Girls that Rock"

www.mariosalazarphotography.com "I've been playing the bass since I was 12 years old"
"...when I was little I used to sing little mermaid songs to my neighbors from
the back of a pick up truck." "My dream was to run away to LA with my best friend when we started playing to meet and marry Guns N' Roses" "I've never been in a band before and only sang to my shower curtain and steering wheel" "I was born in a Czechoslovakia and I'm the youngest
of 35 children" "...when I was little, I used to listen to Bob Seger, Bad Company but Bullet for My Valentine inspired me to start a band."
"I'm fluent in the ninja arts" "...although my lyrics are dark, I'm a ray of fucking sunshine." "Check out the rest of our band online and get info on upcoming dates & other news. Visit us at www.myspace.com/losingscarlet" - Chicagosrock.com

"A Chat with Losing Scarlet"

LOSING SCARLET is part of a new breed of female-fronted Chicago rock bands that is making their mark in not only our local scene, but in the region as well with great songs, actual rock shows and the desire to rise above the status quo. The band's been around for a few years now and are releasing a brand-new album this month. I recently had a chance to chat with lead vocalist Jodi Kell and bassist Petra Sith when they stopped over to talk about the band and their new record.
Here's how that went:
CHICAGOSROCK: Tell me about Losing Scarlet. How did you guys begin, where are you from and so forth. JODI: Well, we're from Chicago. It started as I watched a concert one time and got it in my head that I HAVE TO DO THIS so I started "stalking" and harrasing everybody to start a band with me (laughs), and Scotty was the only one who responded. So he came and listened to me singing karaoke-style, so he signed up. He suggested Petra, but when we approached her about it, we got a resounding NO! from her. She eventually came out and listened to a couple of songs we wrote and recorded with a drum machine. I think it was 'Guilty Me' and 'Shade of Hate', and then she was like "Ok, I'm in". That's pretty much history from there.you guys were friends prior to being bandmates? JODI: Not really. I'd seen Scotty a few times in his old band. That was it. We maybe hung out at the bar maybe a couple of times here and there, but that was it...

PETRA: I'd only known Scotty from other bands, as I also played in local bands for a long time and crossed paths here and there but we weren't really buds that would hang out at a BBQ or something. When he got together with Jodi, I was at a point where I was pretty much done with the local scene, I was finishing up school and trying different things. He tried to get me to come over for like 3 months and I was like "no, thanks!". I eventually went and am so glad I did because I'm having the most fun I've ever had. It was a good thing. CHICAGOSROCK: For those that are new to Losing Scarlet, how would you describe the band's music style? PETRA: Well, it doesn't really fit nicely into a package or into any category. We've dubbed it our version of "Pretty Metal" because the music is heavier and Jodi doesn't scream vocally. She actually sings. It's very melodic and crosses a lot of musical walls, people that wouldn't normally like heavy music like us, because it has an edge to it. But people that like metal, the true metal fans, also like us so it's cool because we've somehow gotten our own little niche in the metal genre. CHICAGOSROCK: As far as members in the band, where do you guys come from musically? JODI: Well Petra and Scotty were in bands before, but I've never been in a band before. This is actually my first band experience.
Scotty was in a band called Lifter.

PETRA: I was in a band called Made From Nothing. Before that I was in a band called Undecided. I was there for a many years and that was my first true band. Shawn was in a band called Dardo Grimley out of McHenry, IL. The band from L-R: Shawn Kelly, Petra Sith, Scott Haith and Jodi Kell CHICAGOSROCK: Talk to me about your new album 'Learning To Bleed' and what differences -if any- are there between that and your first self-titled effort. JODI: Aahhh, it's way more awesome (laughs)!.

PETRA: It actually is. See, the first album we put out was good, but we were just getting to know one another musically. We were trying to figure out where we were going style and music-wise. With this new album, we've found that sound, that magic formula and it's the culmination of a year and a half of hard work, blood, sweat and tears. It's a Losing Scarlet experience and everything we've gone thru emotionally, the good and bad times. The album represents all that and I think it'll blow everyone away. CHICAGOSROCK: Briefly walk me thru your songwriting & recording process. JODI: It starts out with Scotty who pretty much writes the music. He comes up with a riff and brings it to us. From there Petra & Shawn go through it and add their parts. We all critique what we have and then I go home, drink wine and write lyrics, melodies. We then pick at it, pull out pieces, add stuff...

PETRA: We basically deconstruct a riff and then re-construct it. We all put in our piece and that becomes the Scarlet sound. Without each one of us adding that important piece it wouldn't be what it is.

PETRA: Recording-wise we go thru Angry Man Productions, we go in lay drums, guitars, vocals go down last. Then it's just months and months of mixing, tweaking, mastering, ...

