Lo Sirong & the Misfit

Lo Sirong & the Misfit

 Taipei, Taipei, TWN

Lo Sirong is one of Taiwan's rare female singer/songwriters, who draws inspiration from her Hakka heritage and upbringing.


Folk singer Lo Sirong was inspired to start composing songs after reading a collection of poems written in Hakka by her father. her repertoire today includes nearly 70 songs in Hakka, Hokkien, and Mandarin Chinese. Lo is the recipient of countless awards, including the Taipei Hakka Culture award for best modern Hakka pop song. Lo is also an accomplished poet and serves as artistic director for the Women's Voices and Culture Workshop.


2006 album: "Everyday"

Set List

1. I don't want to do anything
2. Everyday
3. Close to You
4. Days of Rain
5. The Taste of Basil
6. Leaving Home
7. I Want to Return, but I Want to Fly
8. For One Coin, Make 24 Knots
9. The Vine Entwining the Tree
10. Dancing with Mom
11. Almost 50, and I've Only Just Begun
12. Misfit