Losing Scarlet

Losing Scarlet


Losing Scarlet has a multi-influenced and diverse sound. It classic metal guitar, driving bass and percussion with unforgettable vocals. Losing Scarlet provides an amazing and energetic performance that demands the crowd stand on their feet.


Losing Scarlet was founded in 2008 when vocalist Jodi Kell informed guitarist Scott Haith she wanted to start a band. After a little collaboration on some early music they approached bassist Petra Sith and the trio instantly hit it off. After putting a call out for all drummers it was an easy choice for the trio after auditioning drummer Conor McCann. Conor was the first to be auditioned and that's all they had to hear...a band was formed!

Losing Scarlet spent most of 2008 getting to understand each other musically. The ideas behind their music begin with Scott coming up with guitar rhythms and bringing them to Jodi. Jodi then comes up with the music's lyrics while Scott presents his ideas to Petra and Conor to add their musical touches. This trust has a profound impact on the music produced and it's apparent when you see them live. The energy that exudes from the stage is unforgettable. In 2009 the band has been playing to a devout following of diverse fans from all areas of the Midwest. In October 2009 Losing Scarlet released it's first self-titled cd and it has been a success beyond all expectation. Losing Scarlet continues to play and rock their audiences with a passion for the music that is often forgotten in the industry today.

Perta, vox live


Philiphobia has been played in Heavy rotation at:


95.1 WIIL Rock - Kenosha,WI

ROCK 108 - Waterloo, IA





Featured on:

The Rock Pit WFM 97.2 (England)

Metal Fan Metal (Madrid, Spain)

*self titled full cd Losing Scarlet can be found on iTunes*

*check out "Shade of Hate" and "On Display" videos on YouTube*

Set List

Typical set is 45mins to an hour, 13 songs.
Currently one cover song: Blondie "Call Me"