JODI: ...arguing (laughs)
PETRA: well, there's always that. You've got 4 people with their distinct opinions, wants and needs. You then meet somewhere in the middle, but that's the thing, you just learn from it and makes you stronger. CHICAGOSROCK: What are your plans to support the new album once it's out? PETRA: The album, called Learning To Bleed is coming out on March 8th. In early March we have a couple of free live acoustic shows. One is at Best Buy in Mundelein on March 12th, and then on the 19th at Rolling Stone Records in Chicago. It'll be a good opportunity for people to come out and check out the band and pick up a CD. We've got a ton of shows coming up in what seems like every weekend. We've even got a midwest tour in beginning of May. So we're going to try to push things and get out there as much as we can. CHICAGOSROCK: Will that tour be similar to the Southwest states tour you guys did last year? PETRA: This will be more focused on the Midwest and it will be a week long. We just got confirmation of it so it's a go. CHICAGOSROCK: Where can fans pick up a copy of Learning To Bleed once it's out? JODI: It will be available at our shows initially. So if you want it you have to come out and get it. I think it'll also go on iTunes right...?

PETRA: Yes, on March 8th it will be on iTunes and any of the other download sites (Napster, Amazon, etc.). Also, you can order thru the distributor that prints our CDs, Kunaki. They'll be able to send a copy by mail for those that live far away. Or you can just download it. CHICAGOSROCK: Since you're doing a show at Best Buy, could one assume that Best Buy will carry your album? PETRA: I think on that day, we'll be able to sell them there. As far as them actually carrying our album, that's up in the air right now so that's something that's probably in the works. CHICAGOSROCK: Well, congratulations on all of that. I'm happy for you. Now as you're releasing a new album and are looking down the road, what do you see when you think of the future and Losing Scarlet? PETRA: I see the world for this band. We all want it SOO bad and it means the world to us. The music we write, the friendships we hold, the ups and down we go through, we have enough drive and power behind this Losing Scarlet machine to get there. It almost makes me emotional... *sniff *

JODI: awwww....

PETRA: I love these guys more than anything. They're my 'bestest' friends and....

JODI: well, we love you too...

PETRA: ...ohh, pffft! (laughs)

JODI: We actually have a song in the new album called 'With Us We Fight' which is about everything we go thru as a band. It's about us and some people already think it's a love song or about war, but no, it's about us. It's cool and I hope everyone likes it. CHICAGOSROCK: Very cool. Now, how can fans reach you and get in contact with you? JODI: We are on Facebook, Reverb Nation, MySpace, Twitter, GoogleBuzz, YouTube, iTunes, Amazon, Napster. Basically google us or type Losing Scarlet on any of those platforms and you'll find us. CHICAGOSROCK: Well, congratulations again and thank you for stopping over and talking to me. - Chicagosrock.com


Losing Scarlet LP released in 2009
Learning to Bleed LP released in March 2011
Radio airplay - All I Am, On Display, Shade of Hate and Dick, Whiskey



Losing Scarlet is Jodi (vocals), Scott (guitar), Bryan (bass) and Shawn (drums). Once a show begins, Losing Scarlet’s energy smashes out of nowhere and Jodi draws you in with an infectious stage presence. Losing Scarlet blends romp head-banging with an in-your-face groove that culminates in their own brand of “pretty metal”. Losing Scarlet has spent the last 2 years consistently playing live, perfecting their stage presence, headlining shows and opening for national acts when the opportunity presents itself. Losing Scarlet has opened for national recording artists Five Finger Death Punch, Nonpoint, Dirge Within, Soil, Days of the New, Tantric, Taproot and for Sony recording artist Bullet For My Valentine.
Losing Scarlet is regularly written up in newspapers and in print and on-line rock magazines. This diligent band has been reviewed in the Chicago Sun-Times and Chicago Tribune as well as local and regional radio stations Q101 (Chicago, IL), 95.1 WIIL ROCK (WI/IL Border), 96.7 (Rockford, IL), 94.7 – The Razor (Green Bay, WI) and ROCK 108 (Cedar Rapids, IA).
Losing Scarlet coordinates and headlines an annual benefit called Musician’s Care that raises money for the American Cancer Society. 2010 marked their 3rd event where Losing Scarlet hosted 11 other bands for a day of rock/metal music with all proceeds being donated to this worthy cause.
Although the gritty band enjoys rocking their home town venues in Chicago such as the Metro and Double Door, Losing Scarlet recently completed their first national tour in Summer 2010. After being asked to play at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas, a tour was booked and kicked off at the Lake County Fair in our backyard then moved on to Nebraska, Colorado, Arizona and Nevada all in a span of 8 days. The tour culminated in a headlining show at the Wasted Space nightclub in the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas! The band was jacked and played a flawless show; the venue was equally excited!
Losing Scarlet will release their 2nd CD Learning to Bleed in early March 2011. We will follow-up the release with a full schedule of live shows and acoustic appearances to support the release. The band will tour throughout the United States this year. Shows, promotional appearances and updated information can be located at www.losingscarlet.com, Facebook, Myspace and Twitter. Losing Scarlet’s music is available on over 60 domestic and international digital download sites including Itunes, Amazon and Napster. The CD can be purchased on our website and at Rolling Stones Records in Chicago, IL. Videos can be viewed on You Tube and on our website as well.
Losing Scarlet has been on one wild ride; we invite you to join us as we conquer the world one city at a time.